Rainy day in Paradise

Published: March 13th 2008
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Picture by Raquel Erwin
So University of Waikato was nice enough to take international student to Mount Maunganui, apparently one of the nicest peaches in New Zealand. So, naturally I paid the 5 dollars to get on the bus and was sooo excited. Then we get there and it was pouring down rain. It was so rainy and nasty that you couldnt even see the top of the mountain! Sad day. So instead I went shopping and what did we find but a sale rack that said "SALE: $99& less." Are you serious??? I need to find a forever 21 in NZ like now! Anyways, since laying on the beach all day was shot, the girls and I decided to go to the Hot Salt Water Pools. So relaxing. We Just hung out there for a while and then made our way to the beach to brave the intesne wind and unseasonal rain. When we got there we decided to walk up the "smaller" little mountain that stretched out to the water. It was sooo cool. Even though Tina, Kim, and I were all soaked and cold, we had such a great time. Half way up we found a staircase that led down to the

About to get blown over!
rocks. of course Tina had to test fate and climbed out to the biggest rock. Meanwhile, Kim and I just stood under the trees and held our breath everytime a wave came crshin down. Tine almost got it a couple times. Even in the awful weather "The Mount" was gorgeous. Luckily, the guy who lives across the hall from me has a beach house there so we are going next weekend!

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Bravin It.
Rainy DayRainy Day
Rainy Day

I would kill for a warm jacket here
"Secret" Spot"Secret" Spot
"Secret" Spot

As far as I would go. Too many big waves.
Asking For ItAsking For It
Asking For It

Tina, just waiting for a wave.
The BeachThe Beach
The Beach

The cold, cold beach

Sweet as

on a steep steep cliff.

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