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Published: April 18th 2008
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Crazy Americans, right?
After a rainy weekend at the Mount all of us Americans were determined to get back there and get some sun. Simon, a guy who lives across the hall from me, invited 8 of us to his beach house in Papamoa for the weekend. Its just south of the mount0 ten minute drive. Come to find out he didnt tell his mom we were coming. When he showed up with 4 americans she was suprised. Then, when the rest, who had taken a bus over, showed up she was not very happy. Basically she hated us, but hated simon more. Just kidding! They set up the house so that the garage is just full of bunk beds. So thats where we slept. 9 people on 2 bunk beds and a couch and Dan was on the floor! We played a few rounds of beer pong on a couple bar stools, we improvised just a bit. It is so crazy that the Kiwis here have never played. Funniest question I have ever been asked here was when this guy wanted to know if we really used those red cups at parties. Random, right? Anyways the next morning Simon's mom woke us up
Best Ice Cream EverBest Ice Cream EverBest Ice Cream Ever

Yummies! They make Waffles right inside. Fresh Cones!
at 7 am when she opened the garage door. yeah. She warmed up to us at breakfast and asked us some pretty entertaining questions about american life that i really shouldn't repeat. His two neices were over and after breakfast his mom went upstairs to watch tv and told us to watch the kids. I guess that was our payment for just showing up on her doorstep. After the little twins wore us out we headed to The Mount determined to climb to the top. It was so hot and i have never wanted an escalator so bad! After 40 minutes of walking we finally got to the top and it was absolutely gorgeous! So worth it! We then climbed back down and swam and I burnt my back sooo bad. An odd tan line I would say a just had one swirly line of red but it was SOOO red! We got back and had some dinner, Simon loves his grilled Cheeses now. How did they not have that before? Next morning, I woke up at 6 am and got the bus home. Saw the sun rise. I was way to tired to enjoy it! Great times.

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My GirlsMy Girls
My Girls

Waiting for the rest of the group after some well deserved ice cream.

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At the Top

So Sweet Up There
The boysThe boys
The boys

Oh, i love em.
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Tina Cover Up

she's smart
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Love Life

I could not feel more at home

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