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December 12th 2011
Published: December 14th 2011
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Saying farewell to the South Island, we boarded the Interislander car ferry to make the 3 hour crossing through Marlborough Sound and Cook Straight over to the city of Wellington at the southern end of the North Island. In this part of the country, where the population is 3-1 compared to the south, the scenery is not as magnificent, but it's warmer, and there are endless beautiful beaches, nice little cities, and some fierce geothermal activity going on. The Bay of Plenty, on the east coast, is where the oil tanker/cargo ship ran aground, cracking in half and spilling its load of crude into the ocean. We can see its crippled carcass listing in the water just across from where we're currently situated. Disgusting. Somebody should MAKE THOSE BASTARDS PAY I tell ya! After spending some time in Wellington, Napier, Lake Taupo, and Rotorua, we're just hanging at Papamoa beach for a while, before heading up to Auckland. Now excuse me while I go wash the oil off me.

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Wellington 2Wellington 2
Wellington 2

Victoria University -Law School
Wellington 3Wellington 3
Wellington 3

Wellington 4Wellington 4
Wellington 4

Napier 2Napier 2
Napier 2

After an earthquake destroyed Napier in 1931, most of the city was rebuilt with Art Deco architecture.
Napier Shiksas 2Napier Shiksas 2
Napier Shiksas 2

It's a MOB!
Rotorua 1Rotorua 1
Rotorua 1

Boiling antimony iron oxide lake - YIKES!
Rotorua 2Rotorua 2
Rotorua 2

Boiling pools

16th December 2011
Christmas in Napier

Devito et Frer
Reminds me of the movie Twins...
16th December 2011
The Devil's Bath

If this is the Devil's Bath...
Then where is the Shmuck's shower?
16th December 2011
Bubbling Mud Pool

The answer
Q: Why are there so few people in NZ? A: The chemical slime they call their water supply
16th December 2011
Outdoor Steam Bath

Haven't I seen this movie?
Gorilla in the Mist
16th December 2011
Bush Walk

The Problem with NZ
The cartoon caption coming out of your mouth on this picture: "Jezus... The whole #*&$ing island, I can't get a *^%#ing cellphone signal!"
16th December 2011
Tanker Spill at Bay of Plenty

Abo language lesson
How do you say "Oops" in Mauri?
16th December 2011
Too late...they spotted me!

Kiwi Dilema
A sheep so beautiful he doesn't know whether to screw it, shear it, or eat it.
16th December 2011
Lonely Sheep

Smart Sheep
Contra sheep going it alone and eating uphill - look at the length of the blades, man!

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