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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth » the city March 9th 2009

We have been to Adelaide several times and always enjoy exploring this beautiful city. The port is large and located a fair distance from the city. The main exports of South Australia are the 3 Ws—wheat, wool and wine. This trip we went with Mary and Suzanne in their private van to the Adelaide Hills to visit the Cleland Wildlife Park where we saw kangaroos, dingo dogs, koala bears and Tasmanian devils. I think the koala bears were designed by Disney as they are so cute and cuddly you can hardly stand it. We saw mama kangaroos with their little joeys peeking out from mom’s convenient pouch. We happened upon a park attendant who was carrying around a huge snake of the constrictor family. I didn’t hang around long enough to find out the snake’s lineage ... read more
A Day in the Park
Monty Python

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth December 13th 2008

After some serious debating we decided to spend another night in the area so that we could go on the turtle tour in the evening. The tour was based at a place near the national park entrance about 40km from where our current campsite was based. I didn’t like the idea of driving back that distance through an area of countryside that was full of nocturnal animals so we decided to move to a campsite called Lighthouse Bay as it was only a few minutes drive from the turtle beach. We spent the morning trying to find somewhere with internet access as we really needed to spend some time researching accommodation in Thailand. Unfortunately everywhere in the town centre that the Visitors Centre said had wifi, didn’t actually have it. We gave up and went to ... read more
How inviting does this look?
The water was so clear
Matt enjoying the lagoon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth December 12th 2008

I wasn’t impressed when the alarm woke us up at 6.30am. Being woken up by a beep isn’t something I’ve ever enjoyed, but since being away I’ve begun to hate it more and more. I dragged myself and Matt out of bed and by 7.30am we were climbing on board our safari 4x4 bus. There were seven of us in total on the tour - a couple from Barnsley, a mother and son from Melbourne and a lady from Switzerland. Dave was our guide for the day and after he’d given us a brief guided tour of town, we drove out to have a look at Charles Knife Canyon. We were driven to the end of the gorge road, dropped off and were able to walk along the top of the canyon path to meet the ... read more
Another of the canyon
Matt at the canyon
A roo

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth December 11th 2008

After a bit of a debate about where to go, we settled on Exmouth which was slightly out of our way on a peninsula. There were two potential settlements that provided a gateway to the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and this was the largest of the two, so there were more tours running from there, plus it gave us access to a national park with lots of stunning scenery and wildlife. The other option had been Coral Bay, but we figured that we could spend a night there afterwards if we liked the look of it as it was on the way south. We filled up with fuel and got set for another epic drive. Initially we saw plenty of traffic, but as we went further into the desert, it was just us again. It was ... read more
One of the many termite mounds by the side of the road

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth » the city December 6th 2008

Hi Everyone! It's officially to hot to be outside and I am seeking refuge in an internet cafe. I'm in Exmouth which if you haven't heard of it before, I don't blame you. It's tiny and in the middle of nowhere, but beautiful. But how about I tell you how I got here first. So I spent about a week in Perth which honestly was a perfect amount of time. I did two amazing dives off Rottnest island which were great. The water is temperate (so wetsuits were essential!) but a tropical current comes down the coast which makes for interesting coral and some good sea life as well. King's park was a great way to spend the day and I did a walking tour with a naturalist who pointed out all the amazing flora that ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth » the city November 25th 2008

Its funny how your perception of something is forced to change when you have to accept the cruel fate bestowed upon you by the campervan Gods. Exmouth was like many a town we had passed through on the West Coast of Australia during our journey North from Perth without a second glance - but this time we could not pass through, well not quickly anyway. Our van had died a sorry death 110km south of Exmouth, and the place where it left the back of the RAC truck, Site 27 at the Ningaloo Caravan Park, was the place it would remain for the next 2 months and where we too would live. We were now forced to like the place, because after all we didn't have a choice. Like it or kill yourself, 'cos you sure ... read more
The Whale Shark
Fil ripping it up
Jodey,Nick, Me in the Classic surf pose

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth October 8th 2008

I've spent the last 2 days diving off the coast near Exmouth (scene of the recent Qantas drama), so here are some photos (not all mine) from the 5 dives I've done. Yesterday we dived off a place called Navy Pier, inside a US base here that's used to communicate with subs in the region using VLF. Little coral but the most amazing fish life I have ever seen, including 2 types of shark and huge shoals of trevally. Today we dived on Ningaloo Reef, where there was much more smaller life (fish and coral), but also a huge Manta Ray! There isn't much to this place, but a couple of days good diving was worth the trip!... read more
Massive Manta Ray - ahhh!
Didn't see this for a few mins, well hidden in the sand
You can't hide there Mr Turtle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth October 4th 2008

I've spent the last few days in and around Perth, and for the first time since New Zealand the weather has felt distinctly British. Windy, a bit of rain, and generally pretty chilly! Can't really complain too much and I've just flown about 750 miles north up the coast to Exmouth (to go diving) and it's over 30 degrees again! I'm nearly back on the same latitude as we were when we were on the other coast around Cairns about a week ago. If you've seen the photos I put up you'll have seen how great our diving trip on the Great Barrier Reef was there. For a bit of a treat for the end of Rachel's trip we stayed in a plush hotel too, and spent her last day chilling out by the pool and ... read more
Coastline south of the city
Couple of tiny penguins in sanctuary
Penguin Island beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth October 3rd 2008

Sep 29 Broome Drove around a bit. Out to the Port. Not much happening there. Still lovely blue/green water. Stopped in CBD, but being a holiday not much was happening. We did the tour of the Pearl Luggers. Stories of old time pearl/mother-of-pearl diving and a lot of old artifacts from ‘olden’ days. Mother-of-Pearl was the sought after thing, not pearls, back in the later 1800’s/early 1900’s. Dangerous diving with the brass helmet and canvas suit. Fortunes lost and won. Didn’t spend the money for the tour showing the newer pearling, which is artificially making the oyster create pearls. Done on ‘farms’ and 2 years to make a pearl. Interesting stuff. A lazy day, other than the above. Sep 30 Broome to 80 mile beach Scenery West of Broome pretty flat, with few if any trees. ... read more
Broome Port
OT at Port of Broome
80 Mile Beach Information

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth September 3rd 2008

We arrived at Pt Hedland around 11.30am very low on fuel and Warwick filled the car while Marg went to woollies. Rang peter and sue nethery who kindly offered for us to stay at their place for a few days, so after getting the address we arrived there just after lunch. We were made extremely welcome which both Marg and Warwick thought was lovely as Warwick and Peter had worked together and out of the kindness of their hearts they opened up there home for us. We had a wonderful weekend with them and their 2 beautiful daughters Katrina and Tara. Bailey and Chloe have made 2 new friends here as Bailey played ball with Katrina and Tara fell in love with Chloe. So the whole after noon we chatted, that night Peter cooked a ... read more
bailey chloe in pool area

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