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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth December 2nd 2007

Well, after all our activities today is a well derseved lazy day. With the exception of Paul and Sarah (the honeymoon couple) and the Canadians who had booked to go deep sea fishing (fresh fish for tea hopefully - the pressure was on) the rest of us set off from the camp at about 8.30am and Steve took us to the Yardie Creek Gorge. Not as beautiful as the Z bend but this one had water. Thank goodness for the fly nets - think they are the best investment ever as well - the flies are everywhere. After that it was a short drive down to Turquoise Bay - it was breathtaking. Like a postcard but even better. We picked up some snorkelling gear and I was off into the sea - unfortunatley the visability wasn't ... read more
Me and my mate the Fly Net
Turquoise Bay
Picture Perfect

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth December 2nd 2007

We looked into diving as a few of us wanted to go but weren't allowed as we hadn't dived within a year. we tried another company but no luck getting through so will leave it for Cairns and the Great Barrier reef! Cheaper over that side anyway! Turns out it was a good thing we didn't bother as Mateo was going diving anyway as it was cancelled due to the weather. Sarah and Paul went Deep Sea Fishing so we were expecting fresh fish for dinner! There's wasn't cancelled as they had some crazy Abo's taking them out! So, those remaining went out with Steve to Yardie lake Creek, this was another gorge - bit more water in than the other one, got covered in flies again! That fly net was a great investment! Very pretty ... read more
Turquoise bay
Footie in the Sea!
Pool at Hostel

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth November 24th 2007

Hello, Sorry for the huge delay in blogs, but i really haven't been up to that much other than relaxing, swimming at the beach, snorkelling etc. And i'm not one for continuously rubbing it in. Ah bugger it, yes i am. Hehe. No all jokes aside, the main reason for this blog is to invite my Mum to the world of internet. She has finally given into the temptation of regular contact with me, and has bought herself a laptop so we can email often! Nice mum. Anyways, i'm trying to think what we've been doing since i last wrote. We left Exmouth and went to Kalbarri for 10 days which was beautiful. Another gorgeous little beachside town with a great vibe. Was able to catch up with a couple of buddies i made on the ... read more
I said it was daggy dancing
Tim was with all the girls that night
And even more daggy!!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth » the city November 23rd 2007

i just can say that the caribbean beaches are nothing compared to this....really impressive!!!! i never thought that these colors could actually be natural!!! impressive!! my trip up the west coast is being really nice...i'm doing my tour with Western Xposure, and my group is very nice. this part of the country is very very remote and i even have less service on my mobile than in the outback!! less tourists, much more remote...smaller towns...but amazing beaches, really really nice. Istarted my trip from Perth. Perth is a big modern town, with a fanstatic atmosphere...lots of cafes and restaurants, really nice. i met come local guys i spent the afternoon with, very very nice, friendly, showed me around...australian people are extremly nice... The tour itself involves a lot of driving, a very monotonous landscape, but amazing ... read more
Kalabarri National park
rock climbing?
Shell BEach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth October 16th 2007

Hey!! So we've been in Exmouth for over a week now and we really love this place. Turquoise Bay has surpassed all of the other beaches we've seen far, in terms of beauty. Simply stunning. The whitest of sand, and the colour of the water is perfectly turquoise. The snorkelling off the beach is also pretty amazing, with an abundance of coloured coral and fish life. Tari and his girlfriend left us this morning after 2 weeks, so it's back to the two of us. It was great for Tim and Tari to catch up after not having seen each other in ages, and they did heaps of brotherly bonding whilst enjoying their favourite thing - fishing!!!! This in turn allowed Jo and I to do some really girly stuff, like watch Sex and the City ... read more
Turquoise Bay
The boys catching us dinner
Tim's pride and joy

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth September 25th 2007

Greetings from Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef - What a nice change! Dry and hot. Now anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a fan of dry and hot, but after a month of cold and wet, it's great! Exmouth is a tiny town about 1000km north of Perth. It was originally established as town to support a US Naval communications base. The base is still here and is shared by US and Australia. Like all Western Australia towns, there's nothing to do, but the surrounding scenary is really nice. I've hired a mountain bike and am riding all over - mostly in the early morning and late afternoon to avoid the real heat of mid-day. Those are great times to be out in the "bush" anyway, since that's when the critters come out. I took ... read more
Torquoise Bay
coral and fish (from brochure)
Coral with lavender tips (brochure)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth » the city September 20th 2007

Just a little one cos we have found a free internet thing in Albany - not sure we're actually supposed to be using it though! Keep our heads down and hopefully we can knock this one out. I think I left you last time as we had just finished our northwards travel up to Exmouth We found a place to stay almost straight away as it was getting dark and tis a bit dodgy driving around at night with all of the roos and emus wandering about the joint. The caravan park seemed really nice and they gave us a discount because of our travellers cards - awesome. After checking in we went in search of some supplies in the massive city of exmouth which we had driven a thousand kilometres to get to. 10 mins ... read more
Angel Fish
Beach - again
Adam watching fisherman

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth September 17th 2007

Another long day of driving the now notoriously mind numbingly boring straight roads we finally arived in Exmouth.. after taking in the the now familliar sights of sandy plains and termight mounds. We were quite suprised at how different Exmouth was looking back at Coral Bay as everything was spread out. All the beaches and sights were at least half hour to an hours drive from the town meaning the car came in to play a fair amount, with one of the best beaches Torquiose Bay, about an hour away where the Ningaloo Reef stretches all the way up from Coral Bay. with not a lot to do in Exmouth fishing was back on the agenda even after our continuing failure to actually catch any fish at numerous attempts..!! Overall the fishing started to get to ... read more
Vikki's Birthday 2
Exmouth Gorge
Exmouth Gorge 2

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth August 21st 2007

We saw a baby whale with its mom yesterday. It’s been a joke of ours since Melbourne when we crossed Phillips Bay on the ferry thinking we’d see one. We’ve been looking for baby whales with a laugh all through the outback these last two months . . . But not only did we get within 30 metres of a great humpback whale and her calf while they quietly gorged on the krill around us, we actually swam (norkeled) with a group of huge Manta Rays. The latter experience was as terrifying as the whale encounter was thrilling; despite being told Manta Rays were not carnivorous and were actually very docile. (We saw a regular sting ray and were told the details of Steve Irwin’s death just before this, however.) The 200 km detour to Exmouth ... read more
snorkeling beyond the reef with the manta rays
part of America's spy network,; for scale the little building in the middle is 4 stories high
wreck on the coast (no, not Helen, beyond her)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth August 12th 2007

we had a lovely day today we went o Turquoise bay where you can just swim out onto the nigaloo reef and we saw some massive and beautiful fish and i didn't get to freaked out which is good. Sabrina said she saw a shark and reckoned it was 2.5m long and this could well have been the case as they have been seen here and she did see soem teh day b4 on the other tour we didn't go on! i also swam over a sting ray and that did scare me! we said our goodbyes to everyone as they all go back to perth 2moro. tehy have all been really nice on this tour.... read more

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