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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 18th 2021

Day 8 Today we had to return the car, pack up the tent and stuff and move to a chalet for the final night. I had a few of the items we had bought such as the self inflating mattress, camp chairs and tarp up on marketplace and we sold a couple of the items, which was a bonus and donated the rest to people at the campgrounds. The Exmouth Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Park had let us in the chalet early, so this was so appreciative, it meant we didn’t have to store stuff in their reception area and could move it with the car before it was dropped off. Taking the car to look around the beaches of Exmouth, pick up a couple of pies for lunch (a reef and beef pie, which was ... read more
Stealing bread.. cheeky Emu
They sit kinda funny
Relaxing by the pool

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 16th 2021

Day 7 Today was THE most exciting and bestest day we had. I guess it was the climax of such an epic trip. Today, we swam with Whale Sharks. We chose Ocean Eco Adventures, they seemed more eco friendly and onboard they had reusable everything and reef friendly sunscreen, They also used a flylite plane to ‘spot’ the whale sharks and this was handy in being able to have multiple swims with them. The morning started off with a nice continental breakfast and real coffee, followed by a safety and expectation brief. We were then taken out to a coral reef called Nudi Reef, known not for naked swimming but for the tiny nudibranches that hid amongst the corals. Due to the potential of stinging jelly fish, stinger suits or long sleeve rashies and leggings needed ... read more
Mermaid Swimming Nudi Reef
Lots of little blue fish at Nudi Reef
Nudi Reef

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 18th 2019

We are just about ready to leave Exmouth and head back to Perth for a couple of nights before starting the final leg of this trip to Cervantes. Spent the last couple of days doing a walk up Mandu-Mandu canyon and tried snorkeling at turquoise bay - had a strong current which we new about but I (Bronwyn) really didn't enjoy it so was a very short snorkel followed by last minute working on the tan before we head south. (Would have ben even better at the beach if someone had remembered to include the towels) Went to one of the bird watching hides and saw some egret saw a smaller couple of types and was wondering if it was the greater egret and then we saw a greater egret and there was no question - ... read more
Greater egret
Head  land Ningaloo
The ugliest monument ever

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 15th 2019

Spent yesterday snorkelling, on the way back to town found the emu with chicks wandering a few metres just off the road. I think that on the scale of Australian intelligence these are really close to the bottom of the list. Today Yardie Creek area, walk around the rocks and canyon and then took a boat ride. Osprey nests and birds, wallabies sunning themselves on the sunny rocks. Driving back to town had to stop suddenly for an echidna crossing the road. Very endearing but I wasn't sure if I wanted to get tail ended for it. luckily everything worked out ok and all the other tourists stopped to watch as it buried itself on safer ground. Just in case that wasn't enough road stories for the day we also saw a mangy looking dingo walking ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 13th 2019

Two days of high activity. drove to Coral Bay for the manta tour (see photos) saw dolphins, whales, dugongs, swum with mantas, turtles rays etc. By the end of the day we were running out of things to tick off. Friday whale sharking...Even watching a humpback displaying, flapping its flukes about etc ended up being anti-climatic compared with swimming alongside a whale shark. Saturday will definitely be a 'down day'... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth May 15th 2019

One of the surprises of the endless flatness on the drive to Exmouth is the Cape Range National Park. It is almost as if nature pushed up the flatness of the land and then took a giant knife to gouge out the landscape. In fact, we started our exploration at Charles Knife Canyon. From the main highway south of Exmouth we took a road that climbed a few hundred metres. We passed by tremendous views of what looked like a mini Grand Canyon. Soon we reached the Thomas Carter Lookout which is a picnic site and the start of a hiking trail. We started out on a hike on this meandering trail which was rocky in places, and traversed up and down over several hills. After 2.6 kilometres we reached Shot Hole Lookout which overlooks another ... read more
Beautiful Shot Hole Canyon
Old Plugged Oil Well
Looking East Over Thomas Knife Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth May 14th 2019

What we ultimately wanted to experience during our visit to Exmouth was being able to get up close to the largesf fish in the world, the Whale Shark. We were picked up just after 7:00 from our hotel and on the way to the dock, Alana, one of our guides, told us about the history of Exmouth. Interestingly, the town was built by the Americans in 1964 as part of the Harold Holt Communications Centre. So it was an American outpost, gradually became jointly contolled and ultimately, was totally handed to Australia. Today, tourism is big here and the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef is the main attraction. We reached the boat operated by Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours and had our introductory snorkel by 9:00. We had been told to expect a good day with the calm ... read more
Keeping Our Distance From The Tail

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth May 13th 2019

We started our day with a swim in the large hotel pool which we had all to ourselves. Then we went exploring the neighbourhood. There are many large homes situated on canals which allow owners to moor their boats adjacent to their properties. The prices are not over the top, $780,000 for a large modern two storey home on the canal with your own access to the water. It’s evident they take flooding seriously with monssonal rains potentially causing flooding. The canal walls are high and the moorings are expandable to compensate for changes in water depth. What is over the top is the price of fuel here. For our American friends the price is equivalent to $7.00 a gallon. Filling a large 4-wheel drive may set you back close to $200. A few kilometres north ... read more
Adaptable Moorings For Water Level Fluctuations
Large Homes Line The Canals
High Canal Walls Protect Homes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth May 12th 2019

Travelling from Kalbarri to Exmouth is an eight hour trek through desolate countryside consisting of scrub. It’s not just the vastness of the countryside that is the issue, but there are so few bends or hills on the journey That monorony quickly sets in. The scrub on the Exmouth Peninsula is littered with thousands of termite mounds. Occasionally you see a goat or emu darting along the road with straying cows, and the roadside has what seems like thousands of kangaroo corpses. When we arrived in Exmouth it was surprising to see a luxury resort and nearby, homes sitting on a complex of canals...very modern indeed. The Mantalay Resort is in a beautiful spot. Our room had views of the ocean and the large pool, and we even got to see a marriage ceremony take place ... read more
Emu Darted In Front Of Us Near Kalbarri
View From Our Balcony In Exmouth
Lunching Along The Gasgoyne River Near Carnarvon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth January 13th 2019

Australia Landed in Perth & then straight up to Learmonth, Western Australia, top left! Flying along the coastline was spectacular, clear skies & miles from any where. We stayed at Ningaloo Lodge a cross between a hostel & a hotel, which turned out to be a good base. First full day we went along to Turquoise Bay where we entered the clear blue water off to the left of the beach then spent the next hour drifting along the current above the coral, mesmerised by the multi coloured coral & fish beneath us. We even swam with a turtle for about 5 minutes - fantastic. We just had to keep an eye out for where to get out & not drift too far into a dangerous current. As we drove along the coast we saw a ... read more
The Indian Ocean
snorkelling At Turquoise Bay
the dunes

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