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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany October 19th 2021

Moving on from Denmark towards Albany on the Bibbulmun Track entails getting either around or across Wilson Inlet first. Unlike each of the other inlets encountered along the Southern Ocean coastline, this crossing can be done neither by wading nor by paddling - unless you have your own canoe or kayak. And so it was that I found myself forking out sixty dollars to the manager of the Blue Wren hostel in Denmark, to drive me all the way around the inlet and drop me off at a boat ramp on the northern shore of the Nullaki Peninsula - about six kilometres from Denmark as the crow flies, but a 45-minute drive by more conventional means. Once there, the final 80km of the Bibbulmun Track stretched out in a generally easterly direction towards Albany, running roughly ... read more
Shades of Grey
Coastal Views
Secluded Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany May 17th 2021

Hi everyone! Well we have had a mixed bag so far on our WA adventure. My birthday was a crazy day running around doing lots of last minute things to do/buy/organise before flying out last Tuesday week. Thank you to my sister Cathy for giving me a break in the middle of the day for a café lunch. Finally got around to packing, about eleven hours before leaving for the airport. All was going well getting to the airport until we weighed our bags. Mine was just over 23kgs and Noel’s was just under. There were a few swear words flying around when I insisted that Noel and I rearrange the bags on the floor of the terminal. Noel had forgotten that there was no check in assistant that would say “oh 2 bags at 46 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 24th 2020

Day 1... Albany to Mutton Bird via Sandpatch 24.6km Albany to Sandpatch 12.5 km Sandpatch to Mutton Bird 12.1km After a good nights sleep (that's how the sentence should start, but it was actually not a great nights sleep- too much going on in my head- like waking up, last minute nerves, etc) we descended the creaky carpeted wooden stairs of the Albany Foreshore Guesthouse in Albany for breaky. The guesthouse was good, it was quiet, quirky, spacious and somewhere with a sense of history and bonus points for being next to a coffee shop and directly across the road from the Southern Terminus Bibb Track trail head. Very convenient. Rate for 2 in Room 1 (large room with ensuite) including cooked breakfast was advertised at $140 but we were offered a direct booking discount of ... read more
Sun Protection Engaged
Tiny Bridge
Frenchmans Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany December 15th 2018

Thursday 13th Dec: Today I drove down to Albany on the South Coast. A long (>250 kms) and interesting drive with a couple of good stops along the way. In particuler I drove through an area called "The Southern Forests"... Where you "come for the trees!". Also a couple of charming small town: Nannup & Pemberton.... All jolly nice but not really that much going on. Near Walpole there is a an area called "Valley of the Giants". We're talking seriously large trees here. The high point (no pun intended) was the Tree Top Walk; a 800 metre walk way suspened 40 metres up in the canopy. So good I did it twice! The thingis made of several bridges (see photos) and they move... A lot. I reckon they moved vertically 6 or 8 inches as ... read more
"Tree Top Walk" - Bouncy walkways
"Tree Top Walk"
Granma Tingle Tree

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany December 15th 2018

Friday 14th Dec: A nie hot sunny day to explore what Albany has to offer. Three things to note: 1) Whaling...We seem to have encountered a nmber of whaling places recently and indeed whales but in some ways this topped the lot... A vist to the last whaling station opened and closed in Australia. All fully preserved with a "whate chaser" ship. This was possibly one of the grizzlest exhibitions I have even seen (and I'm including the Killing fields in Cambodia etc) all with colour photos and film of what whaling was all about... Here's the wierd thing. The station was opened in 1952 (my lifetime) and closed only in 1974. The film footage had all these strapping Ozzy lads dressed just like I did in 1974... Could have been me slicing up the poor ... read more
Whale chase boat
A Large saw!
The same saw in use!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 27th 2018

Having recovered from the stormy night in our cosy apartment in Esperance it was traditional ( for me on my travels ) that at I make eggy bread for breakfast ( that’s our family name for the posh version of French Toast ). Well fortified we set off to drive the Great Ocean Drive ( not Road ) taking in the Pink Lake which is not pink anyymore because of a change in water catchment levels and the bacteria in the lake and many other beaches along the Twighlight Beach road ...and you couldn’t stop oohing and aaahing at the stunning cliffs, turquoise waters and rocky outcrops. Perfect spot for a picnic lunch ...and I loved the warning sign on the beach ...not excactly encouraging ! We had been invited to spend the night at a ... read more
Perfect picnic spot
Great Ocean Drive

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 23rd 2018

I first did the walk out to Bald Head from Goode Beach Albany twenty years ago and since then have found myself repeating the experience biannually. The walk never ceases to fascinate me and it has become a yardstick to my own physical health. If I can still make it out to the headland then all is not lost. More often than not I walk alone as this gives me the option of stopping to sketch whenever I please. It is however rare that I find myself totally alone on the walk and it is always interesting to write my thought into the rather tatty journal that lies secreted in a plastic container under the pile or stones at the furthest point on the headland. The comments of others is often amusing while I snack on ... read more
Sand cliffs.
View from Hammer Head.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany October 9th 2016

Today is Friday. My birthday. "Please can I have perfect weather, Mother Nature?". "No. F-off". Nah. Not that bad, really. A little shower during the day but it did not hamper us at all. Got good advice from the park manager on where to fish and from some other campers on the sites. We headed out early for a look at the Brig Amity a replica of the first ship to settle white fellas in the area, and then the Gap and the Bridge. Two great natural formations looked after by the NP folk. The Gap made me want to spew – too high up for my fairy butt! From there we went to the best blowholes (does not sound dodgy) ever where you could sit above a small crevice and when a wave hit 30m ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 14th 2016

We have had a terrific 2 days in Albany. Yesterday we spent the day visiting Mt Clarence and Mt Adelaide to see the Anzac memorial, the Princess Fortress and the National Anzac Centre. The views were magnificent and the weather was beautiful. The fort included a couple of old 6 inch guns and a hit full of information about HMAS Perth, the version that has been sunk as a dive wreck in King George Sound in 2001. The National Anzac centre was utterly brilliant with great technology to interact with and the option to follow a character from a card. The amount of detail was brilliant and I was thrilled to see a photo of the Beacon Hill Kiwi taken at Sling Camp in 1920. The kiwi was dug out by Kiwi Anzacs who had to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 2nd 2016

I tried to take a photo at the beginning and end of each day. Missed a few, some as I got in late (dark), a couple because? i have no idea! Weight loss pics were good- after 8 weeks there was zero overhang and hip belt done up to the max but I can't see too much change in the face. Proves undoubtedly that the aging face definitely settles as the day goes on.... read more
Day 1 Hewett's Hill
Day 2 AM
Day 2 PM

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