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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany November 22nd 2013

Wildflowers have started to appear at long last so Pete’s camera has been clicking madly plus Western Australia also has a tree that they call their Christmas tree which is a stunning orange colour. We enjoyed walking around the Pinnacles today, unusual upright rock formations not far from the coast and only found around the area of Cervantes and nowhere else! As we will soon be spending five months pet and house sitting in Perth we drove right on, bypassing the city,on to Rockingham on the coast south and spent two lovely days with old friends. Rockingham is a great place with plenty of long unspoilt beaches, shops and restaurants. We are going to explore further south just for a couple of more weeks so today we visited Bunbury and walked around the boardwalks surrounding the ... read more
Blue tongue lizard in camping ground
Western Australia wild flowers on the side of the road
Rock formations called The Pinnacles - Cervantes, WA

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 8th 2013

Albany Sunday 8 September Well this morning I awoke to rain thundering on the roof, which upon looking through the skylight it appears to be hailstones, no wonder it woke me up! I drifted back to sleep again and fortunately at around 6.45am when I woke up again I could see blue sky and what bliss there was no rain pelting the roof. We needed to decide if we were going to stay or not, as yesterday was so bad weather wise and we hunkered down for the afternoon we decided that perhaps we should stay another night and have a mooch around Albany, it would be a shame not to look around while we are here and this town seems so lovely. Andy passed me my chai latte which always seems to do wonders at ... read more
The Harpoon, Barbs
The Harpoon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 7th 2013

Cape Le Grand to Albany After a leisurely start to our day we left Cape Le Grand National Park, the sun is shining on another beautifully warm day. Going back out the way we came, we pass "Stonehenge", not really sure what that was all about, but it was a very fake looking stonehenge, there are no stopping signs along the road and there is a barrier which obscures vision to the stones, so it looks like no stopping for photo's either. We didn't want to stop for coffee either as it was too early in our journey so we decided to push on. Eventually we are back out on the main road, but just as we make the turn the fuel warning light appears on the dashboard, and the only thing we can do is ... read more
Bleak Weather Today

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany May 14th 2013

After doing some Toyota fault finding and web forum searching, radiator flushing and "a lot" of crawling around, under and everywhere else we packed up and headed toward Albany, but alas that heat gauge began to rise again. After a couple of middle of no where emergency stops we were able to slowly roll into Albany and in particular to the Middleton Beach Caravan Park. Odyssey Issue No. – Car overheating Matt knuckled down to contacting mechanics whilst the girls and I were keen to explore what activities the park had to offer on another wet and rainy day. What we found were: · Pool · Heated spa · Games room · Camp kitchen with flat screen TV We were certainly impressed by the facilities and of course the girls were straight off to the pool ... read more
Our Little Home
Small and Cosy
Night Owl

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany April 3rd 2013

16th-24th March 2013 The boys and I went on a road trip before our friend and flatmate Neil leaves to go over east. We hired a car and drove along the coast from Perth to just past Albany and back 9 days and over 2000km. This is what we got up to.... Day 1 We drove to Bussleton in our flash hire car. We were absolutely packed into the thing with barely room to breath. We drove slow and took the scenic route along the coast rather than the freeway and stopped of at a nice beach on route, the first of many. We got some supplies from the town centre then went and set up at our first campsite, Peppermint Park. A really nice campsite but about 10km out of town so a little bit ... read more
Here we go...
Beach Number 1
Im struggling here...

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 24th 2013

Soon after departing Duke of Orleans Bay we turned onto the road for Cape Le Grand National Park, where we came across Esperance’s own version of Stonehenge, a full scale version of the ancient English archeological site as it may have looked millenia ago. Not long after we arrived at the park entrance and I was happy to finally use the national parks pass which I arranged prior to departing Adelaide. I was keen to climb Frenchman's Peak, named by you guessed it the French in 1789. The climb started off easy enough but the humidity was high and I soon began to struggle a little. Eventually I made it to the top and was rewarded with superb views of the national park and nearby islands; the climb down was torturously slow at times but safety ... read more
Entering the park
That is Frenchman's Peak behind her
The park from the summit

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany December 18th 2012

The drive fromPerthtoAlbanytook five hours and wasn’t particularly scenic. We were on theAlbany Highwayfor the majority of the trip which is one very long straight road and was very quiet apart from the occasional road train (lorries pulling two loads). When we finally reachedAlbanywe checked into the Emu Point Motel which was pretty decent to say it only set us back $85 a night. We followed the sign for the beach on foot and after a very short walk discoveredMiddletonBeach– the first of many beautiful beaches in the South West with white sand and clear water. The weather was quite cool and cloudy which wasn’t ideal for sunbathing but great for sightseeing so we set off for a scenic drive aroundAlbany’s natural harbour. We followedGap Roadand saw ‘The Gap’ and ‘NaturalBridge’ which were the highlight of ... read more
Natural Bridge
Albany wind farm
Giant tingle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany December 14th 2012

14thDecember 2012. Woke to the sound of birds chirping and wind blowing. After breakfast we packed up and continued our journey. Our first stop was Pemberton. A small country town with amazing trains and lots of history. We stopped at a little bakery and enjoyed a beautiful lunch by the park. We refuelled and headed towards Walpole and stopped at the famous Tree Top Walk. We have been on them before on our last trip and unfortunately we arrived too late and the centre was closed. We did stop and have a cuppa (just what our batteries needed) and continued on our journey. We stopped at a rest area just before Albany where we had dinner. We couldn't camp here, so we drove through Albany and camped just outside town.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany December 13th 2012

I did not realize that such huge trees grew in Australia! In southern Western Australia there are major national parks dedicated to preserving these giant old growth eucalyptus trees which grow to 70 or 80 meters tall and can compare with the Californian Redwoods. We toured forests of tingle trees, jarrah trees and the karri trees. We walked on the Tree Top Walk in Denmark which is an engineering marvel which takes us 40 meters high in the canopy of the tingle tree forest. We really felt one with the birds up there!! It was very cool. Driving along these tree lined roads brings that distinctive, peppery smell. Certainly one of the highlights of visiting this area was a visit to one of many furniture and art galleries. Jarrah wood is heavy and red, somewhat like ... read more
Glouchester tree is a Karri tree
tree top walk
big enough to drive a car through!

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