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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany June 26th 2016

Day 53 Denmark to Nullaki 11km Slow start to the morning- with such a short day ahead there is no need to hurry. Indulge in a decent breakfast at the Blue Wren- the kitchen being really well set up we have eggs on toast and yoghurt before making a couple of days worth of lunches and redistributing the food/repacking the pack. Last good coffee (for only a very a few days :( ) at The Bibbulmun Cafe before Mark drops us around the Wilson Inlet to reconnect with the track ($50), there used to be a boat but not anymore, so the options available to us were to walk or catch a taxi. The walking is pretty wet at times as the tide is high and the track inundated. Very scenic wide body of water with ... read more
Looks Like We're On The Right Track
Small Non-Sleeping Hut

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany April 14th 2016

Wave Rock is a spectacular granite formation which is 15 metres high and in excess of 2,700 million years old. Formally known as Hyden Rock, the formation looks like an enormous wave ready to break. It is the sandy grey colour with red ochre streaks which give it the rolling motion appearance. Just nearby are the rock formations called Hippo's Yawn, The Humps, the Breakers and Mulka's cave. The name Mulka comes from an aboriginal legend who was born cross eyed because his mother was not allowed to marry his father, Mulka was unable to throw a spear and hunt and became ostracised from his community. He made the cave his home and turned to hunting little children. Believed to have killed his mother the aboriginal community hunted him down and speared him. The Cave contains ... read more
Hippos Yarn
Aboriginal Hand Stencil, Mulka's Cave

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany October 2nd 2015

Naively I headed back into Esperance last Monday after leaving Cape le Grande national park, with the expectation that I would stock up with fresh food, water and fuel and then head off for the “Fitz” as it seems to be affectionately called by everyone here. I should have left my east coast expectations and beliefs behind me because it was the Queens Birthday Holiday weekend in WA. I knew that. I did not know that it would mean that every shop in Esperance was closed up tighter than a drum. I managed to find a fuel station that was open, and asked them if there was any supermarket that would be open that day. I was directed to a small surburban IGA Express that must have won the lottery, or been granted a licence to ... read more
View East from Mt Barren in Fitzgerald River National Park
View from Cave Point looking at Mount Barren, Fitzgerald National Park
View from Cave Point looking west, Fitzgerald National Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany June 18th 2015

Unfortunately its been a drizzly wet day today, not the best weather for being in a Bago and sight seeing. Hopefully this weather doesn't last too much longer. But I'm a little worried looking at the long range forecast, its not looking good. Guess we will have to wait and see. None the less, we were fairly fortunate when we reached the Valley of the Giants and the Tree top walk. Around Walpole and these areas, its heavily wooded, especially with karri, Marri and Tingle trees. They are eucalypts but different to anything you see down our way. They are quite gnarled looking generally. The Valley of the Giants are primarily Tingle trees and they are pretty much isolated to this area. They can grow to 75 metres tall and around the base even as big ... read more
Valley of the Giants
Valley of the Giants
Valley of the Giants

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 12th 2015

One hundred years have passed since this harbour, So quiet today, but then primed for war; Soldiers, Officers, horses and supplies, Separated from all they knew of home, Squashed into the ships of war time convoy, Black smoke billowing, ready to set sail. These men of conflict, known now as ANZACS, Thirty thousand, sailed into the unknown. Letters were sent back home from the trenches, But alas, the flowing line of ink, paper, Was replaced with the horror of blood, sand, Long before mail ever reached Mum, home. The agony of war! Hearts torn apart, Men mangled beyond all recognition, Some died but no one held their quivering hand, Others gone, but no one knows where or wh... read more
Ready for service
Steaming convoy
Looking across the harbour

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany January 10th 2015

From Perth we headed for Margaret River overnighting at Pinjarra, a small town about an hour south east of Perth. Stayed at a nice freecamp till 1.30am when the irrigation sprayers pelted the van with pressure lasting one hour!!!! Think we should have moved down to where the other vans were parked.!!!! Arrived at Big Valley farmstay about ten minutes from Margaret River, nice rustic setting with a few farm animals to interest the kids. We used Big Valley as a base to visit Busselton, great beach, very safe for littlies, did a train ride the 1.8 klms to the end of the jetty. There's an underwater observatory there. Next day went south to Augusta and on to Cape Leeuwin where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet. The lighthouse has magnificent views which we did'nt get ... read more
Tony at Cape Leeuwin. December 2014.
Two Oceans Meet. 1

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany October 16th 2014

Hi travel followers. I figured it was time to post another blog as the last week or so has been jam packed with adventure and travels. Well as usual we have been on the move again and this time stopped at a lovely little timber town called Pemberton. We stopped here as it was on our route AND it is the namesake of a friend and former work colleague, Leanne Pemberton. Pemberton is in the heart of WA’s forest country which is home to the massive Karri, Marri, Jarrah and Tingle trees. Apparently these are some of the largest/tallest trees in the world. The Karri is apparently the world’s 2nd tallest hardwood and the world’s 3rd tallest overall tree. While in Pemberton we took the opportunity to visit and “climb” (yes climb)the 75 meter tall Bicentennial ... read more
Sunrise at Denmark
Graeme doing the climb
Denmark river

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany March 4th 2014

Leaving Wave rock and Hyden we head for Albany a town steeped in history with a great sense of pride as being the departure point for 30,000 troops who left Albany for Gallipoli in 1914.Albany's special place in the remembrance of ww1 is recognised the world over.Each year thousands of people gather for the dawn service at the top of Mt Clarence looking over George Sound to commentate the Diggers who perished in the great war.A peace park recently completed on the foreshore is designed to recognize the significance of the city's role in the Anzac legend.There are several other sites around the city which add to the history of the Diggers memory and the contribution they made in WW1. Albany is considered to be Australia's ANZAC Capital. Albany also has a rich Indigenous culture and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany November 22nd 2013

Wildflowers have started to appear at long last so Pete’s camera has been clicking madly plus Western Australia also has a tree that they call their Christmas tree which is a stunning orange colour. We enjoyed walking around the Pinnacles today, unusual upright rock formations not far from the coast and only found around the area of Cervantes and nowhere else! As we will soon be spending five months pet and house sitting in Perth we drove right on, bypassing the city,on to Rockingham on the coast south and spent two lovely days with old friends. Rockingham is a great place with plenty of long unspoilt beaches, shops and restaurants. We are going to explore further south just for a couple of more weeks so today we visited Bunbury and walked around the boardwalks surrounding the ... read more
Blue tongue lizard in camping ground
Western Australia wild flowers on the side of the road
Rock formations called The Pinnacles - Cervantes, WA

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 8th 2013

Albany Sunday 8 September Well this morning I awoke to rain thundering on the roof, which upon looking through the skylight it appears to be hailstones, no wonder it woke me up! I drifted back to sleep again and fortunately at around 6.45am when I woke up again I could see blue sky and what bliss there was no rain pelting the roof. We needed to decide if we were going to stay or not, as yesterday was so bad weather wise and we hunkered down for the afternoon we decided that perhaps we should stay another night and have a mooch around Albany, it would be a shame not to look around while we are here and this town seems so lovely. Andy passed me my chai latte which always seems to do wonders at ... read more
The Harpoon, Barbs
The Harpoon

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