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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 24th 2012

More sightseeing was on the agenda for day 12 of the tour, but today was more about “Historic Albany” We rose early and headed down to Albany’s waterfront which was the sight of the first landing of the British. First place we went was The Old Gaol or Cork City Gaol as I was calling it. The gaol was very interesting, again telling us of the history of the place and some of the prisoners that had been there. It also had the earliest known prison drawings by Aboriginals and surprise, surprise a few ghost stories behind it as well. At $5 entry, it was great and we spent at least 2 hours there looking at the old prison cells and reading about lads that “might” have been the Boston Strangler (who had spent time in ... read more
Albany's Old Gaol
The Brig
The Entertainment Center

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 23rd 2012

Day 11 of our tour and we woke up in Albany once again. We decided to do a bit of sightseeing today and the first place we visited was “The Old Whaling Station”. The Whalers in Kilbrittain would have been proud once again. The Whaling Station was situated about 20 kilometres out of town in an area known as Frenchman’s Bay. It was a pity the weather was desperate as I reckon the place would have been stunning on a beautiful day! White sand and blue water everywhere, nice one. We paid the high fee of $29 dollars each and entered the Whaling Station. We knew it would be worth it already when we saw the old whaling chaser (boat) docked on dry land inside the museum. We had a wait of about 45 mins before ... read more
Cheynes IV
Blue Whale Skeliton
Coley & The Koala

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 22nd 2012

Sunday morning like so many before them we a groggy affair! 12 o’ clock it was when I awoke and when I asked Colman the time I couldn’t believe it. We had planned to go fishing that morning and then go to a local AFL match. Fishing was defiantly out the window as the reserves kicked of a 12 and the first team at 2. So by the time we had showered and had the breakfast it was after 2 before we got to the “footy” ground. We found a spot to sit in the “stand” (you’ll see photos of it so you’ll understand the inverted commas) and realized that the reserves hadn’t yet finished, great, we’d see the whole thing. The clubs that were playing were Royals and Railways and apparently this was akin to ... read more
The Stand
Royals vs Railways
Bit of a crowd

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 21st 2012

Day nine was another day with not much to report. We had decided the day previous that we needed a day to do laundry, stock up on essentials plus a few minor things that we’d forgotten like a serving spoon for the Tex Mex and a window cloth for the Seaside Rover! Coley did some maintenance to the car while I updated the blog (It takes a bit of time mind). Colman reminded me of Liam Ryan as he drained the radiator of its rusty water and replaced it with coolant! We then pucked around for an hour (courteous of Shane O’ Neill’s sliotar) and were thanking God that there were no other Irish around as they’d have been asking what part of Cavan we were from, due to our, or should I say lack of, ... read more
Flat out cooking
BBQ Result
End Product

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 20th 2012

The next morning we are up with the lark to go whale watching with a company called Albany Whale watching tours. As we've already established -sea sickness is a particular strength of mine - luckily the company seem to be well used to people with less than average sea legs and advise on taking some pills the night before as well as up to an hour before the boat leaves. John is our Captain – a hoary old sea dog with snowy white hair, a freckly sun burnt pate and comfortable paunch. He starts with a speech to us all before we set off -explaining his personal philosophy around the tour - the deep respect he so clearly has for these magnificent creates and the joy it gives him to share this moving experience with other ... read more
Cooking in Denmark
Karra Trees
Luring the whales

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany July 20th 2012

Day 8 of the tour and it was all about trees today. We hit the road early from Alexandra Bridge for fear that the caretaker might catch us for $8 dollars a head. We drove about a hundred kilometres to the small town of Pemberton, which is an inland town surrounded by National Parks. Our aim for the day was to climb to the top of Glouster Tree which was only about 5 kilometres outside of Pemberton. We got there and paid the entry fee to the Park, parked up The Seaside Rover and went in search of the 58 metre high tree we were to climb. It was fairly tall looking when we saw it but there was a heap of kids climbing up so confidently we decided to go ahead with it. As the ... read more
Climbing Glouster Tree
Glouster Tree
Valley of the Giants

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany May 2nd 2012

Geo: -35.0239, 117.884Todays Challenge - To discover Albany's link with the ANZACs.Today we rise a little later as we are spending another day in this lovely town. We have booked a cruise on the Kalgan Queen which departs from Emu Point, crosses Oyster Bay and heads up the Kalgan River to Montgomery's Hill Vineyard, The cruise is full of Grey Nomads but this seems to be the norm when you book a tour.On board we meet the skipper who is a real character, has a wealth of knowledge on Albany's history and is a compelling story teller.We find out that Albany was originally named 'Frederickstown' and the bay we were crossing derived its name when Major Locker's crew cut their feet on oyster shells when searching for food and water. Not to be discouraged they collected ... read more
Percy The Pelican Emu Point, Albany
The Kalgan Queen Emu Point, Albany
Boarding on the Kalgan River, Albany

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany May 1st 2012

Geo: -35.0239, 117.884Todays Challenge - To spot a whale.Depart Esperance at 7.00 am and refuel, Rod notes that it is still cheaper than Brisbane.We have an uneventful drive until we hit Ravensthhorpe where we spot the first cop car since Ceduna, they are pulling over a poor sucker that has exceeded the speed limit in a school zone. The town has a population of 400, they must be bored!We pass a sign the says we are entering the Fitzgerald Biosphere. What the f#&k is that? Rod suggests we might be entering a radioactive zone. We drive through Jerramungup (what a mouth full), we see no sign of life. We pass through the next town of Gardner, still no sign of life. Deb opens the window and a blast of hot air melts her lip gloss, so ... read more
Frenchman's Bay, Albany
The Chanee IV, Albany
The harpoon on the bow of the  Chanee IV

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany March 20th 2012

We’re not much further along the coast, only having traveled 120km from Walpole to Albany. The road runs several km inland so there are no views of the sea, and there are only occasional tracks and even fewer roads to the coast. The forest here is mainly Tingle trees and Karri. Tingle have no tap root, so they send out buttress roots and the timber inside often dies and is burned in the periodic bush fires, The result is a huge cavity inside the trunk of the tree. The Karri have a different defence. It sheds its bark in the autumn, leaving a very flammable carpet around the tree. When the fire comes, the area around the tree is cleaned out completely – no competition. The bark has been shed high enough to ensure the Karri ... read more
Walpole Inlet
Swarbrick Sculpture Trail
Treetop walk Walpole

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany March 12th 2012

Lundi matin on se lève tôt comme d’hab, on va en profiter pour visiter Albany avant de partir pour tracer la route. On commence par la visite du 1er bateau qui a accosté en 1826, le Brig Amity. C’est intéressant, on se plonge dans l’ambiance de l’époque, un tout petit 2 mâts chargé de 60 hommes et de bétail ! Puis visite d’un des 3 musées situé à côté sur l’histoire de la ville. A 11h on meurt déjà de faim, direction Hungry Jack, le Burger King australien. Ah depuis le temps qu’on rêvait d’hamburger frites ! Avant midi on est parti, le réservoir et les ventres pleins, direction Espérance, à 470km. On croise beaucoup de road train, ces immenses camions tirant 3 convois. Par moment c’est flippant car avec le vent, certains serpentent sur la ... read more
A l'abordage
Marin au repos
Dans les cales

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