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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany March 11th 2012

Ce matin, vers 5h00 on est réveillé en sursaut par une rafale de vent et de pluie. On croit qu’il s’agit d’un grain mais en fait c’est l’arrosage automatique qui s’est déclanché et on se trouve en plein milieu. Branle bas de combat, on démarre rapido pour s’installer un peu plus loin et finir la nuit. Nico croit voir un quokka sur le chemin et s’exclame ‘oh la cucaracha !’ mais se n’est qu’un lapin!! MDR !! Vu qu’on est bien réveillé, on entreprend un grand rangement du van, histoire d’optimiser l’espace et on se recouche vers 5h30. On est tellement bien qu’on se relève qu’à 8h30, entourés de pécheurs. Après un petit café maison, on se dirige vers Middelton beach pour faire un running sur un chemin panoramique de 6km A/R . En courant, Marion ... read more
Running along the scenic path
Keep going girl!
Nico fait passer un message

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany March 10th 2012

Vendredi c’est notre dernier jour de travail, on nourrit nos bêbêtes avec une petite pointe de nostalgie, c’est déjà la fin ! Le temps est passé très vite ici, faut dire que nos journées étaient bien remplies. Nous décidons de glander tranquillement sur place pour notre dernière après-midi, ça nous permet de mettre à jour notre profil sur le site d’Help X et notre blog. On échange des photos avec Deborah et Debbie, qui a un mur sur Facebook pour la ferme où nous sommes désormais visibles ! On remplit le livre d’or des helpers, Debbie quant à elle devrait nous mettre un commentaire positif sur notre profil. Après une petite sieste, on se regarde un film pour ado qui fait peur (bref du grand art !) qui se passe à la montagne, histoire de se ... read more
Cable Beach
Pont menant à Cable Beach
Attention aux vagues

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 20th 2012

We have just learned of the passing of Dr Lloyd Tinkle. The cruising community has lost its brightest star and we have lost our good friend and role model. We had been in touch with Lloyd's caregiver and were able to talk briefly with Lloyd last Friday. He passed away on Saturday, two days prior to his 102 birthday. He always said that he didn't like celebrating his birthday, so maybe this was his way of getting out of another party. Actually two of the best parties on the Voyager were Tink's 99th and 100th birthday bashes. Those were nights that will live in cruise lore as a celebration of a life well lived by a remarkable man. We have known Lloyd since 2001 and shared ten world cruises with this intrepid traveler. We visited him ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 5th 2012

No improvement with the weather and even some light rain about this morning but at least the wind has subsided to a gentle breeze. We decided to ride along the scenic trail into Albany again and take a look at the Boat Shed Markets along the foreshore. About half way into town we came across a couple who were assisting an elderly male cyclist who was experiencing chest pain. By the time we arrived the lady was on the phone to emergency services organising an ambulance to come and assist. I was Johnny on the spot and rode back to the beginning of the scenic trail to meet the ambulance and try and direct them to the location of the gentleman. The path was too narrow for the ambulance to drive along so I had to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 5th 2012

Photos from Albany... read more
Scenic bike trail to Albany
Cargo ships
Another slithery friend

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 4th 2012

A wet and wild start to the day after the blowy night continued into the early morning with a few showers and the sun all but hidden behind some ominous looking black clouds. We thought we would press ahead with our plans despite the unseasonly weather and ride along a coastal bike trail into the heart of Albany. Pleasure and pain involved with this route as it was uphill and downdale; however, the beautiful coastline made it all worthwhile. There were many spots to stop along the way to take some more photos and as we headed up and around Middleton Beach there were some terrific views out towards sea. We encountered more native lizards along the trail and they seemed to be in numbers at every turn. Albany itself is a lovely spot blending the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 3rd 2012

Weather-wise the south-west of WA has been very cool (low 20s most of the time) but we're not complaining. Sleeping is much easier and this morning we didn't stir until after 8:30 and that has been by far the latest we've slept-in since late December. We made it to Albany by late morning and set up shop in a caravan park at nearby Emu Point. During the afternoon we decided to go out for dinner; a bit of a novelty considering it hasn't happened since last year. Trip advisor provided us with a few options and we narrowed it down to an Indian restaurant called the Curry Leaf. I thought I should try and look respectable so I did away with the shorts and got into some jeans and a new shirt (kind of weird not ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 3rd 2012

Some snaps of the ongoing journey... read more
Esperance Port
Cape Le Grand
Lucky Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 2nd 2012

The day started reasonably slowly as we purchased a few more camping items on our way out of town and we waved goodbye to Esperance. All in all the most enjoyable place we have stayed on the journey thus far. Next stop – Albany. A 500 kilometre trek was daunting a few weeks back but we are clearly building up the tolerance to long road travel as we breezed through most of the day. Nothing new to see on the way as we were backtracking after driving through Albany just last week. We stopped about 120 kms out of Albany for the last stop of the day but as we progressed it was evident the driver (ie me) had failed to fuel up and the tank was nearing empty. The only option was to head 19 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany February 1st 2012

After organising a national parks pass on our way out we headed about 40 km out of Esperance to Cape Le Grand National Park. The weather was fine and sunny for the first time on our stay in this neck of the woods and it certainly added to the ambience of the Park. First stop was Lucky Bay and the views along the pristine coastline were simply magnificent. We decided on a hike to nearby Thistle Cove which took us over granite rocks and we zigged and zagged along makeshift paths. There was almost a photo opportunity at every turn including a few we managed to get of some rather large yet passive lizards who seemed more unfazed of us than we were of them. It was about a 90 minute round trip back to Lucky ... read more

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