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It is high time for another trip, this time up to the Kimberley. We have a new vehicle for this trip and we are looking forward to putting it through its paces on the Gibb River Road. We’ll be away for 7 – 8 weeks and covering around 15,000 km, give or take. The rough itinerary for this trip looks a little something like this: Head up to North toward Mt Isa and onto Katherine in the first seven days (approx. 3,600 km) Hang around Katherine for a few days and onto Kununurra for another few days and then sloooooow right down Three weeks between Kununurra and Broome and then stay in Broome for a couple of days Across through Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek to the Bungle Bungles in the Purnululu National Park Follow the ... read more

Here is a map of the next big trip - not the prettiest map going around but you get the idea!... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Forbes October 26th 2016

We headed through a couple of big towns as we finally started to head South. First stop was Narromine, the birthplace of Glenn Mcgrath, or so I presume from the statue of him in town. Another lunch in the park, a pitstop for booze and we were off to Goobang National Park. Actually no. That park is closed due to the recent floods and storms in the area. So we decided to head toward Parkes and 'The Dish' where we stopped for a gander. An interesting spot and even more interesting as they provided quite a bit of detail about what the dish is looking at over the next few weeks. We could see the devastation that the recent weather has had in the area as we drove through with trees down everywhere and damaged roofs ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cobar October 26th 2016

Never knew a lot about Cobar, our main stop for the day. A quick stop at the local info office gave us the idea for a park for lunch, then Suz and I snuck off to do the next five nights of grocery shopping and to grab a coffee. I reckon we have spent more money on coffee than fuel this trip – first world problem. After that we all headed off to check out a local Aboriginal site called Devil's Rock, an evil place. The whole experience was somewhat soured with the old mining shaft behind the rock formation (maybe around 10m x 10m) containing what looked to be a stolen Ford Falcon that had been burnt out... The lookout at the current gold/copper mining operation was surprisingly impressive. A bloody deep open pit that ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wilcannia October 26th 2016

Not much to report at camp tonight. Ordinary spot, but with a playground type thing and a toilet, the hum of a diesel truck engine keeping the refirgerated semi chilled over the road and a fire. And Pia in some weird net thing to get past the flies while cooking! This morning we left Broken Hill after having breakfast at some hippie alternative place that appeared to be all out of their advertised hippie alternative shit. Coffee was great though and I had some sort of brekky burger that was awesome! Better not have been pancetta flavoured tofu - that would make me feel unclean. OK. That is all. Oh. Plenty of bloody flies so I am sitting downwind of the campfire to get them to bugger off. Seriously – they get into every bared orifice. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales October 20th 2016

Over these last two nights we have seen some pretty cool spots in Broken Hill. We hit up a couple of galleries that had some quite unique gear and headed out to Silverton to check out the Mad Max 2 museum, some more bloody galleries and then lastly, the highlight, Silverton Hotel. Actually an equal highlight was the Royal Flying Doctors Service tour of the Broken Hill operation. It was great as are the people that work there! The kids and Pia braved the pool at the caravan park and we discovered another game to upset the balance – Pass the Pigs. Which, being a pretty blatant gambling game of chance, proved to be quite the effective way of helping the kids improve their rapid calculation skills. Chuck it in the National curriculum, I say. In ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Peterborough October 20th 2016

Another lazy start saw us heading East once again, this time roughly towards Broken Hill, our last major town stop before home. First stop for the day was the info centre in Port Augusta where we happened to have the good timing to catch up with family friends Sue and Barry. We had brunch and a chat, plus contributed heavily to the tourist shop yearly turnover targets. From there we had only 140km odd to reach our stop at Peterborough. We wanted some internet coverage for me to do some work stuff and Nathan to do his school project so we hit up the caravan park. It was quite the cool park, with a nine hole mini golf course that we enjoyed a few games of. Sheep stations and family bonds were broken for eternity, or ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta October 20th 2016

Another lazy start today. After 9am because Suz (?) was hungover.... We had a few repairs to make to various bits of kit so a stop to Ho,me Hardware sorted us out before we were on the road. We saw a lot of wheat being grown/farmed but not a lot else. That being said, as I was driving, I wasn't looking too hard. To further prove my age I spent the majority of the trip listening to Radio National as it was the only station I could get for more than five minutes. We breezed through a few towns, one for fuel but didn't hang about. We have ended up at a pretty cool salt lake (at this stage by ourselves) in the Lake Gilles Conservation Park. It was around a 10km dirt track,which was good ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna October 20th 2016

We got away from Border Village a little after 9am as the crew were telling us that the runners would take quite a while and we had 500km odd to travel to Ceduna. We had a quick stop off at a few of the lookouts over the Great Australian Bight that we missed on our first pass and ended up in windy, rainy, cold Ceduna around 5pm. The fella at the quarantine checkpoint was hilarious. I would love to tell the whole story but would hate to think I'd get him in trouble. Needless to say,I obviously have a very trustworthy face considering the scores of signs we had seen about quarantine on the way in! Legend! A quiet night. In bed by 8.30pm I reckon. What a blouse! Although we did get fish and chips ... read more

Oceania » Australia October 20th 2016

'Twas a short drive of 404km from the rest stop to our next camp. We are back on the Eyre Highway tracing our tracks back toward Ceduna. We were planning to push through to the Nullabor Roadhouse but the 40 degree temperature saw us take a smarter option and stop at Border Village for a cold drink. The old Maverick has the old style of air con – four wind down windows! While we were getting the drinks, I noticed a pool behind the first lot of units. A casual "how much for an unpowered site?" was met with "$15". Brilliant! And we got to use the pool (awesome), and there was a bar (Bundy Rum – whooooot) and we could have camp fires. Besides the flying cockroaches and other bugs, it was near perfect and ... read more

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