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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda September 18th 2010

Warning: This blog is being written by Brennen....hallucinations and nonsense may follow. After crashing in a heap of exhaustion last night, we made a comparatively late start today, dragging our mostly revitalised and excited butts out of bed to go to Freshwater Train Station for the Karunda Scenic Railway. We wandered around the museums and learned about the incredible feat of building the railway, and about the apparently colourful and aggressive Irish redheaded foreman who had a nearby suburb named after him. After purchasing the most expensive (but not overpriced) train ticket of my life, we had only a short wait until our journey began. The train ride started slowly, but before long we were zig-zagging up the mountain and through the many tunnels which were built mostly by hand (with tools obviously) with the occasional ... read more
Stunning View #3
Large and in charge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda September 16th 2010

Dziś wybraliśmy się do Kurandy, małego miasteczka położonego nieopodal Cairns, przy czym chodziło nam nie tyle o odwiedzenie Kurandy, co o samą podróż. W jedną stronę jechaliśmy Skyrailem, kolejką linową rozciągającą się nad lasem na odcinku 7,5 km; w pewnym momencie zobaczyłam z góry szarą kupkę futra wśród eukaliptusów - ewidentnie mieszkały tam koale. :) Wysiedliśmy na pośrednich stacjach, żeby przejść się po lesie ze strażnikiem przyrody, który opowiadał nam o roślinach, oraz popodziwiać wodospad na rzece Barron, teraz (czyli pod koniec pory suchej) niemal zupełnie wyschnięty. Naszym środkiem lokomocji w podróży powrotnej był Kuranda Express, zabytkowy pociąg złożony z wagonów zbudowanych w latach 30. XX w.; podróż była wyjątkowo relaksująca i w dodatku czuliśmy się trochę jak w pociągu do Hogwartu. Od początku towarzyszyła n... read more
Ciurkający o tej porze roku wodospad na rzece Barron
Wyschnięta rzeka Barron
Motyle uwielbiały Miśka

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda September 11th 2010

It was our last night sleeping in the tent at Kuranda. We invited some of our happy people to come to Little Road for a river party. Little Road is my favourite place in Kuranda. Edin and Ori and their Mum and Dad came. Also Carly and Harry. Cathy, Daryl, Zeus (the little dog) and Steve. Jerry and Josui. Tanya and Lennon. Me, Aiden and Mum. We watched the sunset. We had lots of yummy food and played some games in the sand. When we were in the water we saw a water snake so everyone got out of the water! We made a water slide up and climbed in some trees. Aiden did some plays. Mum said Akira Kurosawa would have loved them. This is what I love in Kuranda. The river and my friends. ... read more
Daryl and Zeus
river ambience

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda August 30th 2010

Two days before the planned Yoga Mala, I fell on my butt. Yes it was from a table and No I wasn't dancing! I was helping decorate a classroom with some amazing grade one art work. While this activated my Svadistan Chakra like a bolt of lightening and was in response to exactly what I had asked the Universe for "Please help me understand the women in my yoga classes who have back problems", it seemed not such convenient timing! All the same, the date was set and advice from Katrina, my inspiring local teacher, was to get back on the mat and keep moving my body! You have to take note of such wisdom and proceed with caution when your yoga teacher also gives you orange cloth to wear! So, local yogis came together to ... read more
group energy

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda August 28th 2010

Rainbow Fair is at my school every year. I got lots of crystals at the Rainbow Fair from the lucky dips. They had a treasure hunt in the sand pit and I found more crystals there. I had fun with Ori and Edin playing on the merry go round and the play ground equipment. We made a cubby house out of hay. I made a seesaw too except it snapped. I had some pizza and Mum made samosas so we had some of them too. Danny was there and he was a clown! He did a magic show and he picked me for one of the things. He cut the rope and then he tied it back together with a knot, then he undid the knot and the rope wasn’t snapped, it was one piece again! ... read more
hanging out with Daryl
inside my cubby

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda August 22nd 2010

When I got back to school Mr Cav was starting preparing for Sports Day. The only one I missed practicing for was shotput. I got really fit because we practiced lots at school and I did two afternoons of afterschool sport, soccer training one day, circus one day and swimming at least one day a week. One of the best things I’ve done since we got back was landing a forward flip at circus. Now I’m going to practice backflips! We had sports carnival and I came second in 800m and 4th in 100m. It meant I would be going to Barron River, interschool carnival. At Barron River sports carnival I came 8th out of 18 kids and in 100m I came 4th out of 9 kids. Then at the end of the day they picked ... read more
Cal and the funny beavers
team challenge
one of the paddy melons

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda July 29th 2010

Today we had a slow breakfast and decided to go up to Kuranda on the Tablelands. The weather was patchy with cloud and not too hot. We went via Mareeba to Kuranda and then had a beautiful lunch at the markets. We bought some pies for dinner before returning via the coast road to Port Douglas. We have been to Kuranda a few times but it was great having another look. This is our last blog for this holiday. We have had a very exciting journey all 6,000kms of it. Our vehicle, a Nissan X trail was fantastic just the best. It took us everywhere and not once did it let us down. We are thinking of buying one when we get home, we are so impressed. All very sad the holiday is over boo hoo!!!! ... read more
Trip through the Tablelands
Lovely Bush
Spot the Termite Mound

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda July 26th 2010

I dag våknet jeg tidlig, allerede klokken 06. Merket godt jetlaget kan man si, vi er ganske så slitne begge to i dag å håper vi er mer inn i tidsonen i morgen. I dag har vi vært på utflukt til regnskogen, Kuranda. Vi tok det de kaller en skyride opp gjennom regnskogen (det er som et stort skitrekk), et enormt område, og vi hoppet på og av skyriden 3 ganger før vi til slutt kom opp til byen Kuranda som ligger midt inni i regnskogen. I Kuranda spiste vi lunsj, gikk på marked pluss at vi besøkte en liten dyrepark som hadde krokodiller, skilpadder, slanger, koalabjørner som bare var sååå søte, og kengeru som vi fikk mate og klappe! På vei tilbake til cairns tok vi et historisk tog som tok oss gjennom regnskogen på ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 5
Vi fant fort ut hvorfor regnskog blir kalt regnskog:P

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda July 6th 2010

We are back in Australia now. I had SO much fun with my friend Min when we got back. We played in her big backyard, jumped on the trampoline, went for some walks, read stories and did some drawings. Min is an artist like me! We played hide and seek too. Imagine having a game of hide and seek around the whole world! Mum could be the seeker and I'd hide! We watched the Never Ending Story with Min. I asked Aiden "Why didn't the Ancient One care? Care about the Nothing?" A said "The nothing was actually the Modern World. The huge rock monster would've been transformed into rocks around our world. The Nothing was smaller than him. It was too late when the Nothing swallowed him. So, he should have cared. Atraya was already ... read more
atop the pyramid
Cal's lantern
Festival of Lights

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda May 25th 2010

Today I went on another free day tour - this time to Kuranda. Kuranda is a town tucked into the rainforest about an hour south and inland of Port Douglas. I was picked up by the Reef & Rainforest bus and driven down to the Sky Rail, where I hopped onto a gondola and flew over the rainforest canopy towards Kuranda. It was lovely being all alone above the rainforest, with the wind blowing gently through the open windows of the cable car and the sound of birds all around. You hop off twice and do little walks around the rainforest and then hop on another cable car that takes you further up the mountain range - it takes about an hour all up. We stopped at Barron Falls and I took some photos, although it ... read more
Butterfly World
Photo 59
Butterfly Sanctuary

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