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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda February 12th 2010

Another early start today, we arrive at Cairns Central Station at 8am and head for our tickets, today we are due to travel up by train on the scenic railway and down by skyrail. We have also booked tickets for Birdworld, Butterfly Sanctuary, Koala Land and Venom Zoo. We saw birds free flying in the aviary and Rob made friends with one or two! You will see Rob's expression change on the picture that was because the bird actually bit him and drew blood! Next the butterflies, i was lucky enough to have the rare blue butterfly land on me, the difficult part was getting the picture to show this! We also had access to the breeding lab and had a guided tour with amazing facts - the best being the female is the dominator! and ... read more
Our Carriage
The Train
10.2.10-13.2.10 053

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda December 11th 2009

Second day - the sky hasn’t been cleared up yet, but certainly a lot brighter than yesterday. We got up at 6:30am for our Rainforestation Nature Park and Kuranda day tour, a cultural and tropical rainforest experience. At first, we were not sure if we wanted to do this tour as we are both not a big fan of trees and birds; also, we have already seen a few forests in Sydney and Tasmania. However, considering that we’ve missed all the culture sites on our way, we decided to give this a try. If we are making it this far, we might as well take a look at the tropical rainforest. This tour is run by Tropic Wings. They run a combination of different tours to Kuranda and Rainforestation, all being picked up by the same ... read more
He can say Hello

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda August 23rd 2009

On Sunday morning, we went for a wander around the huge Port Douglas market, before driving south towards Cairns, and turning inland at Smithfield towards the mountain village of Kuranda. Kuranda was somewhere we had planned to visit in 2005, but then we only got as far north as Cairns before turning inland and spending 3 days crossing the outback to Alice Springs. In fact, we saw most of this trip as a continuation/completion of the east coast Australia leg of our first world tour - Port Douglas, the Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge, Kuranda were all within our sights, but the chance to go overland to Alice came up and there was only one bus with a couple of seats, so fate determined our course. Don't worry, we always say, we'll come back another day... ... read more
Breakfast on our balcony
Barron Falls Railway line

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda August 12th 2009

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality shown to us while back in Australia. It’s been far too fleeting once again, though I did have a wonderful time in Perth with family, friends and prac time at the Uni. Now back in Kuranda, I’m getting more than my fair share of attention biking around town with a trailer that has become Cal’s roller-coaster and good entertainment for the locals! Though we are still keen to be moving at this point in our lives, it’s a grand thing to know you have really found somewhere amazing to be happy living in the future! Cal enjoyed being back near the Barron River and settling into Steiner School. Aiden had a ball with as many visits as possible to the libraries and lots of socials, including a birthday party at ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda August 1st 2009

Day 97 - Kuranda (day trip!) What a great nights sleep back in our lovely little caravan, staying in the resort the other night was nice but there’s no place like ‘home’! The weather isn’t looking too bad when we venture out this morning which is great news as we’re going to Kuranda via the scenic railway and coming back on the Skyrail. The journey starts from the Freshwater station which in itself is very picturesque. When it comes we’re delighted to see that it’s the fancy pants train with all the gorgeous artwork on the front! Beautiful! The carriages are really lovely too, very oldie worldie feel to them! The train makes its spectacular journey through the Barron Gorge national park soaking up breathtaking views along the way. Our photo’s won’t do it justice at ... read more
Oh no, a leaf on the track
Very scenic
She'll be coming round the mountain

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda July 29th 2009

We went on a cable car above yet another rain forest to a village and came back. OK. Cath here now. Methinks Julian has now seen enough rain forest! :-) To be fair, we are all a bit tired today after our long day yesterday. Jolly miffed to have got sunburnt, but at least it shows I managed to do some snorkelling! Although still surprising as it seemed pretty overcast most of the day - except when it went dark and threw it down! And the sea was VERY rough on the way back! Bit choppy, I ask you??! Today is even windier, so we were lucky to get to go yesterday. We had already booked the tickets for the skyrail cable car this morning so we indeed got to see some more rainforest, and a ... read more
Up above
The falls in the distance
Closer to

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda June 27th 2009

We went up to Kuranda for the first time on the Skyrail. You get to ride above the rainforest and watch the canopy, including the occasional bright blue butterfly or bird. In a couple of places you get off and there's even a ranger-led walk. He pointed out several rainforest trees to us. The most important to remember is the "wait a while", also called "lawyer vine", for reasons which will shortly be obvious. The vine starts life in the top of the canopy, then works its way down. It has hundred of tiny recurved hooks on it, so it can hold onto, and climb down, anything. When it gets to the bottom it takes root, then attempts to take over the thing that it originally landed on. The only tree that can defend itself is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda June 26th 2009

We have been staying at the hostel in Kuranda for 2 days, about to head back to our original hostel in Cairns. This hostel was built in 1906 by the owner of the local sawmill chain for his daughter, and it is amazing (though in a somewhat faded and moldy way). Like most homes around here, the main living area is on the second floor. The "basement" is at ground level and consists of a concrete slab, several courses of brick, then unfinished wood for walls and ceiling. The ceiling joists are about 4 by 12 by 20 feet each -- I think that whole building is about 60 feet long and 30 wide. The ground level is a huge open space, and the walls are about 50% window -- they all open out, and they ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda June 13th 2009

Kuranda Village ist ein kleines Dorf (750 Einwohner) am Barron River auf der westlichen Seite der Kuranda Range, einem Teil der Great Dividing Range und liegt durchschnittlich 380 Meter über dem Meeresspiegel. Kuranda ist vom Regenwald umschlossen und befindet sich 25 Kilometer nordwestlich von Cairns. ... read more
Barron Falls
In der Gondel
Spaziergang im Regenwald (Boardwalk)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda April 6th 2009

The day after Hillary’s big trip to Cape Tribulation, the two of us went on another trip, this time together. Our destination was Kuranda. Throughout our travels, we’d asked around for suggestions of what to visit around Australia. It was a fairly broad question, but on more than one occasion it was suggested to visit Kuranda and take the Skyrail. So now that we were in Cairns, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. That morning we took the tour bus out of the city to the beginning of the Skyrail. You see, what most people do is take the Skyrail to Kuranda (which is a small town) and then take the scenic railway back to Cairns. You could do it in the reverse order, but if you’re only going once, it’s suggested to do the Skyrail ... read more
Skyrail - 01
Skyrail - 02
Skyrail - 03

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