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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water October 19th 2010

Cairns! Awesome. I really like it here. It's a pretty small city but all the locals still say 'hello' as they pass you, it's hot, quite pretty and you can shop to your heart's content. Today howver, I left the city to journey on the Ocean Freedom to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in search of Nemo. Despite rain on the mainland, a little way into the reef, the Sun decided to come out to play which made the water sparkle several shades of blue and green. We reached our first destination and were let loose into the ocean for a snorkel. The waves were choppy so it was a little difficult to swim but how can you complain when you're on the Great Barrier Reef? The Coral was just beautiful and surrounded by all types ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water August 25th 2010

Goodbye to Perth; hello to Cairns! If you've been reading, you'll know that our life in Perth was full of hostel fun, yet lacking in financial gain so we decided to hop onboard our ninth flight (eight to go!) and head towards sunny Cairns. The good news about a delayed flight is that they arrive so late it consequently saves you a night's accommodation - talk about a good start! We checked in at 6am and for the first time in months, popped on some shorts and sun cream! Definitely some high hopes for Cairns apart from the problem that Gail's veneer snapped off (again) and our first job was finding a dentist. Her bloody teeth! We spent our first few days recovering from the annoyance that Gail had finally been offered a Perth job as ... read more
Whitsunday Island Tour - Whitehaven Beach Lookout
Reef HQ, Townsville
Amazing sunsets

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water July 13th 2010

Ok, so we went back to the cliffs for some more diving. As we were about to leave two guys from the US showed up to jump also. Until scuba diving on the reef yesterday (Monday), what happened next was the greatest thing to happen on this trip. Brady (Pennsylvania) and Steve (Washington) jumped into the water to swim across the lagoon to climb up and jump. The initial jump in is only 3-4 feet. However, Brady managed to make it the most awkward entry I've ever seen. That record lasted about 1 minute until Steve jumped in in a leap-frog manner and belly-flopped. That was the moment we all stopped and decided we had to watch them jump the actual cliff. They spent a little while surveying the jump so I climbed up to assure ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water June 26th 2010

Servus, nach dem ganzen Dschungelgeschaukel gings mal wieder in den Heimathafen Cairns. Dort angekommen haben wir uns gleich fuer eine Schnorcheltour angemeldet. Sollte einen ganzen Tag gehen und mit Verpflegung. Lena hat sich erstmal fuer $3.5 zwei Anti-Brechtabletten gekauft. Haben aber auch nichts gebracht. Am Riff angekommen wurde wieder alles viel besser. Die frische Luft, das blaue Wasser und eine kleine Insel mit vielen Voegeln. Ich hab es mal wieder genossen Wasser auf der Haut zu spueren und nicht immer aus der Dusche. Bin viel geschwommen und hab versucht so wenig wie moeglich kaputt zu machen. War gar nicht so einfach, denn das Riff war sehr nah unter der Wasseroberflaeche. Der Tag war echt super. Anschliessend durften wir fuer nur $10 pro Person auf dem Parkplatz vom Hostel uebernachten. Dort haben wir auch die meisten WM-Spiele ... read more
gleich gehts los
soooo blau

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water June 13th 2010

SUKELTAMASSA CAIRNSIN GREAT BARRIER REEFILLÄ Tänään olin jälleen sukeltamassa ja snorklaamassa. Tarkennus edelliseen riuttakuvaukseen. Koralli ei ole technicolorin väreissä vaikka niin väitetään. Värit ovat pikemmin herkullisen murrettuja ja savuisia: tummaa malvaa, sumuista sinistä, sammaleen vihreää, seepiaa, terrakottaa. Sen sijaan kalat ovat mitä mielikuvituksellisimpia väritykseltään. Näin kalan, jolla oli pinokkion nenä. En muista sen nimeä, täytyy tarkistaa. Clownfishiä kutsutaan täällä nemoksi. Ihmisrakasta Maori Wrassea kutsutaan täällä puolestaan Wallyksi. Niiden kanssa voi kuulemma leikkiä aivan kuin koirien kanssa. Se tykkää siitä. Silverswift laivalla on oma lemmikki Wallynsa, joka on kiintynyt laivan japanilaiseen valokuvaajaan. Se seurasi tätä kuin hai laivaa. Liikuttavaa! Cairnsin Great Barrier Reefistä on sanottu, että se ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water May 30th 2010

We went out on a day cruise to the Great Barrier Reef and did some snorkelling. We saw hundreds of different fishes, coral, a stingray and even swam alongside a sea turtle.When it was low tide a sand island emerged from the ocean, which we swam to and just sat on, just stranded in the middle of the ocean. The water was so clear and the sand so white - we even exfoliated in the sand. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water May 10th 2010

Apres cette semaine sur une ile, je reprends ma voiture, et remonte jusqu'a Cairns. De la, la nuit de rigueur dans un backpacker, histoire de retrouver une apparence humaine, et le lendemain matin, recherche de travail. Apres une semaine sur une ile a voir la mer, envie de mer... je vais donc au port de plaisance mais ne trouve rien, alors j'essaye au port de peche et, apres une matinee a demander du travail de bateau en bateau, voila que Peter, un des pecheur a port ce matin la, me propose de venir une semaine avec lui pecher des "Spanish macros" (thazards rayes indo-pacifique). Et c'est partie, 2h plus tard, j'embarque sur son bateau, et on est partie pour la mer de Corail! Mon anniversaire en mer, c'est plutot pas mal! Retour a terre le 19/05. ... read more
Laura and his red roads
Laura - Woman
Daintree - Walk in a mangrove

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water April 10th 2010

GREAT BARRIER REEF Put away your expectations. Erase from your mend everything you have heard and seen about the reef. It is by far the most beautiful, most prolific, most diverse marine ecosystem that I have ever seen. Our high-speed catamaran pulled up to the ship and we boarded. After a ninety minuet cruise we arrived at our pontoon. There are a few of these scattered on the reef. Each has a glass bottom boat, a semi-submersible, a dive boat, snorkeling and a helicopter pad. For a fee you can fly over the reef, dive under the water; see the reef without getting wet or snorkel. I am going to let the pictures tell the story. After dinner a group went up to deck 10 forward. The Milky Way was spread out before us like a ... read more
reef 2
reef 3
reef 4

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water April 5th 2010

Monday, 5 April, 2010 - Excursion to Green Island We started the day bright and early. Again the forecast called for rain but in a stroke of good fortune, we saw the sun! And for a fair share of the day as well. Arriving on the island with jellyfish suits in hand, we were all eager to see what the coral and sea-creatures had in store for us. The water was much shallower than I had anticipated, only maybe three to five feet deep in most places. This close proximity to the sea life was astonishing. After all was said and done, it was a very good day.... read more
...a little further
the first sea creature...Elyse!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water February 14th 2010

The weather We arrived in the middle of the biggest rain storm I had ever seen! Great I thought, why have we travelled almost 13 hours on a bus for this. It soon cleared up over the next few days, with highs of 36'C on our final day. Cape Trib trip Hev and I booked a day trip to Cape Tribulation (Two hours North of Cairns). Ren our tour guide/bus driver handed his ipod around the bus for the passengers to create a playlist for the trip ahead. The first stop was the port of a merky river for a croc hunting boat trip. We spotted one after just 10 minutes, only small but you wouldn't wind him up about his mum's weight, thats for sure! We identified lots of wildlife in the surrounding mangroves but ... read more

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