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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water December 20th 2005

Welcome to Australia. We arrived a few days ago here in Cairns. This is a city in Queensland which is the NE section of the country/continent. Oh yeah check that off the list new continent visited. The city is mainly a beach town (without an actual beach) and relies mainly (exclusively) on tourism. The main tourism is the Great Barrier Reef. For those of you that missed a retell of our sordid diving history it plays out like this. No dives in 4 yrs since Jon perforated his eardrum and Aneta had repeated panic attacks on descent into the water. So you are wondering what are we doing here. Well like the psychiatrist in our relationship says, you must confront your fears to ever overcome them. so we took this opportunity to ease back into SCUBA. ... read more
Stinger Suit Sexy
Toad Racing Cheering Encouragement
Ladies sing the blues

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water November 29th 2005

Okay.......we we're going to fillout this travel blog as we travelled - but we have been having so much fun along the way that we have not wanted to go into internet cafes that often!! Our travels so far have taken us from London to Brisbane to Hervey Bay to Bunderburg to Mackay to The Whitsundays to Ayr (diving the Yongala wreck) to Mission Beach and finally to Cairns & the Coral Sea / Barrier Reef. In our cruise control hire-car we drove 2,500km in total, which is a TINY bit of the big trip planned for next year! Tomorrow we travel up to Cape Tribulation where the tropical rainforest meets the golden sand and azure sea (or so the brochure says). We're there for a couple of days of chilling on the beach & walking ... read more
Brizzy City Beach
Brizzy kangaroo
Brizzy lazyroo

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water November 11th 2005

Hello again all, I made it to Australia after nearly 33 years in this life. Some might say it's been a long time coming (me anyway). So I flew into Brisbane on Sunday morning, early, and caught a connecting inernal flight to Cairns, arriving early afternoon. You could feel the heat of Cairns immediately, it's consistently around 28-32c here during the day, and probably only drops to 20/22 in the evenings, i.e. tropical! On Monday I started the dive course and immediately met some really nice people to have a laugh with. The instructor we had was called Arek, from Poland, and was a top bloke - he really knew his stuff as we found out along the way. The course was a 5-day open-water PADI course, certified and recognised around the world (apart from Britain ... read more
Turtle (obviously)
Turtle and me

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water November 3rd 2005

Hi fellow bolgees - a lots happened since the last entry at central YHA. I have moved to a cheaper hostel less central but a lot cheaper called serpeants hostel. Have met a wide variety of interesting people, many crazy so i seem to fit in. Decided that id had enough rest after Rob leaving so signed myself on a 4 day open water scuba course on the reef. With the deal i got it included a free upgrade to live onboard for a couple of nights with food and drink free! The first day was a bit intense racing through a lot of theory in the morning, then all afternoon in the pool. We managed to cover a load of skills - up to boyancy control, or not as the case may be! Our class ... read more
Me with buddy Rob
Sunset on the boat
Men are from mars

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » open water September 18th 2003

diving and partying, those are the things to do in cairns! bought a car up here and driving south, we'll see what'll happen! Our bags came just in time, nicely delivered at the hostel! No worries mate........ read more
enjoying cairns
driving around fraser island
me and my best mate

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