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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics November 28th 2020

With the Australian Government banning International travel and States closing their borders, due to Covid 19, it has been a difficult year, wishing I could get out and about again on the trails. I decided therefore to do some blogs on local tracks which I use, around my home base in Cairns. These are tracks and trails which I train on, but if you are ever in Far North Queensland, would be good to do. The first I chose, is a track to Glacier Rock, on the Douglas Track. You start at the Stoney Creek car park and follow the well worn track through a rainforest. The track goes over the Kuranda Railway line and the 108 steps over the railway bridge, is the toughest part of the hike. Elevation gain is about 440 metres, so ... read more
Glacier Rock - Cairns

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics April 24th 2019

"Not all those who wander are lost". JRR Tolkien I have in prior travels and blogs extolled the merits of RV travel as being the very best way of truly seeing a country. Very few rules apply but our philosophy is simply never to plan or book ahead, avoid staying in one place for less than two nights and avoid doing more than 300km on any single day between destinations. So, with these markers in place our final evening in Port Douglas revolved around planning how to get to Cairns, our next stop. Slipping down the Great Barrier Reef was too easy and obvious, so we chose an inland route. Cyril, (nickname for the voice on our navigator device and with ZERO deference to President Ramapromisa), duly kicked in when we had typed in a key ... read more
On the Cay
Coral viewing

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics March 19th 2015

Hey Bloggers, This morning was cloudy and had intermittent heavy rain showers, so sunbathing at the lagoon was off the cards. We decided to walk to the Tanks Museum; basically they are old fuel tanks from WW2 which were used to fuel all the planes from Cairns Airport. We had to walk 3.5KM to get there and once we were there we found it was inside the Botanical Gardens. The Tanks were not brilliant one was used as and Art gallery, this was good, the other two however were used for music shows and the other for function and these two were closed. After looking at the art we found there were looks of walks around the botanical gardens, the visitor Centre were really helpful and explained the best walks and routes, supplied us with maps ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics August 19th 2014

Hi there mates, The day started at 6:30 am. Yay. Good morning.. After a breakfast, and preparing for the day, we stepped into the car to go up the mountains to see some crater lakes. The idea behind it was interesting; after a big explosion of magma and watervapour, the lakes were formed on top of a volcano that is not inactive but 'sleeping'. But when we arrived, it was really really cold and we were all dressed in shorts, crop tops and flipflops, so we runned into a tea house for some coffee and tea with scones. Beautiful scones with unsweetened cream and tasty jelly, to mention for a moment. After the first crater lake, we went to a second one which was perfectly round but also too cold for a swim. As we walked ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics January 12th 2014

Travelling is fun, exciting and most of all, to broaden our knowledge and see with what the world has to offer. While living in Papua New Guinea, my only trip overseas was travelling to Australia. I had the privilege of travelling to most part of Australia except, Western Australia and Hobart (Tasmania). Since moving to Australia in 1994, from Papua New Guinea, I had the opportunity to travel the world a few times. Since then, I had the itchy they say.... I wasn't born a traveller but made myself to be. I will continue to travel the world until I die.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics November 27th 2013

Hi to all you wonderful people from back home, Finally we found a moment to sit down and start our blog so all of you back home can follow our adventure down under. After an exhausting 42 hour journey, we finally arrived in Australia. Since we unexpectedly had to stop over in Brisbane on our way to Cairns, we got the opportunity to fly along the coastline of northeast Australia, which convinced both of us, that this was the right destination for our long adventure. It was an amazing sight with hundreds of kilometers of beaches and we could even see the Great Barrier Reef from the aircraft. Upon arrival we checked into our first little hostel, rested a bit before going out for a free dinner. Most hostels here in Cairns have a free meal-ticket ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics October 31st 2011

Funny Dunny was a bit of a disapointment after St Lawrence as it is very dusty & only has one dunny!!!! the beach is nice but very difficult to get a boat in there. Alligator Creek was really nice though the fishing was off, the locals could'nt remember when the water was so murky.It's a lovely spot if you can get an invite in to the gated community.We really enjoyed our stay & a big thanks to Kenny's relatives who we stayed with. We spend through Townsville but are calling in on our way back. Cardwell & Tully are still recovering from cyclone Yasi in Feb but tourism is alive & well so come & enjoy!!! Mission beach is great. We had an early wet from Cardwell to Cairns which had its wettest October on record, ... read more
Inkerman near Home Hill
Alligator Creek
Full rig

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics December 5th 2010

Saturday 27th November Our new room is much better and we got a decent sleep with the aircon left on but there’s no happy medium for me as I grabbed an extra blanket as I started shivering during the night. Aye im a moaning git. We are picked up after a mishap as our bus drove past us and I had to phone the company to come back and get us. No worries as we are soon on our way past Redlynch and onto Freshwater village for our skyrail trip. Spanning 7.5 km over Barron Gorge National Park, the Skyrail experience includes a scenic cableway ride and stops at two rainforest mid-stations. Our first phase of the skyrail took us 2km up the Macalister Range into the Rainforest in Barron Gorge National Park. As we rose ... read more
Skyrail to Kuranda
Skyrail to Kuranda
Skyrail to Kuranda

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics November 30th 2010

Wednesday 24th November After being picked up at 4.05 and driven to the airport we were a little worse for wear as neither of us got much sleep. The thought of the 3 hour flight to Brisbane followed by another 2 hour flight to Cairns doesnt seem to bother us now that we are seasoned travellers!! The flights were uneventful and as we stepped off the plane in Cairns the sudden thump of humidity hit us like a sledgehammer. Yip, we are in the middle of rainforest territory allright. By the time the bags come off baggage we are peeling off jackets and tops and gasping for water. Jill sorts out the free shuttle to our hostel and we arrive down on the esplanade in no time at all. We stupidly picked any hostel we could ... read more
Mangrove the Flying foxes were hanging from

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics September 12th 2010

Well its now been 6 beautiful nights in Cairns. It really is an awesome place to visit but I don't think I would live here as its way too touristy. I put it on the same scale as surfers paradise. I went down the esplanade on Friday to take a few pics around the swimming thing they have down there and there must have been at least 500 - 1000 people sitting and lazing around. There was this awesome musician busking with this freaky looking guitar ( see pic ), I think I will get one of his cd's on the way back thorough. I did only one day of fishing and mud crabbing up the Barron river, but to no avail. I got a heap of mud crabs but they were all either female of ... read more
Fishing spot
Fishing spot1

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