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Between 2 slices of Sydney we had a Canberra filling, visiting the nation's man-made capital for the weekend. It was built between Melbourne and Sydney, the two towns that had been competing for the distinction of being Australia's most important city, and was loosely based on the design of Washington, D.C. We spent the afternoon at Cockington Green, an old country house with some amazing miniature models of buildings both from England and around the world, complete with lego-men sized people. So we saw Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, and even Machu Picchu, all on a single leisurely walk! That's the way to do it. The next day we took a guided tour around Parliament House, which is cut into the hill that looks over the city. It's cut into the hill because originally the site was chosen ... read more
Journey so far to Melbourne
Lake Burley Griffin
Eleni and Machu Picchu

After waking up with just a slight hangover I soon got myself moving as I had a busy day ahead. I left the car in the garage for a few hours and went out to get some essentials from town. The car company gave me a cool box but I thought with the baking heat we have been having some ice blocks would be a good idea. I also got a picnic blanket, which doubles up nicely as a cover for all the stuff in my gigantic boot. The most essential purchase was a portable CD player with car kit and a handful of CD’s. All stocked up for my impending adventure I pick the car up and head off on my own. This is the first time in three months I have done some traveling ... read more

Welcome to my travel tales of Europe! Here I will attempt to update everyone as often as possible about what is happening on and off the road...Feel free to comment or leave a message, i would love to hear from you! ... read more

After checking out of the ming hole, we had a cool day exploring a bit more of Sydney and then went to the Aquarium with Ben which was loads of fun - coudl have stayed there for hours and hours. Saw sharks and massive manta ray things, and then had lunch and headed for the bus stop. THANKS FOR A COOL DAY BEN! Set off for canberra and the bus trip seemed like it was ages and ages, was only 4 hours. Anyhoo, arrived in canberra and got to the hostel and it is like luxury compared to the last ones! got a really nice room, and it clean! We had an early night last night as we still had a hangover, mega bad one aswell - just cant hack it! This morning had a lazy ... read more

This is Canberra - our home for the next two years. On the day we arrived it was pouring with rain and a very English grey. And cold, which WASN'T in the brochure. We also had some beautiful bright winter days though - clear and sharp and sunny, and the view of the mountains is fabulous...... read more
Lake Burley Griffin
View from the balcony

Adam and I have been doing little weekend trips to the coast, which have been a lot of fun. Went to the south coast and went camping and Adam and his brother went surfing. We went out one night to this dodgy service men club... Its like the lions club back home but they have pokies and a bar and bingo etc... It was fun I thought but the novelty wore off fast: P Adam and I went to an AFL (Australian Football League) game... it was actually loads of fun. He got tickets to a function held there from work... Free drinks and meals... black tie... it was soo much fun! And the game seemed heaps better with a few beers: P Went to Syd a few has been pretty much consumed with trying ... read more
Darin Surfing
AFL footy game
AFL footy game

Thought i'd visit the capital of Australia, you know, while i'm here. Weather has been a bit cloudy and a bit rainy whilst i've been here, but still. Had a wander around and visited the National Capital Exhibition today. Nice views of the Capitol from outside and some interesting stuff about how Canberra came to be. Sydney and Melbourne both wanted to be Capital but couldn't win the fight so they decided on a new site between the two. Melbourne's only stipulation was that it be at least 100 miles from Sydney. They even had a map showing the radius outside which Canberra had to be. Good stuff. Photos sometime once i've got to the Capitol tomorrow. Bye!... read more
Canberra Carillion
Parliament House
Parliament House up close

Having left Sydney we drove to Canberra, primarily to sort out our visas for China and Vietnam. Mark had already been to Canberra with his friends but for Lorna's benefit we did the touristic things, like visit Parliament. We then got back on the road to Melbourne. When we arrived in Melbourne we checked out the city briefly before heading down to Phillip Island to see the colony of Blue Penguins (or Little Penguins as they call them in Australia). Sadly it was tipping it down so we got soaked watching them coming home from the sea to their nests. There were some 6,000 of them though, a lot more than we saw in New Zealand! On our way out after the 'show' we rescued a Shearwater bird who was sat in the middle of the ... read more
'Pie & Dead Horse' at the MCG
Ramsay Street
Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Saturday 14 April. Canberra Balloon Fiesta. Up early. Good flagging. Chilly. Crowd rushed in. When announcer said too blustery to fly, crowd rushed out. Went to folk festival for another go. Gave girl at entrance a sticker this time when I walked in. Republic flag in demand. Held sleeve over arm to hide lack of armband. Hourand a half later, girl guard volunteers asked to look. Oops. Escorted to exit. Heard one say, 'how does he get in?' Went bushwalking. Big grey spiders with long dark legs manning hightech webs. Sunday 15 April. Early morning balloon scene. -3 degrees. Conditions perfect. Milling crowds as balloons rose. Republicans among them. Big challenge was trifecta at folk festival. No one at entrance. Headed for jam session building where I thought no volunteers would patrol. Huge response. Then five ... read more

Narooma. Big offshore island is the striking feature. Then on to Bateman's Bay and Ulladulla. Tuesday. The striking feature in Mollymook (a bird) is a flat rock headland which is triple-tiered. As waves break over the front they replenish the top pool. These rocks are perfectly flat so the water overflows the edge evenly for 50 meters at each level. Would be the envy of many an engineered urban water feature designer. Looming in the distance the south arm of Jervis Bay. Sunny day and the water so warm. Ulladulla good spruiking. Wednesday. Driving to Canberra, stopped at Braidwood for half hour. Wow. Stickers hot. In Queanbeyan went to "Age" newspaper. Should get story. "Canberra Times" not interested. Spruiking in Civic disappointing. Felt disspirited. Went up Mt. Ainslie for view and beer. Oak and maple trees ... read more

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