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Well, can you believe only nine days to go! Argh! Most things are organised (not my passport, but that's only a minor detail, right? ......Right???) Come on Amanda, get your oversized posterior into gear! (I'm not 100% certain if it is Mrs V but she does seems so cuddly and friendly). In case you are uninformed, the plan is Rome for 5 weeks, Salerno (on the Amalfi Coast) for 3 weeks, and Florence for 4. Italia here I come!... read more

Hello! This is the first time I have had access to internet (that worked) so I apologize! We have done a lot, but I will try to keep it brief. Our first day we toured the Olympic Park Grounds and Telstra Stadium. It was a good frist day, the pool was very refreshing. On our second day we had a group photo in front of the Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge, then went to an opal museum. (If anyone doesn't like their gift, just let me know and I am sure any one of the leaders would love to take it off your hands!). We also had a Harbour cruise and tour of the Opera house. The Opera house was quite different then anyone expected. They have hosted events like sumo wrestling, boxing, opera, concerts, ... read more

We were all super tired after our bus journey...the junky up the back of the bus meant that we had to sleep with one eye open the whole way! Not happy!!! You could hardly see one ft in front of you when we arrived in Canberra...freezing and foggy! Not great! The story of Canberrra...the Capital is that it is really boring, nothing much to do or see and well its just full of bored civil servants and their equally bored children! As it turns out there is a little fun to be had but I can be forgiven for staying for only one night!!! We got breakfast then headed over to Ashleys dorm/hotel! Actual hotel, why didnt I go into hospitality!?! We chilled for a wee bit then Ash took us out for a walk round ... read more
On the road again...
Mid Phil Collins rendition...

Another great place for walks, views and kangaroo spotting - Namadgi National Park... read more
Orroral Valley, Namadgi
Orroral Valley, Namadgi
Kangaroos on the path

I don't have to explain much about why I was in Australia in 2005 and 2006. Just want to post some photos here for sharing. During my one year in Canberra, I have taken trips to Adelaide and Cairns, and a train journey from Sydney to Perth. I will try to add another entry especially for the last trip. Although many people have told me that Canberra is a boring place, I started to love it near the end of my stay. Yes, there are inconveniences living in that city (if you prefer to call it so), such as just when you need to get from A to B urgently, you find that there is no one taxi on the street, or after walking for half an hour and there is still no one in ... read more

Yes so as I last left you I was on my merry way to Oslo....said goodbye to sweet angel jackie....lined up in the cue for check was surprisingly to the counter and exchanged excited words with the lovely qantas woman and all went #!!!***??? This was the very sentence that made my smooth sailing travels somewhat DIFFERENT! " I am sorry dear it seems that your passport has expired." Tummy drops, the cold sweat runs across my brow....the sad thing....I had a intuitive feeling that was going to be the case. I had read the bloody expiry date backwards.... So I took a big breath...gathered my thoughts....and the AMAZING RACE ala Rayne Murray began. Somehow I had to try and get my passport sorted and then get on a later flight to Oslo. ... read more

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of my travels. Sadly Ive been a bit poor on updating this as the World Cup has held my attention recently. Ive watched at least one game every day, and thats quite impressive in my eyes seen as the matches dont kick off till 11pm, 2am and 5am over here. Crazy I know- surely FIFA should have looked into these time differences and taken into account that Im travelling and should have put all games on at a more reasonable hour. Sort it out Pele!! Since I reported last time, we have enjoyed 10 wonderful days in Australias, if not the Worlds greatest city, Sydney. Not only is this city good, its amazing!! I dont know why exactly other than it has got everything you want from a city, ... read more
Me infront of Sydney Harbour Bridge
And here are the others
In anticipation

We spent 4 days in the nations capital, Canberra. It has just over 300,000 people living there so is a lot smaller than Sydney, Melbourne and the like. In yesteryear when men were men and all that jazz Melbourne and Sydney were great rivals so it was decided to build a capital city in between them both: Canberra was built in the early twentieth century for the sole purpose of becoming the new nation's capital. Our Youth Hostel was the most expensive one we've stayed in so far: still only 15 round pounds a night though. It was well worth the money: it had a free pool table, nice TV room, was clean and generally looked modern. It also had on the Lower ground floor, a heated Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi- the perfect atmosphere for us ... read more
Anzac Avenue
Abstract and bring the beat back
3 Queens

Can't hardly believe we're actually going! All packed now, had a few people come in and help cull some stuff - ended up with a washing basket full of stuff i didnt really need! Jase ended up with 3 washing baskets full! All off tomorrow... wow.... read more

Tidbinbilla is a wilderness park area around 40mins drive from central Canberra and home to some walking tracks, many kangaroos and (allegedly) 'Lucky' the koala - the only koala from this park thought to have survived the 2003 bushfires which badly damaged the bushlands around Canberra. We certainly saw lots of kangaroos and some quite exotic birds - but Lucky didn't put in an appearance. Also look out for the photo of the new car - after driving first a Vauxhall Astra and then a Ford Fiesta around London for the past few years this Honda CRV is huge - and Sandra keeps forgetting that it neither corners nor parks like the Fiesta!! But we had been warned about the many dirt roads and tracks in Australia's national parks and the (sometimes) inadvisability of taking a ... read more
Tidbinbilla lookout
View towards Canberra
New car!

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