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Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra February 20th 2006

Russell - After working all week we decided it was time we got out of “the city” and to see some more of this great nation, so we hired a car and headed for a weekend in the capital city. No, Sydney isn’t Australia’s capital city. No, not Melbourne either! We spent the weekend in Canberra. Canberra is a good three hour drive out of Sydney, so we wanted to be off early to make the most of our weekend away. I left Lins in bed on Saturday morning and borrowed her travel card to get the train to go pick up the car. After a short train journey (and then a walk almost back to our apartment, as the rental place turned out to be just around the corner), I arrived at the rental place ... read more
Golden Arches
Lake George?
Lake George

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory February 12th 2006

Had a great time with the Boogie Board at Bateman's Bay NSW Lots of sightseeing around the city with Parliament House and the War Museum... read more

I am now in the capital of Australia, Canberra. So many people told me to not bother coming here as its boring etc, but it is lovely here. Yesterday I went to the national portrait gallery and made scrummy spinach pasta and chicken :) The journey from Wollongong to Canberra took about three and a half hours by coach. The route was straight first of all then suddenly all we seemed to be doing was climbing higher and higher on this massive hill, lots of twists and turns and very steep drops! I had to shut my eyes on some parts! Today I hired a bike for the day so I could get about easier and ride alongside the lake. I'm pretty worn out as I've nearly ridden most of the Canberra it seems! So many ... read more

Can you believe that we have finally left home! Actually left on Monday 30th and travelled to Canberra. Had spent the weekend with the family. Had a bbq on the front lawn at Kate and Bretts. Cooked sausages and corn for everyone - our excuse is that we don't have the room to cook much else. Hope to include on or two pictures of the "trailer trash" partying on the lawn. The neighbours must have been worried that we were staying indefinately. Monday saw us anxious but excited and I didn't shed a tear until we were driving off. More out of shock than anything I think. Brett and John checked everything twice - got lots of hugs from Kate, Jack and Hannah and then took off. Have really enjoyed Canberra. We come here a lot ... read more
Happy families
Grey Nomads!

Despite all the advice that i was given to avoid Canberra like the plague, I'd decided that Oz's Capital city deserved at least a look in for a day - boy, was a day enough!!! I hate to admit it, but most people were right about city - there really isn't a lot to see or do here. Unlike Adelaide, which is a large city with a small country town feel, Canberra is just plain small!!! I got into the city in the early hours of the morning, had a few problems checking into my Hostel, which is becoming a regular thing as i arrive before most people have had a chance to check out, so started the day a little later than i had planned. In spite of this, i still had enough time to ... read more
Arial view

Sorry, this one's a bit late coming, but I thought I'd wrap up the stories of the last few weeks prior to my departure for TOKYO..! So, after finishing up in Sydney, I was lucky enough to have 3 WHOLE WEEKS in which to get everything ready for leaving for the big trip. Gosh, I've not had that much time off in a long time and it felt GOOD! Christmas entailed sunny days by the pool at my parent's house in Canberra. Over one particular BBQ we even opened a 1973 bottle of Grange from the house cellar. What a tough life! Anyway, the wine was beautiful and why not enjoy it with a snag!? Not long after Christmas, we also had a big joint party for Mum & Dad's 60th birthdays. Doing things in style, ... read more
Picnic Lunch in Canberra
Anothe Lakeside Picture
The Grange!

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra December 22nd 2005

December 22nd Blackheath Canberra (Wamboin, C's 'farm' out Queanbeyan way) Well the frequency of van/combie spotting has reduced to a rarity. Seems it was just a northern NSW (from Coffs to short of Brisbane) thing. Ahh, the love… Christmas tree farms ($20/tree) and fruit and veggie stalls litter highway 31. Ah I’ll miss those home grown cherries, avos and mangoes… but thank the heavens for the end of jumping ant (yoooow!) territory and tic terrain. I will NOT miss them, bless their little souls… Reflection from 14/12. I learned a lot from Miss K and her amazing capabilities with ‘The Tardis’ she’s been calling home for a year or more now. Amazing how she’d always be bringing something new outa there! Condiments, clothes and cool stuff just kept a-coming they did. Spending time with her ... read more
Zozo sweetheart

Today I'm in Camberra, the capital of Australia. It's a beautiful city, with numerous fields and lots of open space. As a backpacker, it doesn't seem to have too many things to see, but I can imagine it being a lovely place to live. At the moment I'm using the internet in the public library which is in a stunning location at the side of the lake. Afterwards, I think I will head to the Science Center (Questacon) and then to visit a few more museums. I feel much better today than I did when I last wrote from Sydney. My last two days have been packed with activity, and I have loved every minute! On the morning of the 7th, Lucia, Pablo, and I went to get the rental car and drove to Bondi Beach ... read more
Camping in the Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains
Canberra Camping

The proposal Simple really - have a white christmas. Then it became a bit more complex - lets stopover in Bangkok for a few days. Finally, it got really complicated - we've got time to visit Morocco, and shop in Marrakesh. Its taken a bit over a year for Elaine to plan this trip - in part because we needed to use frequent flyer points for the air legs out of and back to Australia, and we knew that if were didn't book these as soon as the flights we wanted opened, we were not going to get a good outcome. We are now on the final countdown, with all the bookings completed, other preparations made, and just under a fortnight to go before we head off. Our plans include visiting Thailand, England, Austria and Morocco. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra November 21st 2005

This weekend it was Amy and Ra’s housewarming in thirsty Canberra. Apparently Canberra is so dry most summers that Yvette’s mum has to fill their pool with the grey water from the washing machine. Poor things. I have images of the Templars sitting in tepid water just like that Kath and Kim episode where they buy the Belvedere spa from the fruits of their modelling money. So of course when we get to Canberra it’s been raining and the drought has been broken several weeks earlier. No matter, we all loved our trip to our nation’s capital - Goulbourn - and the larger city an hour south of it. Amy and Ra have been living in Canberra for a year now and have recently bought a great 4 bedroom house in Downer. The theme of their ... read more
Superdog to the rescue
Bless this Dane
Harry and Jessie

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