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Dear Diary, (that's all of you people...) It is officially one month to D day. I am sitting in my very small college room lamenting about the price of beds in small rooms all over England, and in Paris and New York. I think i have begun this fine art of travelling down to its bare bones, but i think there is still alot of meat, and unnecessary (but tasty) fat to go. What do i mean? Well i am, as most of you know, obsessively organised: case in point - a diary entry 1 month out, (yeah i know, as i said obsessive but i figure that most of you won't read it till i go - so there.) But even i have been finding it a bit of a struggle to get on top ... read more

WHAT A DAY... ergh. to the tune of $800... still, with a reasonable condition engine and a body in pretty good nick, and a gas conversion! it's still not too bad all up... after trusting my mechanic to the point of following him for the past 5 years through 3 different locations, and referring many friends to him too... I have no choice to retract my praise and compliments. Sure he looked after me with favours and squeezed me in for this and that here and there over the years which was all appreciated but now, come an important time I needed to rely upon him and his word, I was severely let down. If I'd even thought to look under the car myself, even I'd have seen the soggy radiator, rotten to the core. It's ... read more
Wamboin light
Wamboin farm

This is our first real entry in a first Travel Blog. We've both been overseas before but never for so long and this seems a great way to keep in touch. So, who are we? Well, we're both ambulance paramedics, living in Canberra, Australia. Amber grew up in Canberra and I moved here about 10 years ago. Although it's the capital of Australia (no, Sydney is not the capital of Australia), Canberra is little more than a big country town -- only 300,000 people, lots of bushland, clean air and a great lifestyle. Although, we love it here, there's a big beautiful world out there to see and we're off to see it. We have 6 months off work to travel the world and off we go! We leave Australia on 11 November. First, Peru and ... read more

Much to the surprise and horror of all those is a collection of farewell photos....enjoy... ... read more
Family Farewell Dinner
Belinda, Geoff and Jane
Sofia off to PNG

Yes friends and family I am taking off overseas yet again. This time I will be working with CARE in Laos, based in Vientiane which will be fantastic, and also good challenge for me. Lao is somewhere I have always wanted to work, and I am really looking forward to the new life I will have there. I know there are those of you out there thinking I must have this burning desire to complete my Mekong language set....One day I will branch out to a language outside the Mekong region... one day.... :-) Because, as you all know, I am pretty bad with the email updates, I am hoping this will be the solution to the problem and you can all share in my adventures. Fingers crossed this time won't involve too many incidents of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra September 7th 2005

Fortunately for me, there were some vending machines in Canberra, so the company paid for me to drive down there, and stay for a couple of days. Unfortunately my camera was bung, so I'm rather lacking on the photos! I was rather disappointed that I didn't see ANY Kangaroos or other wildlife, not even in the roadkill form. I actually haven't seen a single kangaroo in australia, I think they are probably some marketing ploy to fool foriegners - just like drop bears. I liked Canberra, I think it's the engineer in me. It is a planned city, and pretty much custom built to be the capitol. It has heaps of grandiose buildings house different important things (high court, national library etc etc). The Parliament house is especially impressive, it has a massive flag pole, and ... read more

Meet up with Stacey Few hours to eat and talk Onward to Sydney. I woke up really refreshed this morning and feeling much much better today. Did some final packing and checked my email before Stacey came to pick me up. It was great to see her again...a familiar face! We went out for brunch at a really nice restaurant where I had some really yummy waffles. Yes, my appetite is back! After catching up over brunch Stacey drove me up to Redhill lookout to have a look over Canberra from where else but the top of Redhill. LOL Then we made a short stop at Stacey's house and met her lovely dog Cody and her dad Larry. Before we knew it, it was time to be dropped off at the bus station. I waited and ... read more

Drive round Canberra. Winded! I need a good nap. Fever has come back! Woke up after sleeping pretty much all afternoon and evening last night and felt a bit refreshed. I felt bad that I couldn’t join John and Bob for dinner last night but I was just feeling really run down. So it was better to have skipped dinner and just sleep. That's what one needs when not feeling 100%. I had an easy morning talking about travels and read the paper as well. I also got my laundry done. We headed off in Bob's car and saw some of the surrounding areas of Canberra which was really nice. Did some animal spotting and we stopped off at the Canberra Deep Space Centre for lunch and too check out the huge satellites that they have ... read more

Wet and rainy day. A little cool and chilly. Gotta bundle up! Yet another relaxing day for me here in Canberra today since the weather is all cold and wet. Plus since I'm a little under the weather I don't feel like doing much but reading and napping! :) There are plans to go out for dinner tonight but I don't have much of an appetite...yup I must be getting sick. lol Note: At the end of the day I just ended up skipping dinner and sleeping through the night. Hence the really short entry for today...... read more

Cough, cough all night long. First time sick in six months time. It's only a cold. Big sleep in! But it's good because I'm slowly coming under the weather. Yuppers. I’ve woken up three days in a row with a sore throat and today a cough has developed. No worries though cuz I made a quick trip to the chemist and hopefully the meds I picked up with kick in soon enough! I had a pretty relaxing day today. I spent it just catching up on the news via the newspaper. London won the 2012 Olympics. State of Origin game between Queensland and NSW. G8 summit. These seem to be the big headline stories for today. I also got a chance to write a few postcards. I must admit I've been pretty slack in the postcard ... read more

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