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Off to Canberra "Family" off to Sydney I'll go on Sunday. We headed off a little early this morning so that we could pick up some flowers and a card for Lucy. We also donated some magazines that we had on the bus for her to read as well. Soon enough we were off to go and visit with Lucy in the hospital. It wasn't practical for the whole busload to crowd into the hospital so only some went in. Originally Thommo suggested a couple of people but then some of the girls said they had to use the toilet and then I guess they just went to visit with Lucy as well. I feel really bad for Lucy especially since she'll possibly be missing out on this big trek in Spain that she had planned. ... read more
Goofing off in the Senate...
One last look...

Sometimes I think the planning phase is the longest part of travel. I mean, I've only just got back from my last holiday and I'm planning the next. The decision of where I'm going next is made. To Laos Next comes the saving part and general planning for the trip. Ok most of the planning is done. This is one of the things I am trying, this whole thing is new for me. An online blog to keep family and friends up to date on where I am and what I'm doing. To be honest this site is mainly to see if the concept works for me. The next trip is a short one and I will only be gone for a month. If this does work though I intend to set one up for my ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory February 11th 2005

2005/02 Entry 2 Some of the photos didn't come out very well - bad contrast/brightness...oh well DAY 4 : Goulburn - rest day ODO = , DST = walked about a k, MAX = hmm 4km/h Today was a rest day in Goulburn. Basically i just walked around town, ate a few donuts, updated the webpage, then ate some more donuts. oh yeh, and i had a look from the lookout - twas some good lookin. And i saw the Big Merino - that's one big sheep. Another big dinner, good sleep - i'll be getting up early in the morning, trying to make it to canberra. DAY 5 : Goulburn -- Canberra ODO = 337km, DST = 118km, MAX = 37km/h I woke up at 5:30am (finally an early day) and got my stuff sorted. ... read more
Rest my sweetie
"Lake" George
I'm almost there

Hello friends, family and other fabulous people! Thanks for caring enough to check out my journal. I am hoping to keep this updated should the web-gods be kind. Please add comments, it would be great to hear from you.... but remember the world at large can read them all so save the raunchy messages for the email (use the contact ZoMo button) ;) Quote of the day: A woman is a lot like a tea-bag, only in hotwater do you see how strong she is. Hazel Hawke. Z... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra December 30th 2004

This is our first trip interstate. Been Central Queenslanders all our lives! Time to get out and have a look around Cant believe it got down to freezing overnight, then 2 days later it was heading for 30+ degrees even though its right in the middle of summer!... read more
Stace with Samson
The war memorial
Us at New Parliment House

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra September 13th 2004

This was the first time we have seen snow in Australia and first time skiiing at an Australian ski resort, so we were very excited. We drove down to Canberra spent the night in the car (freezing our buts off) and got the express up to Perisher, stayed at Smiggins Holes. We thought we would take it easy the first day and spent it at Smiggins run so we could all get used to the gear and get our ski legs. The next day we all headed across to Perisher and really got stuck into it, Perisher has some great long intermediate runs for those who are out of practice or first timers. It is so pretty with the snow amongst the gum trees, a completely different feeling to New Zealand snow fields. We had a ... read more
Iain & Kelly
Snow amongst the Gum Trees
Snow Falling

Sunday, 9 May I didn’t leave home until ten this morning and made my way onto the Hume Freeway by way of Yea, through Bonnie Doon to Benalla, The weather was good throughout the eight-hour drive to the nation’s capital. Found my way to the Rex Hotel. This time my room was on the first floor with a balcony that overlooked the hotels air-conditioner units. I tried two places for a meal that evening, both without luck, either too busy or booked out. In the end settled for take-away. Where I was staying there was a door leading to an adjoining room and through the door; I could hear the occupant’s conversations. Went down to the reception to ask for another room. Ten minutes later back at the room I packed up my gear and moved ... read more
Canberra Parks
Sunset from my hotel window
Gundagai Bridge

Sunday, 4 April It was a cool start to the day. I put the last of the gear into the car and followed my usual route towards the Hume Freeway via Yea. Along the way I passed through countryside still brown from the summer heat and Lake Eldon at Bonnie Doon still had no water. As I crossed the bridge I remembered in my youth spending time on a power boat under this very bridge. At Benalla you join the Hume Freeway and don't leave it until Goulbourn where the road branches south to the Barten Highway which in turn leads all the way into the nations capital city of Canberra. The weather was fine, in fact by time I arrived at the Rex Hotel I was down to my T-Shirt. At the reception they gave ... read more
Canberra Library
Old Parliament House
Aboriginal Embassy

Checked into the YHA last night and spent 4 hours just walking around before crashing out. Woke up at midnight (some guy had his bed taken and he wanted to know who) but I was so gooooone that I woke up at 8am and we both apologized to each other (I kicked him away). At home, my computer has crashed but I hope it’s alright back there. Because I got heaps of (incriminating) photos from the Queensland leg of the Tour of Booty (and somehow I didn’t back them up!), I hope it can be saved. I just don’t want to lose all the photos-they were great times recorded! They really do look after the people on bikes and buses down here. Sydney could learn a thing or two about Brisbane’s and Canberra’s public transport ... read more
The 2000 Sydney Olympic Torch
Flags of the World
Portuguese Flag

At the moment I’m on the Canberra XPL(orer). There are these huge dark bodies of cloud just hanging over Sydney at the moment. They must have caught on that I was down here! All the girls from up north seem extremely pleased at our rolling visit. Robbie and I have finally agreed that we’re going to do this (trip to Queensland) yearly because we LOVE those Queensland girls so much! Libby L in three weeks, Jess in April and Josie maybe kind enough to bring Gina down to town! Josie won “Employer of the Year” at her work and the trip was a ticket to Sydney! I’m still a bit disappointed that Nat has moved back to Sydney-this leg was for her. Teddy is in Kiama as well so double damn. But this will be ... read more
On the way to Canberra
On the way to Canberra
Just after Goulburn

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