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At the moment I’m on the Canberra XPL(orer). There are these huge dark bodies of cloud just hanging over Sydney at the moment. They must have caught on that I was down here! All the girls from up north seem extremely pleased at our rolling visit. Robbie and I have finally agreed that we’re going to do this (trip to Queensland) yearly because we LOVE those Queensland girls so much! Libby L in three weeks, Jess in April and Josie maybe kind enough to bring Gina down to town! Josie won “Employer of the Year” at her work and the trip was a ticket to Sydney! I’m still a bit disappointed that Nat has moved back to Sydney-this leg was for her. Teddy is in Kiama as well so double damn. But this will be ... read more
On the way to Canberra
On the way to Canberra
Just after Goulburn

After a week in Sydney of desperately searching for work - ANY WORK, I was offered a free ride to Canberra and decided to accept. Canberra gets a lot of bad reviews from backpackers mostly because of its lack of nightlife but that's not why I'm here so I figured I'd give it a chance. It's the nation's capital for heaven's sake! Gotta see it. On paper Canberra looks very straightforward, convenient, and easy to navigate because it's a planned city based on a series of circles. The sheer scale of the city (it's HUGE) makes it extremely difficult to get around on foot. And it is possible to get a bit lost. It was very hot while I was there and the flies are in abundance and if you want to walk around where all ... read more
Guy Sebastian
Australia Day

Canberra is a purpose built capital, and it is apparent in the atmosphere of the city. The endless stream of government buildings and national headquarters make it feel like one giant industrial estate. The sheer amount of land Canberra occupies in relation to the number of people who live there (many who work there can't face living there and are located in Sydney) causes the place to be incredibly quiet. Visiting just after New Year, when many were still on holiday, the whole place was a ghost town. In the middle of the day it was possible to be the only signs of life around - no cars, no pedestrians, nothing. Canberra does however have many national tourist attractions. The Parliament House, the National Gallery, the National Museum and just about every other National you could ... read more
Parliament House By Night

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