Tour of Booty: Three States/Territories in 30 hours!

Published: February 4th 2004
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Southern HighlandsSouthern HighlandsSouthern Highlands

On the way to Canberra
At the moment I’m on the Canberra XPL(orer). There are these huge dark bodies of cloud just hanging over Sydney at the moment. They must have caught on that I was down here!

All the girls from up north seem extremely pleased at our rolling visit. Robbie and I have finally agreed that we’re going to do this (trip to Queensland) yearly because we LOVE those Queensland girls so much! Libby L in three weeks, Jess in April and Josie maybe kind enough to bring Gina down to town! Josie won “Employer of the Year” at her work and the trip was a ticket to Sydney!

I’m still a bit disappointed that Nat has moved back to Sydney-this leg was for her. Teddy is in Kiama as well so double damn. But this will be “private time” since I haven’t had some time to myself since..Northern Exposure? Ha! Sydney looks so foreign though, just different somehow. When I got off the plane yesterday, it seemed that it had changed so subtlely; I could sense something different about it. I also felt like I wasn’t ready to be home yet, but I had to see what was going on at home (My Dad is going to be in hospital while I’m in Perth so I’m going to try and see that everything is ok. There are also some new neighbours in the area who appear ok but there could be a little trouble brewing soon…).

So I wouldn’t have minded a few extra days or so at home because I don’t want to be anywhere I shouldn’t have to be! But as a trooper, I just have to keep pressing on… (12.54pm. CityRail time. I pressed play on my Discman as soon as it hit midday. Phil K’s All Australian JJJ Mix-up is playing. I have a few Aussie CD’s on hand, which is appropriate since I’m going all over the country! It kinda figures, eh!)

K’s: Sydney-Canberra: 310K
Running Total: 2216.7K

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Just after GoulburnJust after Goulburn
Just after Goulburn

the railway line splits!
Just before CanberraJust before Canberra
Just before Canberra

Just before Canberra

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