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Published: May 14th 2006
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After checking out of the ming hole, we had a cool day exploring a bit more of Sydney and then went to the Aquarium with Ben which was loads of fun - coudl have stayed there for hours and hours. Saw sharks and massive manta ray things, and then had lunch and headed for the bus stop. THANKS FOR A COOL DAY BEN!

Set off for canberra and the bus trip seemed like it was ages and ages, was only 4 hours. Anyhoo, arrived in canberra and got to the hostel and it is like luxury compared to the last ones! got a really nice room, and it clean! We had an early night last night as we still had a hangover, mega bad one aswell - just cant hack it!

This morning had a lazy breakfast and then explored the city markets which were in an old bus station. Walked back which took about hour and a half - are you proud of us?!?!? Its realy peaceful here -not a like what i woudl have expected the capital of australia to be, but its a really nice change. There are loads of tree lined avenues, and its all planned out on a grid system with the capital hill in the centre and a massive lake dividing that from the city centre. We are right in the city centre, close walking to everything. We saw the old parliment houses and a massive water fountain - bigger than the one at chatsworth!!! When we walked over the bridge past it the buggers had turned it off, and it came back on as we looked behind us - how bloody annoying!!!!

Had a lazy afternoon - went shopping and manged to make the most enormous pizza for dinner - jo you woudl have been proud. So so so worried i am loosing my appetite - coudl only eat half of my half! Coudlnt even finish later! Poooo!

Chris has been very interested by a series of sheep statues that are dotted around the city. Hmmm, might have some fun with the camera tomorrow. Cant add any piccies today as the hostel computers dont allow it - bugger! Will add some tomorrow if possible.

We are off to Albury tomorrow, to break the journey to Melbourne. Not sure what is there, but aparantly there is good scenery!

Nothing much else to report - the weather was beautiful today - blue skies, and not too hot. In fact, i think we might have to buy some more jumpers. The further south we are getting - the chillier it is!!! Cant believe that last night they even had those heaters in the street!

Thats all for now.

Sheila and Bruce


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