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Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra November 19th 2006

Hey everyone, This is my very exciting first blog (well first blog anyway). I'll be using the wonders of the WWW and this awesome site to keep everyone posted on my excellent o/s adventures. I've decided to start this now, partly to see how the whole thing works and partly cause I'm finding ways of taking study procrastination to all new heights. Departure date is the 9th December, and exam dates are for the week before that (eewww), so I'm still in Canberra at the mo, preparing for travel - I have to have needles next week - I don't wanna. You can subscribe to my blog (just send $9.99 to Therese.....), nah, kidding, which means that you'll be updated with an email everytime I post an entry - which'll probably have lots of cool piccies ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra November 17th 2006

Noooo! I didn't want to leave Melbourne and this wasn't helped by the girls' encouragement for me to stay! But, there was still more to be seen and so on Saturday morning we bade a fond farewell to Kate and Claire as they headed off to the races again and we set out for the Great Ocean Road . We were very lucky to have 2 clear sunny days for the drive down the ridiculously beautiful Great Ocean Road. Whilst it's not very long (only a couple of 100 kms, if that) there's a breathtakingly gorgeous photo opp at every turn and lots to see along the way, so we took our time to enjoy it. Our first stop was Aireys Inlet and the lighthouse that is used in the kids TV programme 'Round The Twist'. ... read more
Great Ocean Road 2
Lord Ard

We are finally actually doing, not thinking about it, not talking about it, but actually doing it! The job is gone, the house is rented and the tickets are in our hot little hands. We are heading overseas for about a year leaving sunny OZ for the UK, via South East Asia. We are planning to do some volunteer work for the Children of the Golden Triangle in northern Thailand. After a bit of fundraising we were able scratch together $492.60 (thanks to everybody who contributed.) Mark ended up winning the Cricket Bat raffle in dubious circumstances, thanks in part, to the lovely barrel girl also being his wife. Mark was obviously impressed by the look and feel of the SS Supermo and is hoping to use it in this summer up coming Ashes series. ... read more
Eliza and Trace
Marja, Shell and Matt
Harry 1

Well the time has come for me to leave my beloved home town of Canberra, Australia and travel half way across the world to be with a boy! Well mostly, i am also looking forward to getting out there and seeing the world and different cultures and basically to gain some much needed 'Life Experience'! So i am heading over to the UK and will be playing hockey and living with Byron for 6mths. We will be travelling around England and Europe and will be trying to fit in as much touristy sightseeing stuff as we can, as well as hopefully discovering a thing or two you don’t usually hear about. Our new home will be in Dunstable, England. Byron is already there, as he went over on the 20th of August to play Rugby with ... read more
Aussie Summers...
Aussie Summers...

And so as the date of departure draws ever closer time seems to be moving at a rate unknown. So much to do (well actually there is very little to do) and not enough time to do it. I finish work on the 17th of November and the day after I return to the small fishing village where I grew up, gently nestled in the hills of the Great Dividing Range; yes that's right Portland NSW. There I shall remain until we depart the rock on the 30th of November bound for Viet Nam. Sarah only has two weeks left here in the nation’s capital, where at the conclusion she will return to her goat herding roots and stay with her parents deep in the snow drifts of Australia's premiere Alpine resort town, Bathurst NSW. The ... read more

Floriade: Canberra's (and Australia's) premier tulip festival. Possibly Canberra's (and Australia's) only tulip festival...... read more
Lots of tulips
Lake Burley Griffin from the park
More tulips

Sunday we awoke, savored a few toasties, checked out of our hotel and, headed north-east from the Yarra Valley to Canberra. The weird directions we got from our motel stalled our progress but at least led to a stop for coffee (and new directions). The lady slinging coffee appeared not to want to be held liable in case we got lost and mauled by koalas and would only say that we should buy a map. Once we got the map at the local gas station we discovered both that the directions were simple (pointing down the road would’ve done it) and that at least one Yarra Valley gas station sells the magazine “Gang Bang Extreme.” Do you think subscribers of “Gang Bang: The Magazine” or “Gang Bangs For Shut-ins” knew there was an “extreme” publication for ... read more
Top of Parliament
View from Parliament

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra September 22nd 2006

WARNING. This blog entry is about a school trip with 86 students. It's not really very exciting... The final week of Term 3 took us to Canberra with our school's Year 6 classes. This was a great way to see the main museums, parliment buildings, and other attractions of the Nation's capital but we did pay a heavy price - supervising 86 eleven year olds. After lunch on Monday we loaded up two coaches at school and landed in Canberra around 7:00pm. Our lodging for the week was at the Canberra Motor Lodge - a combination of motel, cabins and campsites. We were in the cabins - 2 bedroom motorhomes. There was a group dining room on site, and after a late dinner, the students tucked themselves into bed at a very reasonable hour. The real ... read more
Checking out the waterfront
Wall of Remembrance
Canberra City Plan

Oceania » Australia » Australian Capital Territory » Canberra September 1st 2006

We marked our leaving of the nations capital with an epic bus trip to a bunch of wineries near Bungendore. A great turn out with 22 people packing into the bus for some wine tasting and general stupidity.... read more
Al, Brent and the Bus
Chris, Zoe and Dan

Hi all, Just letting you know I have set up a blog, so I will try to keep this up to date. This means that you may not get big emails from me, but I will try! We leave in 4 days! Wooooo Whoooo! I'll try to miss you all, but I think I'll be too busy having too much fun! Hehe! Luv ya all lots, xoxo... read more

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