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North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson June 26th 2012

(English version on the bottom) Liebe Verwandte und Freunde Von Moab aus wenden wir uns südwestwärts und gelangen schon bald in den nördlichen Teil des Canyonlands-Nationalparks. Früh am Morgen finden wir auf dem Willowflat-Campground einen Platz für die nächste Nacht. Wir geniessen kurze Wanderungen und vor allem den Blick hinaus in die Canyons des Colorado- und Green-Rivers. Eigentlich wollten wir im Goblin Valley mit seinen ulkigen Figuren Halt machen, aber der Platz zum Übernachten war voll. Trotzdem schauten wir uns unter diesen Kobolden ausgiebig um und entdeckten unzählige Gesichter, Statuen und Tiere. Nun steuerten wir den Capitol Reef-Nationalpark an und verbrachten hier zwei wunderbare Tage. Einerseits unternahmen wir Wanderungen in die wilde Umgebung und andererseits ruhten wir uns wieder etwas aus. Immer wieder treffen wir interessant... read more
Mesa Arch
Goblin State Park

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson June 14th 2012

Day one starts at 4:00 am and promises to be a great travel day. The skies are clear and remind me of 9/11. As we headed to the airport that day I commented that it was “a beautiful day to fly”. After clearing all the security we’ve incurred since that day we were off to Denver and my first glimpse of the new airport. The architecture is imaginative, the roof echoing the Rockies in the background. After a short layover we headed across Wyoming to Jackson Hole. At first the terrain appeared rugged and lifeless, like a recent lava field only brown. Then we crossed the Rockies and approached the grasslands of Jackson Hole. The airport is tiny and charming with stairs to deplane and with one baggage carrousel. But oh my, the Teton Range is ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson October 5th 2011

Monday morning we visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Very nice museum, 5 galleries including a Plains Indian section, a Natural History of Yellowstone section, the Whitney Art Gallery, a firearms exhibit and a section about Buffalo Bill himself. In true fashion, that was the section I most wanted to see, and it was the one that was closed. Sigh.... The other galleries were nice, with the Western Art being the nicest. I didn't go into the firearms wing, but did go out into the sculpture garden. Even though the museum was nice, and I'm glad we stopped there, I think it would have been nicer to have more time in the Park itself. Drive to and through the Park was really nice. Got to Old Faithful just in time to watch it go off. Gotta ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson September 15th 2011

What a great day, I finally learned how to enjoy the park. Oscar and I left Gardiner about 9:15 am and headed south toward Madison. We took our time and saw so many beautiful scenes, to many to even count. We stopped at Swan Lake to see what was about. The lake was a mirror so had to take some shots of that. Then I discovered that there were 2 mature eagles sitting in a tree so I had to get them. Pictures It was a beautiful peaceful spot so I took my time and just smelled the air and listened. Then I found a really nice picnic area for Oscar to have a little walk and smell. He has been very lethargic for several days and I thought he was depressed or sick or something. ... read more
pair of eagles
Mt Everts 7,841 ft
blue bells

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson September 6th 2011

We left Ogden UT this morning and drove out to the Hill Aerospace Museum. We arrived before they opened, so we just walked around. This is what happened when you travel with a group. One of the guys is a military aircraft enthusiast. Onward to the wide open country of Wyoming. There we found the Fossil Butte National Monument. Very nice museum with information on the geology of the area and the fossil remains that were discovered in the area. On to Jackson WY. Several of us took a van into town for a beer at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. What a beautiful place. They don't make bars like this anymore. The bar stools are saddles, beautiful wood bars and western decor. We went next door for burgers and back to the rooms for an ... read more
Hill Aerospace Museum
Hill Aerospace Museum
Fossil Butte Natl Monu.

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson August 8th 2011

HI! Well I'm back to the world of mobile & internet connection!!! It feels like I've been in the wilderness for the last 2 days so are busy catching up with the blog. I'm now in Jackson, home of the billionaires & Harrison Ford! At last I have a night where I don't have to repack up tomorrow morning as we are here for 2 days! Whoop Whoop!! So since leaving Manchester a week ago, I've done over 6000 miles & sometimes it feels like it! I'm not sure how many miles I'll do by the end of the trip but could be nearly 20,000 miles! It's been another scenic day & just seems to get better & better. Yellowstone is HUGE- just hundreds & hundreds of miles so you can't even touch a small part ... read more
Black Pool Thermal Geyser
Grand Teton
More Grand Teton

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson May 7th 2011

An arch of white antlers stood at the town square of Jackson Hole. Personally, I didn't know what to make of it. Antlers to me meant hunting and death (shrug). It blends in with the cowboy theme of the city, alright. It stood against a beautiful backdrop of mountain ranges -- a welcome sight for someone like me who has lived for quite a while in flatland Chicago. Fortunately, the arch had a sign that says it has stood there since 1960. But most importantly, it says that these antlers came from the National Elk Refuge nearby where local boy scouts pick them from bulls who shed their antlers each spring. Oh geez -- they were naturally shed by the elk! What a relief! I thought elks were intentionally killed just to make these arches. That ... read more
They fry mobile phones here
The Jackson Mercantile
Stuffed Animals inside the Jackson Mercantile

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson August 24th 2010

THE BASICS On August 20, we spent another hour at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and then drove to Yellowstone through the East Entrance. We parked at the Fishing Bridge RV campground, then walked over to the visitor center and strolled along Yellowstone Lake. Later we drove some south along the Lake. Next day, we set out to drive the northern loop. So many buffalo! Herds of a hundred or so, strolling along or in the road. We viewed the Lower Falls from both afar and then just above. We saw many geysers, at Mammoth Hot Springs and then at Geyser Basin. Almost home, we saw our bear (the only one we saw in the park). He meandered along a field, swam across the river, clambered up the riverbank, sauntered across the road (dozens of cars ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson July 11th 2010

Så skal jeg da lige ud og have købt en pelshue med en lang hale. Jeg tror nok vi er kommet til David-Crockett-land (staves han sådan?), Wyoming. Her er skummende floder og bæver dæmninger i stor stil. Vi bor på en rigtig hyggelig plads, hvor vi har en flod i baghaven. Vi har haft lejrbål i bedste nybygger stil og lavet marshmellows/smores. Det er ferie! Vi har haft det lidt svært med det der med nettet siden i tirsdags. I dag har vi kørt specielt efter en plads med netadgang. Det er en dejlig plads og cirka dobbelt så dyr som alle de andre pladser vi har været på. Så der skal bare surfes i nat :-) Vi bruger så meget strøm, vand og net som vi overhovedet kan komme til. Alle computere, telefoner, batterier, vandtanke ... read more
Røde klippeformationer
Med Bryce i baggrunden
Mere Bryce

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson June 4th 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010 It rained all night long and we expect nothing but rain again today. Because of this, we decided to take it slow this morning. Hiking was not going to be a good option for the day so we decided to head into the town of Jackson. The downtown district is Wyoming’s version of Brown County so for those who like to shop in a quaint little district, this was a goldmine. For us, we enjoyed the Mountain High Pizza Pie and snapped a few photos at the antler arch and decided to hit the road. We headed to Granite Hot Springs thinking this would be an easy-to-find sight. Ha! You know it’s out in the middle of God’s country when Garmin says things like “follow unmarked road” and then loses direction all ... read more

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