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North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson May 29th 2009

28th May, 2009 Travel to Jackson, Wyoming. Up and on our way early this morning, back through the Wind River Canyon (took photo's this time), down to Shoshoni and onto SH26. Stopped at a neat little town "Boise" for lunch and had a great conversation with the owner of the coffee bar, a large grizzly bear had taken a wonder through the local camp ground last night - must have been looking for Sam. Population of Boise is 600, but has a number of restaurants / coffee bars due to its halfway location. The wolf has been reintroduced into Wyoming after nearly being wiped out and is now in such numbers it is wiping out many of the other animals, including the Moose, they pray on their young. Apparently have a liking for domestic pets as ... read more
28th May, 2009 Trip to Jackson 005
28th May, 2009 Trip to Jackson 010
28th May, 2009 Trip to Jackson 011

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson September 17th 2008

Another clear blue sky morning after a frost overnight. Hey, we have a propane heater to turn on when we get up and a down comforter on the bed. And by the time we are on the road the temperature has warmed up to fleece jacket conditions. We headed south out of the park today but stopped at West Thumb Basin for our daily fix of steaming pools, this time right next to Yellowstone Lake. Hard to imagine that steaming pools could be so diverse in colour, depth, location. There were two limestone cones bubbling with hot water right in the lake and the lake temperature is 7 deg C. The board walks have been strategically placed to see these pools close up - great for photography. The video tripod needs lots of board walk real ... read more
Cinematographer at Work
Two Interesting Hot Springs
Another Hot Spring

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson August 8th 2008

Climber/Author Mark Twight asserts in his book “Extreme Alpinism” that suffering may be a by-product in many aspects of climbing and indeed recreation in general but in alpinism it is the goal in itself. I would not agree on hundred percent with this statement but then again who the hell am I and what the hell do I know. On the other hand I like this idea in that it validates the time we just spent in the Wind River Range as a raging success… Sunday saw us throwing our worldly possessions into the back of my Civic, not knowing or caring to arrange them for our backpacking excursion that was soon to follow. We headed out of Lander to find the trail head at Big Sandy in the Bridger National Forest, which would ultimately deposit ... read more
Bridger National Forest
Big Sandy Lake

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson July 14th 2008

We havent had any post lately due to no cell service or internet availability. Sorry. The joy of being FREE. We left Jackson around 10 AM and headed for Yellowstone through Grand Teton NP. A great drive. You can see an almost complete family shot by Lake Jackson at Coltier Bay. Fishing Bridge Campground was not so nice but had full hookups and supposedly bears so I guess it was worth it.... read more
Photo at Lake Jackson
The RV's

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson July 14th 2008

Various photos around Jackson and the Grand Teton Area. We saw a bear, elk, moose and various other wildlife.... read more
Award winning photo
Taking a ferry on Lake Jenny
Crossing the bridge at hidden falls

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson July 12th 2008

We went looking for Bison and lo and behold!!... read more
The view

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson July 11th 2008

We decided to rent ATV's instead of horse back riding since we are all scared of horses. What a blast! Tom almost wiped out twice, once with Brendan and once with out. Some really nice scenes along the trail... read more
Two ATVers
The path up
Some of the scenery

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson March 21st 2008

Ever gone on one of those trips where you look back and go, “Wow, that was seriously one awesome trip!” ? Well this was one of them. We took six days and did a road trip down to Jackson, Wyoming, USA, home of the Jackson Hole Ski Resort and the Teton Mountain Range. We took advantage of an above average year for snowfall and completely fluked out with a big dump followed by 3 perfect days of splitter blue sunshine. After skiing the impressive ski resort for a day (at $80 a pop), we hit the surrounding backcountry. Teton Pass has some amazing skiing with the easiest access you could ask for. We got perfect untouched lines and found some excellent trees. One the third day we made a foray into Teton National Park up into ... read more
The View

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson September 15th 2007

Onaxthiel writes: I went down to the beach before the sunrise to get some shots. I got to see some of the female elk swimming around while their male bellowed from the shore. As soon as we could start on the trip out, we did. Having an 11-12 mile hike to complete in time to get down to the Grand Tetons and get a room to refit puts a bit of pressure on to get moving. This time passing the geyser, it was shooting pretty high every few minutes, so we stuck around for a few pictures and some video. The hike out was pretty much standard, until after eight or nine miles. (Obfuscator notes: We did pass some hikers who reported that they had passed some others who had reported a bear in their camp.) ... read more
Lady Elk in the mist
Bull Elk
Sunrise over Lake Shoshone

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson August 23rd 2007

The Grand Teton National Park is a little over two hours from Yellowstone, yes we are a little crazy but we're trying to see as much as possible. The drive follows the Snake River another beautiful scenic area. How much beautiful scenery can you take in? Anyway the Grand Tetons are magnificent. (I'm running out of adjectives!!) We went to Jackson to see how the rich cowboys and cowgirls live. Sylvan thought it was kind of like a western version of Nantucket. Lots of very expensive shops. Fur and taxidermy are VERY popular here. We stopped at the Million Dollar Bar for a beer. The bar seats are real saddles (I'm so glad I didn't attempt a trail ride) and the prices are high. At $4.50 for a bottle of beer (no drafts) there was no ... read more
Grand Titon

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