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North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson May 17th 2018

Much of this story is best told with pictures and not with words. So, look all of the way down at the bottom to see the photos that don’t embed in the text. We pick up our adventure in Puerto Vallarta, from where we caught two flights to arrive in Boise late at night. Nathan got an up-close look at the cockpit and sat next to the pilot before take-off. I’m sure that he was impressed with the plane, but he still says he is going to be a train driver. I asked him if he ever thought of doing a job where he doesn’t drive anything, and his response was, “You mean, work in a supermarket?”. From Boise we drove east and our journey paralleled the Snake river across mainly flat land with just a ... read more
Fireman in training
Morning jog in Twin Falls
A very big bridge

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson July 7th 2017

Geo: 43.4796, -110.762... read more
Jackson Hole

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson June 3rd 2015

Geo: 43.4796, -110.762Up very early and checked out the view of the Tetons from the kitchen window. They have a pale pink glow and Robert got out to go and take some pictures on the early morning glory. Robert came to the back door and told me there was a moose outside and so stopped what I was doing to check it out. Soon we were joined by others who finally saw the moose. The moose kept coming closer and closer and we were enjoying the wildlife experience. Then all of a sudden, Robert noticed there was another moose heading toward the original moose. The original moose began making these strange noises toward the other moose. We were all not sure what was going to happen.Laura decided she wanted to get a picture of all the ... read more
Beautiful Gros Ventre
Beautiful Gros Ventre
Beautiful Gros Ventre

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson January 23rd 2015

Today is our last day in Jackson Hole, WY and we had an awesome snowmobiling trip to the Granite Hot Springs just south of Jackson. We joined a tour that took us from our hotel to pick up the snowmobiles. We snowmobiled about 10 miles into granite Park and proceeded to put our bathing suits on and spend an hour in the 114° hot spring. Next we hopped back on the snowmobile and had lunch at a little hut in the middle of the snowmobile trails. We also stopped and got a great picture of Granite Falls. We saw a lot of wildlife along our trip today including elk, bighorn sheep, and antelope. This time we had the opportunity to snowmobile off trail in wide open fields a bit which was definitely interesting and so much ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson January 22nd 2015

Matt and I went to Snow King mountain today in town in Jackson. Matt of course, had no problem on the mountain however it was a big challenge for me. The views from the top of the lift were beautiful and we were able to see for miles. It was much more difficult skiing than we anticipated and I spent more time in the snow on my bottom then on the snow. After one run I called it quits, but glad I attempted. Matt was so patient and took his time with me going down the mountain. It was much more icy than we anticipated. An absolute highlight of the trip was our dinner this evening, we took a gondola from the Grand Teton Mountain Village to the top of Rendezvous mountain peak. We had a ... read more
Erica Up on Skis
One of Many Falls

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson March 19th 2014

Maths used to be one of my strongest subjects in school so you would think that I'd be fairly adept at judging distance and time equations... unfortunately it appears that I might have misjudged a little this time. Leaving Banff with a general idea (as per usual) of my travel plans, Leigh and I were on the highway heading east towards Calgary. I never actually realised how close Banff is to the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, and before long they were only a reminder of the good times in the rearview mirror. What really surprised me was the fact that I expected them to slowly get smaller as we descended onto the plains of Alberta, but in reality you could just about draw a line where the mountains end and the plain begins... no ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson July 30th 2013

We had a long lie in this morning. Very Relaxed! For breakfast we went back to the Pioneer Grillwhere we’d had dinner the night before. This is the best diner ever. There is just one long diner counter that wraps back and forth again and again through the restaurant. Plus the food is pretty agreeable. It’s a good thing we hadn’t planned much for today other than to try and do a few “housekeeping” chores. They take a long time. Especially when you are in a new city trying to find your way around and dealing with crap Hertz customer service. Our two mission objectives for the day were to change the oil and do our laundry. So we went to the Jackson Hole Airport Hertz counter. Error. The unambitious, unmotivated, uncharismatic, unhelpful trout behind the ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson June 26th 2013

Geo: 43.4796, -110.762So, we have not had much luck with Internet access so I haven't been able to upload the daily reports. Thank goodness for tarps. We spent another dry night in the Stover Motel thanks to our trusty tarp. Once the boy was shaken awake we drove to a small nearby town named Kelly. There we met this really nice guy that owned a small restaurant / store. Come to find out he is one of those guys that hikes up the mountains and skies the steep runs that no one ever sees. He rattled off names of his local buddies who are in the ski movies. The have a countdown to winter updated daily. It was great to see such passion for a sport. After breakfast we headed to Jenny Lake and took a ... read more
The local rodeo

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson June 25th 2013

Geo: 43.4796, -110.762Alex and I have a favorite breakfast here in Jackson Hole. It is a breakfast burrito front Dog. So good! We woke up this morning in our hotel room discovering what a brilliant idea Alex had to stay there. It was poring down rain. Fortunately the rain stopped just intone for us to go four wheeling. They gave us a trailer and we drove 20 mile to shadow mountain. Votes #1 Atv trail in the Rockies. It was awesome. We saw the flowered meadows at the top of the mountains as well as a 360 view from a mountain peak. After a harrowing ride as Alex's passenger, the ride was topped off with a deer that posed for our cameraOnce back in town, we watched the evening shootout at the town square. A 47 ... read more
Four wheeling
Where the Buffalo roam

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson June 24th 2013

Geo: 43.4796, -110.762I am a day late writing this entry, so I will be making this quick as Alex wants to go four wheeling. We spent the night, I think night 5, and managed have another free nigh in the tent. It was another cold night, but I think we are now getting used to it. We talked to someone who said it just snowed in Yellowstone. After packing up the Jeep, we went to the incredible town of Jackson Hole for a shower. For $12.50 we were able to shower at the local rec center. Clean and ready to go, we had the best breakfast burrito. The town square is awesome and looks like a wild west town. We went to the local visitor center and planned the next couple days. Things to look forward ... read more
Wild wild West
Mountain Biking
So much fun!!

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