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Europe » Netherlands June 23rd 2017

Arrival Day. Following our arrival in Amsterdam, we rented a vehicle and drove to Annemarie's friend's house in Rotterdam. It was about a half hour drive past cow pastures and farms. Meeting Annemarie's friend Monique and visiting for a short period of time, I was socially allowed to head for a nearby bed for a nap, after not yet sleeping. That also gave Annemarie time to visit with her friend one on one, well, I'm sure the kids didn't quite allow that, but she didn't have me trying to figure out what they were saying the whole time. After a little nap, we headed out to see the famous windmills in the town of . They were quite impressive in size, and even more amazing was the gear system they used to turn the strong wind ... read more
Herring Tasting
Clogging Around

Geo: 34.0533, -118.245The end of vacation. Never an overly thrilling time, but also not a loathed time knowing I will be back home with those friends and ones we have missed. Never the less, the weeks without the daily life responsibilities has been a break and I have surely enjoyed my one on one time with Alex. Today we sit in the airport at I write this entry and reflect on the events of yesterday.Usually the day before departure is limited in the activities and more focusedon relaxing one more day and getting things in order. Yesterday was different.Following the drama of the green guy on the floor, we packed up the car andheaded towards LA to play tourist and see more of the landmarks. Off we went,first to Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive. We drove ... read more

Geo: 34.0113, -118.492Another day in sunny California and we have decided to spend the day cruising the beaches near LA. We headed to El Matador State Park to use as a starting point and work our way south. Unfortunately, the Park was closed until, tomorrow for work they are doing. So on to the 2nd stop, Point Dunes State Park where I explored the cliff side beaches on small trails heading from the road to the sand below. Not wanting to take up too much time I returned to the car, and we headed to Malibu in hopes of spotting a star or two shopping in the very high end boutiques. We searched and searched but saw no one we recognized. Not really, we walked around a little then headed on down the coast. The main ... read more
Manhattan Beach Pier
Santa Monica Pier
Jungle Gym on the Beach

Geo: 34.0522, -118.244Heading out once again, for a long travel day, we packed up the camp, and took to the road. Today, we head for Los Angeles as we start to sadly wind down the trip. Driving was, for the most part, uneventful, until the fateful moment, while looking for a place to shower, I pulled off on the side of the road for a look at the directions. Knocking the top off the water jug I instructed Alex to jump out and go to the back seat to locate it. The second he exited the car I heard a moan and yell and looked back to see him standing on the side of the road not moving. It soon became apparent he had stepped bare foot right into a patch of sand spurs. Once back ... read more
Skating away
City Hall
China Town

Geo: 33.8847, -115.83Sometimes maintaining the discipline to continue to blog can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes it is just not wanting to spend the time doing it, and other times, like now, I feel I have already used up all the adjectives to describe beautiful surroundings and landscapes. So with that said, I apologize for any redundancy, it is just that I am limited by my vocabulary as well as the English language itself. As I left off on my previous blog, Alex and I arrived at Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree. Now for those wondering, Joshua Tree, not the U2 album, is a desert tree that grows in this region. This hardy tree grows among the rocks, sand, and heat of the desert. So named is the Park we are in, with Jumbo ... read more
He's  climber
King of the mountain. Alex is up there somewhere.
Chola Garden

Geo: 36.5604, -117.025Today proved to be another day packed full of sightseeing andexploring. We started off early to try and avoid activities in the extremeheat. First stop, Mesquite Sand Dunes. Off I went, tromping through the sand headedtowards the tallest dune I could find. Windswept and appearing smooth from the distance, these large piles of sand arenatures artwork as the shadows of early morning create a painted scene.Admiring the dune field from atop, it was time to return to the car and moveon. The Death Valley heatup was already starting. Approaching a bit of an Oasisin the desert, called Furnace Creek, a small area consisting of a hotel, desertgolf course, general store, and gas station we prepared to stop for breakfast.Just as we approached, a very sporty car turned in front of us from a sideroad. ... read more
287 top speed
Boys on the Salt
A Little ride!

North America » United States » California July 14th 2016

Geo: 36.3395, -117.475Staying at Jessica's Aribnb was a real treat. She even madeus a hot breakfast before we had to hitthe road. Bellies full and the car packed up, off we went, now headed for DeathValley. About a 5 hour drive, we stopped in a town called Bakersfield a couplehours into the drive and ate at a Mexican restaurant. While at lunch I made our reservations forcamping at Paramint Springs in Death Valley. Seeing the temperatures scheduledat 120/high, 75 low, we were wondering how we would deal with the heat. Approachingthe camp, we were greeted by high mountains, long roads and intense views. Thisregion is definitely a desert devoid of virtually any visible life other than abush here and there. Watching ourgauges, we saw the temperature hit 100, 110, 113, all the way to 116. Openingthe ... read more
Tree Hugger
Big Bad Wolf
My Little Waterfall

North America » United States » California » Atascadero July 13th 2016

Geo: 35.4887, -120.669Big Sur derived from the spanish el sur grande or big south was just that. BIG! Big cliffs, big beaches, big rocks... Heading down the Pacific Coast highway we soon entered this large natural area devoid for miles and miles of the normal hustle and bustle of urban life. Winding around mountains that dropped hundreds of feet to the surf below, I stopped numerous times along the estimated 85 miles of scenic highway. Off Alex and I would trample, in search of water falls, vistas, or hidden beaches. One extended stop took us from the Pfieffer State Park in search of the famous Pfieffer falls. Alex leading the way, up the mountain trail we went. Being a 60 foot waterfall, according to the documentation we read, we were excited to see more than the ... read more
Trickle trickle

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz July 12th 2016

Geo: 36.974, -122.031Today was pretty much a rest from traveling day. We stayed a 2nd night at the hostel in Santa Cruz and had no real plans for the day. Alex slept in a while I wondered down to the waterfront. As I sipped a coffee I scored from a local deli, i heard the bark of what reminded me of a seal at one of those Sea World shows. I immediately headed out to the pier towards the sound. I quickly found the noisemaker, a sea lion hanging out on a floating dock with a buddy. After watching in amusement for a little while, I headed back towards our hostel stopping to watch the locals arriving at the volleyball courts for some early morning practice. Being a relaxing day, I decided i would try to ... read more
Play time
Artichoke Capitol of the US

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz July 11th 2016

Geo: 36.974, -122.031Today I am going to give myself a bit of a break from the blogging and keep this one short. It is probably a good day to do that anyway, since it is really hard to describe in words, at least for me, the beauty of nature and each perception of what is being seen. Leaving San Francisco, we headed South on the famous Highway 1 down the coast of California. We really did not have much of a plan at this point. Leaving the city, we soon started seeing the beauty of the coast. Large cliffs dropping from the roadside for hundreds of feet to the sea below. Hidden beaches cloaked with rocks, only visible once you stopped and hiked down. Surfers, boogie boarders, kite surfers, and windsurfers all enjoying the big waves. ... read more
The lighthouse
Elephant Seals
Another Beach

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