The Beaches

Published: June 23rd 2017
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Geo: 34.0113, -118.492

Another day in sunny California and we have decided to spend the day cruising the beaches near LA. We headed to El Matador State Park to use as a starting point and work our way south. Unfortunately, the Park was closed until, tomorrow for work they are doing. So on to the 2nd stop, Point Dunes State Park where I explored the cliff side beaches on small trails heading from the road to the sand below. Not wanting to take up too much time I returned to the car, and we headed to Malibu in hopes of spotting a star or two shopping in the very high end boutiques. We searched and searched but saw no one we recognized. Not really, we walked around a little then headed on down the coast. The main road is very close to the beach in California, so we could see the waves crashing down on the rocks as we cruised South. Surfers sat on their boards waiting for that perfect wave, strategic about the area they chose. We entered Santa Monica where we planned to stay for the night. Hearing the Santa Monica Pier is best viewed during the sunset hours, we located a Hostel where we would stay for the night. Still having time before the sunset Pier visit, we continued South to enjoy all of the beaches in the area. Stopping in Manhattan Beach, I saw the remnants of the AVP tour that held the finals yesterday. I took a walk under the Manhattan Beach Pier, where surfers rode the waves close to the pilings. Moving on, we quickly checked out Hermosa Beach which was just that. Back up the coast, we stopped in Venice Beach and walked the boardwalk seeing some of the most unusual of the beach crowd. The boardwalk, basically a large sidewalk with market style booths lining both side, featured street performers, a carnival style freak show, and the famous Muscle beach. Now out of new sand to explore, we returned to Santa Monica and checked into our hostel. This was a large and very nice hostel, within a large building. Alex parked for a little relaxation and I was off to the beach. I am not sure why, with so many miles of coastline, but the people of California seem to enjoy taking as many beach goers as possible and cramming them all into the smallest area to make the population per yard, about 20 people. The funny thing is, about 500 yards down the beach, there is plenty of empty space. Coming out to see the pier, Alex and I walked across the street to the madness. This is not a simple fishing pier, this is a place that holds a large Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, restaurants, shops, and a million people. While this was a must see attraction, we did not feel the need to spend much time here. Off the pier and on the beach we found the giant jungle gym. People of all ages tried or succeeded in showing off their strength climbing ropes and swinging ring to ring Tarzan style. I even gave the rings a go and succeeded in completing the moderate level course. Back on the streets of Santa Monica, we found a local restaurant and had dinner, then returned to the hostel. Now, we have stayed in many hostels in both the US and other countries. Some are cleaner than others, but for the most part, are very similar to college dorm life. Meaning, there are showers, and facilities that allow for good hygene, so, while you may sleep in the same room as others, it is usually not the case to have to smell them. As Alex put it, I think we may have gotten unlucky with the people in our room.This hostel provided some unusual entertainment. We had stinky crazy guy above me who felt the need to jump out of bed every hour or so and run out of the room. Then, early the next morning there was the dead guy. Well, some thought he was dead. As I walked past a media room, these two younger girls stopped me asking for help. They said there was a guy passed out on the floor turning green. Green? I direct them to the front desk to get help while I go I to check on this person. Entering the room and rounding the corner I first see the persons feet, then legs, a male individual face down on the carpet, not moving. Continuing on, I see his face, and in disbelief, realize it has a green tint to it. Now keep in mind, all this is happening at normal speed, so thinking is split second. At first I cant believe it is green, then trying to think of any reason it could be this way, I get to the thought he must have been dead for a little while. Still looking around, I then notice the cause of green face. The windows in the room are tinted green and the light shining on this guy gave the impression that was the color of his skin. With this new knowledge, I yelled out to him and asked if he was ok. He responded he was and I let the girls know and left him to sleep off whatever drunk stuper he was in.


20th July 2016

I would have made Alex sleep above me rather than some stranger, especially a stinky crazy stranger. LOL Sorry the vacation is coming to a close...see you soon.

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