The End is Here :(

Published: June 23rd 2017
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The end of vacation. Never an overly thrilling time, but also not a loathed time knowing I will be back home with those friends and ones we have missed. Never the less, the weeks without the daily life responsibilities has been a break and I have surely enjoyed my one on one time with Alex. Today we sit in the airport at I write this entry and reflect on the events of yesterday.
Usually the day before departure is limited in the activities and more focused
on relaxing one more day and getting things in order. Yesterday was different.
Following the drama of the green guy on the floor, we packed up the car and
headed towards LA to play tourist and see more of the landmarks. Off we went,
first to Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive. We drove through the neighborhoods
imagining which home would be ours if we ever won the lottery. Deciding the
lottery would probably not provide enough money to purchase in this area, we
just admired the homes instead. Parking the car, we walked Rodeo Dr in the
shopping district and again, admired what we saw. No famous people that we knew
of, we were off to the Beverly Hills hotel for a coffee in the Coffee room. Up
the red carpet we went, and into the door with the attitude of belonging, even
as I sported my $8 flops. Who knows, maybe I acquired my wealth by being cheap.
Through the halls we walked, stopping at the small café were we sat among the rich, and maybe famous. Spending well more than anyone ever should for a waffle and coffees, we left and moved on to see Sunset Blvd and the Rainbow Room and Whisky A Go Go where musicians of old would play. From there we saw Chateau Mormont where Belushi died, and many other celebrities stay. Pushing onward, I made a quick stop at the La Brea Tar Pits where black tar which is actually natural asphalt, oozes from the ground. We headed to Hollywood and walked the sidewalks adorned with the stars of the accomplished for Cinema, Music and Television. We saw some we knew, but most we did not. I did see a guy comparing his hand print with that of Ron Jeremy, not putting it together until I had walked on. Now completing our tour of the major sights We headed back to Scott's, #syewilliams, place downtown where we spent the afternoon relaxing and getting things in order for a departure today. Scott completed some work he was involved in, then we headed out for dinner at Wurstkuche for gourmet sausage. Alex went with a traditional Italian, while I chose the Rattlesnake/Rabbit sausage. Just a hint gamey, it was actually quite good. Alex enjoyed talking photography with Scott,
and seemed to gain a little from this LA photographer who now refers to Alex as nephew, with a smirk. Stopping by Pie Hole, we indulged in desert, then returned to the apartment for a little more visiting before retiring for the night. Having enjoyed our trip thoroughly, we now wait to return to our home, where we will start planning the next great adventure. Another Blog complete, Alex and I hope you have enjoyed following us on our Tour D' Cali!!


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