Gros Ventre Moose Conflict, Fox Kits At Play !!!!

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June 3rd 2015
Published: June 24th 2017
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Geo: 43.4796, -110.762

Up very early and checked out the view of the Tetons from the kitchen window. They have a pale pink glow and Robert got out to go and take some pictures on the early morning glory. Robert came to the back door and told me there was a moose outside and so stopped what I was doing to check it out. Soon we were joined by others who finally saw the moose. The moose kept coming closer and closer and we were enjoying the wildlife experience. Then all of a sudden, Robert noticed there was another moose heading toward the original moose. The original moose began making these strange noises toward the other moose. We were all not sure what was going to happen.

Laura decided she wanted to get a picture of all the excitement and ran and got her camera out of the front seat of the truck. Was backing up to try and get camper, Robert and all the moose in the picture and forgot there was a log to prevent you from driving into the campsite and fell over that and messed up her wrist.

The original moose decided to move on back toward the river and the second moose stayed around for awhile eating. More people were waking up and unfortunately many people were getting too close to the moose. We had been visiting with several of the people that were observing the moose and this regular visitor to the Tetons told us a place where we could possibly observe some foxes.

Decided we had no choice but to go check them out. The location was near the Beaver Creek Management area housing. There was an old cabin the foxes had taken over. We were in luck. The young foxes were out and moving around, playing, jumping on each other and having a good time. The mother was watching them and we saw her lead one of the young off maybe to teach it how to properly hunt. We watched them until they all disappeared down a opening under the porch.

Drove around in the Tetons checking things out and enjoyed some nice birds including many bluebirds and red tailed hawks. Finished off the day with dinner at Dornan's. We sat at the bar where you have an incredible view of the Tetons and the Snake River.

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