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16th July 2016

Did you ever see the Springbok "pronking"? that is extraordinary and a wonderful sight to see. It is different to the 'stotting' you describe. The springbok arches its back, leaps straight up, sometimes as much at 6 - 8 feet, land on all fo
urs and immediately take off again, as tho on a trampoline. At the same time a fan of white hair rises up along the back of the animal, these fold down flat within a fold along the back when not pronking!
2nd January 2016

Thanks. Enjoyed meeting you those many years ago.
1st January 2016

Though I only met you way back in 1980's thru John Sanders at a party along Lake Travis, I envy your travels! I consider myself a world traveler too along with having worked in Antarctica at McMurdo and South Pole. I have traveled to 35 cou
ntries. Enjoy very much hearing about your travels, Ron Mitchell
21st December 2015

Looks like the GlobalWarmer in the foreground.
19th December 2015

Loving the photos and this video is wow....thanks for taking me there vicariously!
19th December 2015

So glad you saw it Rae! Yes, this was one of the most stunning things we have ever seen!
9th July 2015

Exquisite! Thanks for sharing Costa Rica!
9th July 2015

love the photos! Thx for sharing your travels!!!
7th July 2015

Great to hear from Vlado, hope all is well? Yes, that was fun meeting you and your family! Thanks so much for your kind offer. Hope to see you somewhere down life's highway. All the best, Robert and Laura
7th July 2015

Greetings from Slovenia, we really enjoyed spending some time with you in Puerto Jimenez. If you decide to visit Europe, do not forget you have friends in Slovenia. You will be welcome in our house and we will show you all beauties of our s
mall country.
9th February 2015

haha sent TIm Sheri emails but no hear back
8th February 2015

kill the wabbit, kill the waaaaabbitttt
2nd December 2014

Nice Island with amazing views. I travelled there myselfon the 90's.
16th November 2014

28th June 2014

Thanks Tom! We have had awesome sightings here as usual, hard work, up before dawn everyday , back in the camp for lunch then out again until the camp gate closes at 5:30 pm. Winter here now so short days and not allowed out at night. Off
to Lake Malawi next for some relaxation and kayaking. Best, R and L
26th June 2014

Thanks, Lori, yes, a sunrise Zebra!
25th June 2014

Thanks, Evan, and yes, we love them to.
25th June 2014

Thanks, Evan, yes we like the format better. Better camera and lens (7D and Canon 100-400) , more experience using it..... And Laura has become quite great at spotting subjects and manouevering our vehicle into position to take the best s
25th June 2014

Great coloring and unique pose. So is this Rosy the zebra?
24th June 2014

Excellent photo. Love them hephalumps.
24th June 2014

Nicely framed. An oryx?
24th June 2014

This format is SO much better than the old one. Looks like a better camera and photographer too.

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