The Wilds of Zambia at The Wildlife Camp

a trip by Robert and Laura Malone
From: April 27th 2016
Until: May 29th 2016

Trip Length: 5 weeks
Blog Entries: 22
Photos: 999
Words: 9671

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
April 27th 2016 Mabuya Camp, Malawi Preparing for Safari Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe
April 30th 2016 Hippo Surprise, Keeps Us From Our Tent Africa » Zambia » Northern
May 2nd 2016 Wildlife Camp Drama: Crocs Attack Impala Africa » Zambia » Eastern Province » Mfuwe
May 3rd 2016 Sunset South Luangwa Africa » Zambia » Northern
May 4th 2016 African Painted Wolves Africa » Zambia
May 6th 2016 Baboon Spider, Little Hawk, Lions and S. Africans Africa » Zambia
May 8th 2016 Sandwiched Between Leopard and Lion Africa » Zambia
May 9th 2016 Bleeding Zebra in River, with Crocs Attached Africa » Zambia
May 10th 2016 Hippo Territorial Fights Africa » Zambia
May 11th 2016 Male and Female Lion Across the River from Camp; Africa » Zambia
May 12th 2016 Lions in am, Leopards at night! Africa » Zambia
May 12th 2016 Lions in the morning, Leopards at night, Part II Africa » Zambia
May 13th 2016 Whale hippos and Braii with Jason and Lisa Africa » Zambia
May 15th 2016 Bicycle Bush Road Ride with Potifer Africa » Zambia
May 16th 2016 Giraffe on the Savanna in the evening Africa » Zambia
May 17th 2016 Wild Dogs morning and evening, leopards at night Africa » Zambia
May 19th 2016 Saw a Leopard from our campsite ! Africa » Zambia
May 20th 2016 Two Teenage Puku in Peril Africa » Zambia
May 21st 2016 Elephant magic in am, owl and leopard at night Africa » Zambia
May 23rd 2016 The Lion Sleeps Tonight : Magic Sighting of Ginger Africa » Zambia
May 26th 2016 Nature Show night drive in Luangwa Wafwa Africa » Zambia
May 28th 2016 Traveling back from Zambia to Mabuya Camp Malawi Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe
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