Fox Kits and a Thieving Pine Maarten !

Published: June 24th 2017
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Geo: 43.818, -110.706

Up early to check out the wildlife in the early morning. Were lucky and got to see some beautiful elk and an antelope herd. We had been told about more fox kits near the Lupine Meadows turnout. We headed over there and had to wait for them to appear. You knew you were in the right place by the number of large cameras set up and people standing around talking.

The foxes that are here are unique. They are called cross fox and this is because they have a darker coat and what appears to be a cross on their back. The father was very dark and some of the young foxes were red and the others were the cross foxes.

While we were waiting for the foxes to appear, a pine marten came over to the area where they had been hanging out. Evidently this pine marten would take advantage of the food the parents would bring the young and steal it. No food out but was a treat to see. We could hear the young foxes playing inside the old building that had been being restored before they came and settled in.

We were also treated to bluebirds flying around trying to decide where to place their nests as well as swallows. Nice way to pass the time. We also got to see a marmot enjoying the sunshine and lovely flowers to snack on.

Did some more checking out of the scenery and finished off the day with a birthday celebration at the Jackson Lake Lodge. Never get tired of that view. Back to Colter for sleep.

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