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Friday, 1 September - Sunday, 3 September, 2017 As we drove south from Yellowstone to Grand Teton NP, there was more road construction south of West Thumb. We were lucky again and didn't have any long waits to get through very long sections of 1 lane road. We were much relieved to get a campsite at Grand Teton and were surprised to find we also had a cell phone signal. We were able to use the internet at the Laundromat to catch up on blogs and emails. The weather is lovely, but the smoke in the air again mars the beauty somewhat. The park was very crowded, but that is to be expected on the last holiday weekend of the summer. We love the mountains and the lakes and the contrasts between them. We went up ... read more
Grand Teton NP
Grand Teton NP
Grand Teton NP

Mileage 293.1 We wake up EARLY today, eat and head out early so that we can get to Jackson Wyoming around 9. I start driving but let Susan take over when it gets curvy. She prefers to drive when it’s curvy and in the mountains. The haze is thick and we are afraid we are going to miss good views because of it. We climb and climb, then descend. I know why they call it Jackson Hole, Jackson is in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains. We get to Teton Village and pay to ride the tram up the mountain. The tram went from 6000+ feet up 4100+ feet more. It took only 12 minutes to go up that far. Susan said, it’s like taking a gondola from Sea Level to Boone in 12 ... read more

We started laughing at some of our pictures so we decided to post some of our well, not so great pictures. I hope you enjoyed. Here are the real pictures from yesterday. As for our self-portrait that was in the funny pictures, the camera fell right before taking the picture. Also, how many of you figured out how I took the Wyoming cowboy picture? Or the earthquake picture.... read more

I’ve never understood why it’s common practice to compare everything to Switzerland, but let me tell you, Grand Tetons is the Switzerland of Wyoming! We had initially planned to spend another day in Yellowstone and then visit Grand Teton on Wednesday on our way through to Salt Lake City, but upon reviewing the map we thought that might be too much to take on. So after an early morning breakfast at the Running Bear (another successful Yelp discovery), we set off. The shortest way to the Grand Teton National Park is south through Yellowstone, so we backtracked on our route from yesterday. I quickly realize that I am becoming jaded to the splendors surrounding us, perhaps my brain is on overload. We pass some waterfalls which at any other time would have resulted in a definite ... read more
First glimpse of the Tetons
111111 Mileage
Picnic Time

Le parc de 'Grand Teton' nous a beaucoup rappelé l' Alaska avec ses beaux paysages de montagnes enneigées. Le nom leur a été donné par des trappeurs Canadiens! peut-être en 'manque' de quelque chose! toujours est-il que le parc National Grand Teton est une chaîne montagneuse composée de 12 pics abruptes (les Tetons) s'élevant sans à plus de 4000 m 13,000 pieds) au dessus de la vallée où se trouve la rivière: Snake River. Les montagnes forment une chaine de 44 milles. Une partie de ces montagnes ont une plaine à leur pieds. et les autres baignent dans des lacs ou des rivières, c'est de toute beauté! Je crois que ce sont les plus belles images de notre voyage. Bonne visite!... read more
route vers Grand Teton
Grand Teton
Grand Teton

Got on the road at 8 am Very scenic drive thru Wyoming today. So vast. Started out with farms and ranch ended with beautiful mountains. Temp dropped 30 degrees - 4-5 feet of snow on the ground. Gorgeous! Went thru Jackson and around the Tetons. Staying up in Idaho on the west side of Tetons. Staying in a comfortable cabin. Got here about 4:30. Long day of driving. The mountains slowed us down some. .... read more

8-9 Jul 2016: We wanted to see Grand Teton National Park since it is adjacent to Yellowstone. We drove from our campground South to Lake Village, then past the West Thumb Geyser Basin to Grant Village and from there South past Lewis Lake with its 30 ft falls and then paralleling the Lewis River. We stopped briefly at the visitor's center, looked around and came back. The mountains were spectacular and it was a very pretty drive. We just did not have a plan for this visit so it was just drive down and back. We can say we've been there but that's about it. We'll have to revisit this park when we have more time. The next day, Saturday we were tired so just stayed in the campground. Yellowstone is a big park and we ... read more

Thibaut a trop bu . Resultat ; il a perdu son sac de voyage sur la piste cyclable. Il fait nuit et il n’y a aucune lumiere a l’exterieur. A la lumiere de la lune, il s’aventure seul sur la route. A son retour, il s’allonge et s’endort les deux pieds a l’exterieur de la tente. Catherine est juste trop radine. Plutôt que d’acheter un lipsil, elle utilise une creme contre les brulures et se retrouve la langue desensibilise pendant 3 heures. Nous sentions tellement le poisson. Thibaut a donc decide de faire chauffer de l’eau sur le feu. Il a ensuite remplit un reservoir en plastique, l’a accroche a un arbre mort et a la fraicheur du clair de lune s’est lave. Catherine decida de se laver directement avec l’eau chaude de la casserole. Resultat ... read more

Before we begin this blog, I feel compelled to explain that it will be pretty epic. Our Sep/Oct 15 road trip through the Great Plains to Yellowstone and back again was probably the best road trip we have ever done – we had the most amazing experiences that will stay with us (particularly the boys) for a long time, and as a result, there’s a lot to write about. For ease of reading, we will break the blog up into three sections – the first will be the road trip across the Great Plains and into the Grand Teton National Park. The second and longest part will be on our time in Yellowstone. The third and final part of the blog will be our journey back through Montana, Wyoming and into South Dakota where we spent ... read more
Watching Madagascar
Blood Moon
Lincoln's Head Mk I

Today we went moose hunting, fully armed with cameras in hand. We were in search of a big bull moose, we named Bullwinkle. We searched for him last year during our visit but did not find him. So we thought we would try again today. After breakfast at our cabin lodge, we headed in to the Grand Tetons National Park. It does not matter how many times you see those mountains, they are magnificent and cause you to stop and take in their glory each and every time. It wasn't long after entering the park that we stopped at a pullout in hopes of finding some wildlife. After we got out of the truck a lady told us there was a huge moose down there. A huge moose? Awesome! Just what we were looking for. So ... read more
An elk - not a moose
Beautiful reflection on the lake
Mama and baby moose

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