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It is not about the destination, it is about the Journey. Please follow us on our next adventure.

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis May 25th 2012

For years Ed has followed the Indy Car races. As a special Christmas gift I got Ed tickets to the Indianapolis 500 race. We had to race from the Overland Expo to make it in time. As part of the race package, we camped across from the race track. This was an event in itself. The fields are carved into individual camp spots. It was like a giant ant farm. Everyone moved in and set up their camp spots. There was furniture, couches and chairs, loud sound systems, bars and lots (I mean LOTS) of beer. We walked over to the Race track to watch the Historic Races. It is really hot! This will turn out to be the hottest Indy 500 on record. We toured all of the historic cars on display. It is an ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff May 17th 2012

While we were in Guanajuanto Mexico, we met Jeremy a writer for the Overland Journal. He sparked our interest in the Overland Expo and we just knew that we had to attend. The timing worked out perfectly for our trip to the Indianapolis 500, so we registered for the event and selected our classes. We attended 3 days of classes and seminars. There were round-table discussions on travel to Australia, South and Central America, seminars on planning, preparation, vehicle shipping, personnal safety and survival tips for couples. There were obsticle courses for vehicles and motorcycles and vendors with everything you need to travel the world. We really enjoyed the classes. The instructors were truly inspirational. There were people in attendance from all over the world, plus all of the presenters had so many wonderful adventures to ... read more
Women's Marshaling Class
Well Equipped Overland Vehicle
Aussie's Overland Trailer

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Bahia de Kino March 18th 2012

We knew it was time to head back to California. Ed promised me three months and we had to be out of Mexico before the start of Semana Santa. Semana Santa is the week before Easter, simular to our Spring Break. Mexican families head to the beach for a week long party. The campgrounds kick out the American and Canadian tourists and will put 5 families in the space that we would usually use. Along the way home, we wanted to check out some beaches that we missed on the way down. First stop was Punta Perula. We had heard about the beautiful water in Punta Perula Bay from several people during our journey. We were the only campers at Playa Dorado Campground and the owner Luis was very welcoming. We parked the camper right on ... read more
Punta Perula Beach
Jumbo Shrimp
Red Smiling

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Melaque March 17th 2012

The parade makes it way around the corner. Four women are carrying a statue of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of the communities of Melaque, San Patricio and Cuidad Obregon. We could hear the familair Mexican Ranchero music before we even saw them. The excitement builds.... There are several marching groups with dancers performing variations of the Irish jig. Floats deicated to Saints and the faith that they promote and even plenty of music. The parade is short, but it is followed by the parishers who join the parade to the church. The entire procession moves into the church for a long service, complete with band and dancers. Many people, including us, hang around the cnetral plaza and enjoy the festive mood. We enoyed some wonderful tacos, a new dish called gringas, pork, grilled pineapple and ... read more
Little St Patrick
Ed pitching Pesos

This post will be pictorial. It is the only way to share the incredible beauty of the ceremony that we witnessed in San Miguel de Allende. As you heard the drummers , the Concheros (dancers) dressed in prehispanic costumes filled the streets surrounding the Jardin in front of the Parroquia (church). The traditional dancers are honoring the El Señor de La Conquista, a statueof Christ that is housed in the Parroquia that was carried into battle by the friars who came into San Miguel to convert the Chichmeca. The statue is made of corn husks and orchid bulbs. People who enter the Parroqia on this day say 33 prayers, one for each year of Jesus Christs´ life. The groups would enter the square from side streets and several would be performing at the same time. The ... read more
San Miguel 074
San Miguel 076
San Miguel 090

I managed to throw out my back just as we arrived in San Miguel De Allende. Luckily we were at arguably the nicest RV Park in Mexico. It is a small park located at the Tennis Club. The park is located between the clay courts and just to the south of the center of town. Another tight fit, but careful guidance (and a shoehorn), we just made it in. The park is small with space for only 12 units and is very popular. Luckily, Marsha had made reservations for us. Best of all, there was a chiropractor just around the corner. I laid low for the first few days. Between the cobblestone streets, high curbs, uneven sidewalks, and steep hills it was torture to walk. Ed says “you never walk and look and the same time”, ... read more
Paper flowers for sale
Templo de San Fransisco
Thermal Hot Springs

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato February 25th 2012

Guanajuanto is an incredible Colonial City. The large historic area is located in a central valley with numerous museums, tree lined Plazas, opulent Theaters, and meandering pedestrian areas, all connected by underground tunnels which were formerly rivers. The colorful houses line the steep cobblestone hillsides. On our way from Patzcuaro, we were pulled over by a Mexican motorcycle cop. He wanted to know why we did not have a front license tag and Ray did (He has California plates also)? Ed kept his cool and just kept saying, in English, 1 or 2 plates, it doesn´t matter. He finally gave up and sent us on our way. We had a nerve wrecking trip through the streets of Guanajuanto. Merrill Campground is on the top of the hillside. The directions in the campground book are given to ... read more
view at night
Yes we were there

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 20th 2012

We took a bus from Uruapan to Morelia for a day of sight seeing. The buses are very nice and it was a great way for Ed and Ray to do some sight seeing without having to drive. Morelia, named after local hero Jose´ Maria Morelos was one of the first cities founded in Nuevo Espana in 1541. There are many historic buildings and over 20 churches in the historic center of the city. The city center has a unique vibe and is a wonderful place to spend a day.We spent the day walking and exploring before taking a trolley tour. There was a little excitement when Ed was checking out a motorcycle that belonged to a local motorcycle cop. A little boy had gotten his balloon string wrapped around a sign pole in front of ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro February 19th 2012

Patzcuaro is a small quiet town. It is actually a large town that doesn´t know it yet…We stayed in a lovely RV park on the edge of town. The park was very quiet, except that we arrived at the end of Carnival. There were fireworks going off all day at night. They would start early in the morning and you would still hear them sometimes at 2 or 3 in the morning. We could walk right out of the park and catch a bus to anywhere we needed to go. We were able to walk over to the docks of Lake Patzcuaro and caught a water taxi to Isla Janitizio. The boat ride was nice; the water looks brown, however that is due to the water being shallow, not polluted. The island is known for a ... read more
Templo de Sagrario
Dance of the Ancients
Wood Carving

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Uruapan February 19th 2012

Uruapan is home to the National Park Barranca Del Capatitzio. It is an urban park that is actually in the city. It features lots of waterfalls, foilage and stairs. The river flows over boulders and cascades over ledges. There are numerous waterfalls and cascades. It is incredibly tranquill and a great way to spend the day. We had read about the Mole Orapondiro Restaurant and were treated to exceptional Mole. The campground left alot to be desired, it was just a hotel parking lot. We had to walk through the lobby to the back of the hotel and around the pool to get to the showers and bathroom. But, the location allowed us to visit the town and to take the bus to Angahuan and Morelia.... read more
Bridge at the Cascade Golgata

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