Señor de La Conquista Festival

Published: March 4th 2012
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This post will be pictorial. It is the only way to share the incredible beauty of the ceremony that we witnessed in San Miguel de Allende. As you heard the drummers , the Concheros (dancers) dressed in prehispanic costumes filled the streets surrounding the Jardin in front of the Parroquia (church).

The traditional dancers are honoring the El Señor de La Conquista, a statueof Christ that is housed in the Parroquia that was carried into battle by the friars who came into San Miguel to convert the Chichmeca. The statue is made of corn husks and orchid bulbs. People who enter the Parroqia on this day say 33 prayers, one for each year of Jesus Christs´ life.

The groups would enter the square from side streets and several would be performing at the same time. The headdresses were enormous and very eloborate. Each group had a variation to thier dance and thier costume. There was of course fireworks, and bizarrely, a group with men in drag who danced with the bull. I don´t understand the significance of that, but, we keep seeing it?

An incredible festival that is only held here in San Miguel de Allende! There are a

lot of pictures and believe me, I only posted the best. But it was hard to eliminate too many. There is significance in each one. Look at the faces, do you see serenity, beauty, joy each picture tells so much. Please enjoy them all. I did not title them because I want to determine what they mean to you. Please share them with me....

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4th March 2012

Beautiful head dress Thanks for sharing

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