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North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 17th 2019

SanMiguel de Allende (SMA) is about a 3 hour drive from the JM Butterfly B&B. The infrastructure was great and the landscape was beautiful. The minute we entered SMA, the scene changed to a charming cobble stone colonial town. Christiane found us a great boutique hotel located just a 5 minute walk from the center of town. Walking is the main mode of visiting this town and we were glad that we brought our walking sticks which help to stabilize us on the cobblestone streets. SMA is a popular place for US expiates, 10% of local residents are from the USA. The weather is always sunny, cool with low humidity and the cost of living is cheap with lots of art galleries, museums and great restaurants. We saw a t-shirt announcing that "relax and have fun, ... read more
Charming narrow cobblestone streets
A Donkey selling flowers
The volcano bowl, delicious

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende September 26th 2018

Today we are back up at ‘the bronze bull’ waiting to be picked up for our tour of Canada de la Virgen. We are on the 9am bus and today it arrives with no problem. There are 10 of us on the tour so quite a small group. Within the hour we are at the site and Albert Coffee is there to greet us. Albert is a real character. He is from Louisiana but has lived here for many years, having graduated as an archaeologist and also having been part of the original excavation team that worked on this site. Needless to say, he is an expect on his subject, and talks with amazing speed practically without pausing for breath. He really wishes that he was allowed longer for each tour but as he has a ... read more
Albert and the tree story
Patio and monument

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende September 25th 2018

This morning we are off on our tour so we are down in the cafe for breakfast at 8am. Christian is already slicing oranges ready to put them through the press. Ian orders the same veggie omelette that he had yesterday...I am tempted and order pancake with blackberries though I strongly suspect that these are not blackberries as we know them! Breakfast arrives and the pancake is not as we know it either! Three huge pancakes a bit like scotch pancake in consistency but twice as thick, and all covered in blueberries. Very nice all the same although I cannot manage to eat all three! After breakfast we sort ourselves out and take a slow amble up to the meeting point for the tour. It isn’t far and we have arrived half an hour early so ... read more
Pancake tower
Cacti with prickly pears
Dicey dam crossing

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende September 24th 2018

We may have bagged the only room in the hotel with windows but last night we payed the price because it was hellishly noisy! The traffic belts up the road at breakneck speed over the ancient cobbles, plus there was the noise from all the fiesta revellers. This morning we decide to have breakfast in the hotel as they have a cosy little cafe. Ian orders a vegetarian omelette whilst I stick with the healthy fruit and yoghurt option. When the food arrives I am presented with a whole mango and various other fruits as well as a bowl of yoghurt and some sprinkles. The sprinkles are delicious and turn out to be peanuts and chocolate - not so healthy after all then! Ian’s omelette turns up covered in guacamole - he says it is spicy ... read more
Inquisition building
Mexican handicrafts
La Perroquia

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende September 23rd 2018

Today I have managed to sleep until 0530 - jet lag wearing off, hurrah! Most of the day will be spent travelling so plenty of time to reflect and write up a bit of drivel for our blog followers, I know JP will be especially pleased :-) It’s Ian’s turn to fetch our morning coffees whilst I try to back up all our apple devices - this involves standing under the modem in the corridor as the signal is too weak in our room! It doesn’t take too long and I even have time for a shower before Ian returns. It’s Sunday and the nearest Oxxo is not open but Ian has managed to find another so I don’t have to go without my vanilla latte. I have scheduled an Uber for 9am and we are ... read more
Hotel Santa Ana
Our room
Religious Procession

It's been some time since we last posted a blog, largely because we've ended up staying in San Miguel de Allende for the last month! We unhooked Tortuga from the truck and did a couple of short day trips in the surrounding area, and we also took a bus to the astonishing city of Guanajuato, where we spent a couple of days ambling around the historic centre, but otherwise we've been quite sedentary for a change. When we first arrived in this beautiful city, we planned on staying for just a couple of nights at the central campground, but before we knew it we'd been here for a week, then two...and then we discovered that if we stayed for 3 weeks we would get the fourth week for free, so it seemed crazy not to! On ... read more
Callejon del Beso, Guanajuato
University students serenading, Guanajuato
Posh dinner in Guanajuato

After San Cristobal we decided to do a few cultural things for a change, so headed to the UNESCO world heritage site of Teotihuacan, near Mexico City. Now as you may know, neither of us has much stamina for walking around archaeological sites, but this place is probably the most visited tourist spot in Mexico, so we felt somewhat compelled to see it. We knew it would be very busy and hot, so we got an admirably early start (by our standards!) and were glad we did as it was quite manageable in terms of crowds and temperature. The first structures of Teotihuacan are believed to have risen around 200 B.C. and the site gradually flourished into a Pre-Hispanic city of more than 150,000 citizens at its zenith. The site's main features are two enormous pyramids; ... read more
Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan
Teotihuacan from the Pyramid of the Moon
City Cathedral, Mexico City

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 4th 2017

We spent Saturday morning with friends from LaConner and the afternoon horseback riding with new friends at their ranch outside of San Miguel. Our LaConner friends are getting ready to sell their lovely home here, but took time to go to breakfast with us. Holly and Erik, the owners of our present home, have a small ranch outside of San Miguel where they have five horses, dogs, chickens and burros. They invited us out for an afternoon of riding and we accepted. I used to ride when I was young, but had a few bad experiences as an adult and wasn't very confident going into this experience. Their horses are all beautiful and well-bred and trained, but not passive. I chose to ride the grandson of Seattle Slew, the famous racehorse! They have him because a ... read more
A baby Jesus doll dressed as a doctor
Another baby Jesus doll
Seattle Slew's grandson

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 3rd 2017

We are enjoying our new's far from any shops or restaurants, but quiet and spacious. I miss the view from our rooftop patio, but not the neighborhood noise. The walk to school has been steep, but very pretty and quiet. Today was sadly my last day of class...I've really enjoyed this school and my fellow students have been very interesting! This week, Bill and I visited La Fabrica (a fabric mill converted into an arts center, with studios and galleries), hosted new friends, finalized our return plans, and even took an afternoon and evening off and did nothing... My Spanish teacher told us about Candelaria, a festival that is celebrated on February 2nd. The complexity of the customs is amazing, but the economic hardships they cause families seem unfair. Here's some background and a synopsis: ... read more
Our walk down to the center
Our walk down to the center
Our walk down to the center

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 30th 2017

We've spent the past week touring around the San Miguel area with my mom and step-dad. I wasn't sure how my mom would navigate the cobblestones, uneven sidewalks, holes, steps and other hazards of the streets here, but she did really well...a few stumbles but no falls! We combined taxis and walking to get around. We visited the Oratorio in Atononilco, and returned for another swim at the Gruta. We took in the Plant Show and sale in Parque Juarez and the Craft Fair at The Instituto Allende. Bill and Ned went on the Walking Tour, while Mom and I visited my Spanish school and the Artisan Market. We went back to the Botanical Garden and hiked around...and I managed to pass my level two exam in Spanish with 90%, even though I was only there ... read more
Dome at Night
Insituto Allende
Flower fair

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