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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison August 23rd 2022

My birthplace; May 10th, 1971, The Dells, Wisconsin. I have been told the story many times in varies forms and truth versions about my Father and Mother marrying and moving to WI where my dad helped build a building for the World Wide Church of God, the Feast of Tabernacle building in The Dells. My parents divorced when I was very young and I don't remember them ever so much as being in a same room together. In the years I have idolized a time in WI when they were young, in love and I was a newborn...everything was perfect. In reality, if it were perfect, they wouldn't have divorced so soon. It was emotional for me to enter the state that has always been a word I fill out on a document or see on ... read more
Nearby Park
World Wide Church of God, Feast of Tabernacle building
World Wide Church of God, Wisconsin Dells

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison January 25th 2018

Spent the day in Madison. Ag Day at the Capitol and then the State of the State. Quite an event! Sit, stand, clap and then repeat. Tomorrow we leave for Panama. The next adventure!... read more
State of the State

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison June 4th 2016

We made it to Madison and stayed in a nice RV park in the DeForest area. Once we were setup we went to Sun Prairie to meet up with Bonnie's friends, Deb and Annie at their church for Saturday night service in which Deb sings with the worship team. We went back to the RV as they needed to have an early night as Annie was competing in an Iron Man competition early the next morning. Bonnie and I opted to sleep a little latter and meet up with them at their home after the race where we had a great lunch that we then topped off with a trip to the Sassy Cow for ice cream which was delicious. Also picked up some cheddar & blueberry cheese which was equally good. We then went down ... read more
Sassy Cow Ice Cream
Annie & Deb
Lake Monona

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison July 22nd 2015

Geo: 43.0729, -89.3867Today we continued our trek along I-90 and it was a big toll day, once again. We began the day at 8:10 and 64 degrees under clear blue skies. And it continued to be a perfect weather day all day long. We hopped right onto the highway and put the E-ZPass to work. We could not catch our breaths from paying one toll, when there was yet another to pay. I think we spent more money on tolls today than we spent on gas. Not sure. It will be interesting to see when the tally comes in.We drove across the top of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and we saw miles of corn fields, some dusted with a yellow haze of corn flowers, and others, in deep dark green, not quite that mature. And alternating ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison July 9th 2015

No biking todayWarm but cloudy. Later some drizzle.Travel day. Got up, ate breakfast at hostel. Packed for the flight. Had some spare time and walked around Riga one last time. Stopped at the Cathederal of St Gertrude - patron saint of travelers.... read more
Bike Graffiti in Riga while waiting for bus to airport
On the bus to the Airport in Riga
Pam at Riga Airport

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison June 2nd 2015

A little explanation about our trip. Pam , Bobbie, Gary and Myself - Terry, plan to eventually meet up in Tallinn, Estonia ( capitol of Estonia) for a bicycle trip to the western islands of Estonia. Then to Latvia and ending in Riga (capitol of Latvia). From there we will probably part ways with Bobbie and Gary, and continue on to Lithuania, staying in it's capitol, Vilnius. The temperature is probably going to be cooler than southern Europe, but will have an endless supply of daylight, various types of marine food and interesting sights.... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison October 4th 2014

Welcome to the Madison Nepal Group Blog. Over the course of the next several weeks, this blog will document the trials and travails of eight (8) intrepid trekkers as they travel from Madison, Wisconsin to the top of the world ... a place called Goyko Ri, near Mount Everest in the Himalayas. The trekkers include John Bodilly, Jim Levin, Matt Loch, Karen and Scott Lockard, Kris and Tim Nikolai and Jeff Femrite. Parts of this group have traveled together before (on ski trips and hiking trips around the world) but this is the first trip for this particular group ... let's hope we don't kill each other. The goal of this blog is to document the adventure for our friends at home, but to be perfectly honest we are not entirely sure this is going to ... read more
Goyko Ri, Nepal

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison June 27th 2014

Geo: 43.0729, -89.3867We woke to ominous skies this morning and it rained for about the first 10 miles of the trip. Then, it was just overcast and kind of ugly until late afternoon.We drove 270 miles across Minnesota into Wisconsin along I-90. It was flat green farmland for 270 miles. We ate lunch in La Crosse, WI, right on the eastern side of the Mississippi River. We then drove another 140 miles to Madison where we did a loop of the University of Wisconsin campus. And finally, we drove about 10 miles east of Madison to the Lake Kegonsa State Park.Tomorrow, we drive about 2-1/2 hours to Chicago where we are spending a couple of days with Jeff and Malia (our river neighbors that have their "non-river" residence in Chicago). I hope they are ready......... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison June 17th 2014

Madison is the home of the University of Wisconsin. Because I went to Michigan, and they are in the Big Ten, this makes us sort of like cousins. After my first visit, how do I feel about Madison? Meh. On my first night there, I went out for dinner with my colleague and friend - Ahram. We went to a highly rated restaurant, The Old Fashioned. When we get in there, we found out it would be a 25 minute wait, so we put our names down and went for a nice stroll around the capitol. When we returned half an hour later, I enquired about a table and was informed there was only one group ahead of us. In the front of the restaurant, I saw about 3 or 4 tables open. Over the next ... read more
The Capitol Building
Summer day
The Capitol Building

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison December 26th 2013

Hello All. It has been awhile, and I apologize for that. Over the next couple of weeks I will be publishing several blogs on my recent European adventures. Today's blog, however, is not about any particular adventure. Instead, I wanted to say a couple of things about travel generally. To that end, I begin with a quote from St. Augustine. "The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page." I do not believe there is a single sentence in the history of the written word that I agree with more. I was reminded of these sage words when I recently viewed them graffitied onto the Lennon Wall in Prague (for the record, the Lennon Wall celebrates the life and contributions of iconic musician and activist John Lennon, and not the father ... read more

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