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North America » United States » Florida August 22nd 2017

Please forgive the spacing. This software has a mind of its own and I am clueless as to how to control it. We left Macon, GA at 8 AM and 77 degrees and headed for home. The air was filled with anticipation. After being on the road for so long, it will feel go to get back to home base. To recap, we were away for 40 days, we traveled 11,500 miles and we: visited 37 states and Washington DC visited 4 Canadian provinces visited 6 national parks - 4 US and 2 Canadian and we drove along 5 scenic river byways - the crystal clear Payette River, the minty green Snake River, the powder blue Columbia River, the gray Missouri River and the muddy brown Mississippi River. We visited with our daughter and her family ... read more
Hey...We're home!!!!!  Yah!!!!

North America » United States » Georgia August 21st 2017

We left Memphis at 7:48 and 81 degrees and headed east for Macon, GA. The ride was unremarkable. Driving on the interstate through Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama is quite pretty, with its lush green trees that line the roadsides, but as you can imagine, it gets monotonous after a while. So we entertained ourselves by listening to Shepherd Smith on Fox News as he followed the “Total Eclipse of the Sun” from Oregon all the way to South Carolina. We were traveling just south of the peak swath, so it did not get dark where we were, however, it did get quite dim…dim enough to make the streetlights come on and to make the temperature drop a full 10 degrees. They describe it as being like dusk, just after the sun sets, but I disagree. There ... read more
Coosa River
Birmingham, AL

North America » United States » Tennessee August 20th 2017

Today we worked our way down to Memphis along the Mississippi River Byway. We left the hotel at 8:05 and 77 degrees. This was the first morning that I came out of the hotel and took my sweatshirt off before getting into the car. And the temps even got up to 93 degrees before the day was done. It’s hotter up here than it is in Poinciana. By the way, we had planned to win the Power Ball Lottery today, but alas, it didn’t happen. Oh well, maybe next Wednesday will be our lucky day. So, we continued our drive south and the byway took us in and out of view of the river. At times we drove right along side of the water and at other times we were several miles away from it. And ... read more
Festus, MO
St. Genevieve
St. Genevieve

North America » United States » Missouri August 19th 2017

We left Omaha this morning at 7:40 AM and 63 degrees. (The temperatures actually got up to 93 before the day was through.) The goal was to reach the Mississippi River Byway in Fetus, MO by the end of the day. Festus is a small town of 11,000 just a few miles south of St. Louis. We made it, but it was a struggle. I was very tired today and had some difficulty being attentive. In fact, I will confess that I almost nodded off a few times, which is very unusual for me. It wasn’t so much the drive as it was a lack of sleep. Last night we had a room in a hotel where there were long-term residents and it reminded me of a college dorm. They were socializing in the hallway and ... read more
Power plant in Omaha
Power plant in Omaha
Kansas City crossing the Missouri River

North America » United States » Nebraska August 18th 2017

This was the second moving day in a row. We are trying to make it back to the Mississippi River and we had a lot of ground to cover. We left at 7:27 AM and 64 degrees and headed out to cover 550 miles. Fortunately, the entire drive was on interstate highways, so we made good time and arrived at our hotel by 4 PM. Today we drove through South Dakota and Iowa, and ended up in Omaha, Nebraska. The drive began in the Black Hills, where the topography is hilly and rocky. It seemed like we were riding though an ancient dried-up riverbed. The land was flat surrounded by hills with smoothed-out vertical ridges, all running up to the rounded top. The grass was a tannish yellow and punctuated by dark green bushed and small ... read more
South Dakota
South Dakota

North America » United States » South Dakota August 17th 2017

Today was a moving day. We left Great Falls, MT at 7:15 AM and 59 degrees. Brrrr. Well, it went all the way up to 81 degrees at one point, then back down to 55 and then up to 75 degrees. Clearly the weather was in a hissy fit. It was sunny, it was smoky, it was windy and it rained, and all at different times and places during the day. We had no plans for the day, just to get from point A to point B. And so we set off through Big Sky Country and headed south east. Course, due to all of the smoke in the area, the big sky was not so big today. At times the visibility was down to less than a quarter mile, so the massive mountains that I ... read more
Wind Farm
Wind Farm
Judith Gap

North America » United States » Montana » Great Falls August 16th 2017

We left the hotel this morning at 8 AM and 54 degrees. This is the last time we will be seeing these temperatures, I insist!!! I just packed my trail pants. It’s shorts the rest of the way home. We were headed for Great Falls, MT today and we had some time to spare, so we decided to make a stop (for the 4th time) at Glacier National Park. It was sort of on the way. We love this park. The vistas are incredible and we love the Road-to-the-Sun. So we headed south in Alberta toward the US border. The road took us though lots and lots of fertile farmland where they were farming grains…golden wheat, barley and oats, and interesting rice paddies. The skies were still hazy with smoke, though it was not as bad ... read more
Our patio in Great Falls
Southern Alberta
Nearing Glacier National Park

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 15th 2017

I was really looking forward to this drive from Kalispell to Calgary, today. We drove this route a few years ago, from east to west, and it had killer views. So I had high expectations that the west to east drive would be equally as impressive. And they would have been, if it wasn’t for the fires. We left our hotel at 7:35 and 54 degrees and headed east on Canada Highway 1 only to find the beautiful scenery hidden behind a curtain of thick smoke. I am posting examples of what it should have looked like as well as photos of what it actually looked like today. (I stole them from my files, of the last trip through here.) The first part of the drive passes between a wonderful, very long lake on the left, ... read more
Watching the train with Dad
This is what the photos should have looked like today
And this, too

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 14th 2017

Sunshine!!! We had a day full of sunshine, today!!! I’m feeling restored. We left the hotel this morning at 8:30 and 57 degrees and pointed the car toward the Canadian boarder. Yes, we are back in Canada for a few days. Our target was Kamloops, but the drive was going to get us there around noontime, so we had to find something else to do. I know…tough assignment, but we had to do it. We chose to follow the Fraser River north and it turned out to be a great choice. Yes, another river byway. Seems to be a theme here, Mississippi, Payette, Snake, Columbia, and now Fraser. It took about two hours to get to the border and cross over. The crossing was totally uneventful. There was a long line of cars waiting to cross ... read more
Cascade Mountains
Cascade Mountains
Fraser green is my valley?

North America » United States » Washington August 13th 2017

The skies are gray again today. The ceiling is low and weighing on my brain like a ton of bricks. I have no idea how people live up here in the northwest. The rain, the fog, the overcast skies…it is very depressing, and I found myself feeling the negative effects of it all day. We did get to see the sun peek out briefly, but it wasn’t enough for a Floridian used to seeing the sun every day. My mind and body have become used to having sunshine. If I lived up here, I would not thrive. Today made me glad we are moving out of this region and back eastward beginning tomorrow. We left the hotel this morning at 7:30 AM and 57 degrees. We decided to spend some time riding around Port Angeles. There ... read more
Ferry boat in Port Angeles
Port Angeles
Port Townsend

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