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North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis August 11th 2017

I know, I'm serious late on blogging, our little visit to Memphis is actually a full month late! You are going to laugh, we have already left the States, I've seen whales underwater on scuba diving this week-end, and I'm writing this between two meetings in Congo! It's a small world, one in which I'm really busy lately! We did the long five hours drive from New Orleans to Memphis. This implied for us crossing the all length of Mississippi from South to North. We stay mainly on the Interstate, beside a short stop to lunch in the middle. Well, I can say that from this short experience, Mississippi has a lot of trees! This is mainly what we saw on the road. You come to Memphis for Elvis or for Martin Luther King. I know, ... read more
One of these iconic places in the States....
Beale Street, we walk in, and out...
You remember Rosa Parks? This is the bus!

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg July 20th 2017

Our original plans had called for visiting a couple of caves in the Gatlinburg area, but we quickly realized that we were in Gatlinburg, and it would be senseless to pass up an opportunity to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in order to see some more caves! When we checked with the Park Ranger last night, he suggested 3 hikes: 1.3 miles to Laurel Falls, 1.3 miles to Grotto Falls, and 0.5 miles to Clingman's Dome. He suggested we do Clingman's Dome in the afternoon so that the heat of the day would burn off the fog and make the visibility better. So after a quick breakfast at the hotel, that is what we set out to do. The weather report called for temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's, so we would ... read more
Smoky Mountains - Rick at Entrance
Laurel Falls - Jody On The Trail
Laurel Falls - Rick At Upper Falls

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg July 19th 2017

Today we bid a sad farewell to Asheville, NC. We both really liked this area and enjoyed our stay. We will probably need to come back sometime soon. Today is a motorcycle riding adventure day. While we could take the short route from Asheville, NC to Gatlinburg, TN, we decided to take the more circuitous and more adventurous route. So we had a quick breakfast at the hotel, and hit the road at about 8:15, thinking we would get a jump on the day. We had a little problem packing this morning as it seems we bought a little more in Asheville than we thought, and while everything fit on the bike, if we were going to buy anything else, we had better find a post office quick. We planned on figuring out the post office ... read more
Blue Ridge - Scenic Overlook
Blue Ridge - Jody At Graveyard Fields Path
Blue Ridge - Graveyard Fields Lower Falls

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 9th 2017

After debating on whether or not to even go to this event, I decided to just go for it. Waking up at 5 AM after having only 2 hours of sleep (from too much excitement), I ate breakfast, chugged a much needed cup of coffee, and started my 2 1/2 hour trek to Nashville Music City Center (NMCC) in Nashville. The first half of my journey started out with heavy fog with a gorgeous view of the large full moon that would peek through the fog every so often. As I neared Nashville, I grabbed food and another cup of coffee from McDonald's, as well as gassed up so I wouldn't have to deal with it when it was time to head home. I arrived at NMCC and ended up just parking at the venue for ... read more
Caity Lotz
Katrina Law

North America » United States » Tennessee July 9th 2017

This was a trip that came together quite quickly. My friend Mike and I discussed this trip back in April and it came together over a month. We were going to Memphis and Nashville. The flight down was uneventful. We arrived to the airport at 8:30PM at night in Memphis and the airport was deserted. It was similar to a ghost town and almost resembled a high school. We took an Uber from the airport to the hotel and pulled up to our hotel. We stayed at the Peabody Hotel which is a historic hotel that has been around for many years. We walked into the lobby from the outside and it was stunning and sort of resembled the Waldorf Astoria. It was as nice of a hotel as I have stayed at in my life. ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis June 30th 2017

We started off with a authentic southern breakfast at Nashville Biscuit house. The Biscuits and Sausage gravy were tasty as expected. Jamie even got to try some grits and country gravy although the boujee Jamie was not into either. We had way too much to eat once again on our vacation. Then it was off to Memphis. We had some time to kill before stopping for the reason we were visiting Memphis (more food) so we instead went to the biggest bass pro shop I have ever seen that is housed in a giant pyramid. Mike purchased a very high class trucker hat and we got moon pie's. Was a good way to waste 90 min or so as our bellies made space. Then we are off to Central BBQ for the Memphis specialty. We had ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville June 29th 2017

So the trip started off great with princes hot chicken. The best fried chicken I've ever had and as a fat guy I've had plenty of fried chicken. Next it was on to the Nashville strip for some country bar hopping. Mike was drinking terrible beer all night (Miller high life and PBR) and I stuck to local whisky. Mike found his favorite special fried bologna sandwich and a PBR for $5. Great bands doing all kinds of country but certainly the old school country is far better than the new age country. To cap the night off mike met his favorite president (see pictures) ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee June 26th 2017

We decided to spend an extra day in Nashville at the KOA campground. They had a shuttle that took us downtown to where the "action" was and we had a great time. We did a backstage tour of the Ryman Auditorium, home of the "Grand Ole Opry". It was a great tour with a tour guide who had story after story. We have a new appreciation for the country music legends. We enjoyed walking on Broadway St. going into the bars and listening to some great talent...those who are trying to "make it" here in Nashville I suppose. We especially liked the Jimmy Buffet Margarita Ville bar. They had a great female singer. We also enjoyed the famous "Tootsies". This has a back alley entrance from the Ryman Auditorium where performers would slip out to while ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee June 25th 2017

Today was a long travel day. We made it to Nashville Tennessee and were able to spend the evening at the KOA campground with our niece Morgan Pare and her boyfriend. Although it was only a few hours, it was so nice to see her and to spend some time together. They gave us some places to explore tomorrow before we continue on to St. Louis. Pictures to come......maybe.... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee June 20th 2017

Well Alabama certainly turned on the weather. The whole time I was in the state it rained. Once I got out and headed north to Lynchburg it cleared up. Got there early and had to wait around for the first tour at 9.30am. It took 1 1/2 hrs very informative. and got to try 5 samples at the end of it. Plus a free homemade lemonade. I then headed for what I thought was Cumberland Falls, but turned out to be Falls Creek Falls in the Cumberland Mtn Range. It was something else I saw that I probably wouldn't of if I read directions correctly. So sometimes it pays not to read too much. Both falls were within easy walking distance from the carpark. And if you were more seriously inclined you could also take the ... read more

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