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Today, I dragged the family to Cade’s Cove which is an area in the park that used to be a town. It is a 11-mile one-way loop with several historic homes, churches, etc.. It wasn’t that great and I'm sorry we went. It was crowded and required stopping and walking to many of the locations. We stopped at Cable Mill Historic Area and got some souvenirs and saw some historic buildings that had been moved to the site (two barns, a home and a mill). Drove out of Cade's Cove on Rich Mountain Road (dirt) and around back to Elkmont. This took way longer than expected. Then we picked up the trailer and left via Pigeon Forge which was Gatlinburg on steroids and the location of Dollywood and headed toward Shenandoah a day ahead of schedule. ... read more

We drove around historic Elkmont which is where we camped. When the park was established there were already people living there, so the land had to be purchased and the people had to move. The Cherokee Indians were forcibly moved (Trail of Tears). Historic Elkmont was unremarkable. We got lost on our way to rafting. They told us to use their printed directions, but in our wisdom we decided to use GPS until it differed from the printed directions. GPS told us to turn right on Rt. 32 and the printed directions told us to turn left and I didn't notice the difference, so we turned right. Rt. 32 wove up and down a mountain for miles then turned into gravel. I called the raft company and they said to turn around and I finally figured ... read more

Entered GSM, parked camper and went to have lunch by the river Metcalf Bottoms. A man asked if we had salt. I said yes and he offered to pay me for it. I said "just use it and return it when you are done." When we were ready to leave about a half an hour later he still hadn’t returned it! I was confused about why they needed the salt for so long, and walked over to them and asked for the salt back! Turns out they salt the rims of their Coronas, so they weren't done with it! They decided to shake some out on a plate. Anyone else ever try salt on their Coronas? I have to try it! After lunch we set up our campsite (Elkmont). There were some men jamming at the ... read more

This is a definitive “Heck, yeah!” to those of you who asked if there are to be anymore trip blogs after our sale of Mufasa, I hope this alleviates your worries! Since we sold our motorhome after 45+ years of RVing, most questions have been the same one...can you still do a blog?? The answer to that is definitely “Yes”! We have just given up RVing, not traveling. This is our first blog (but not first trip) post Mufasa. You will have to be the judge of whether or not the blogs are still fun! Stay tuned. Mufasa is safe in his new home in East Tennessee (thanks Kip!) and has already been to Oklahoma. His new owner is going to be following John and me on this journey. To those who were not aware that ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 8th 2019

Yesterday (Sunday) was a very busy travel day so I didn’t get a chance to update the blog. As such, everyone gets a doubleheader blog post encompassing Day 6 in Nashville and Day 7 on the road and in Georgia! We woke up on Saturday morning in our awesome Airbnb apartment on the outskirts of downtown Nashville. We had a corner apartment on the 5th floor and the views were incredible. We had purchased groceries the night before on our way in, so breakfast was en-suite as Heather scrambled up some eggs and made bacon and hash brown potatoes for all. Livy slept through and had her breakfast bowl later while Heather, Diego and I went to check out the pool situation. The building has a rooftop pool on the 2nd floor of a six-story building. ... read more
Family shot
Heather Livy and Diego with the Parthenon

North America » United States » Tennessee » Alcoa July 5th 2019

Day 5: We woke up early anticipating our journey ahead, bags mostly packed the evening prior, and excited for some big city culture. Dad woke up early and made us his delicious and world famous hearty omelets to tide us over for the trip. We enjoyed our time in the Ozarks visiting Dad, Martha, Neil, and the farm, we will miss the breathtaking beauty and bear hugs. We packed up our gear and headed towards the “King” of BBQ, Memphis TN! On our way we encountered ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ in a low speed chase through Jonesboro Arkansas, of course we took pictures! We planned on a visit to Graceland, admittedly we are not Elvis’s biggest fans, we do appreciate rock n roll history and classic cars. When we arrived, the parking lot was filling up ... read more
The Bandit
“What we are dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law”
Our Graceland experience.

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 3rd 2019

We had an extra half day in Memphis which was very welcome as there is so much to see and do. The bad news is that we can’t get up to Red Wing and Minneapolis because of the flooding. A number of the docks in the towns we were scheduled to stop at are under water. The good news is that we have an alternative - shortly we will be changing course and sailing up the Ohio River and finishing on the same date in Cincinnati. The riverboat company will just change our flight from Minneapolis to Chicago to Cincinnati to Chicago. I have to say I am not surprised as the river has risen a few inches as we have been sailing north instead of receding as expected. So a new adventure awaits us. One ... read more
A rather long barge to get under the bridge
The Lorraine Motel
Balcony where Martin Luther King was shot

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 1st 2019

Being in Memphis, Tennessee we just had to visit Graceland, the home of Elvis and weren’t disappointed. The house itself is very gracious and homely. As far as mansions go it is quite modest. He bought it for his parents and the last person to live in it was his Grandmother who outlived them all not dying until 1980 aged 90. The decoration inside is just as it was when she lived there. Stunning peacock stained glass windows separated the lounge from a small side room. The photos tell the story best. I didn’t realise he was the surviving baby of twins, his brother being stillborn. In the Rock and Soul Museum in the city (Graceland is only 15 mins out of town) you could listen to songs, two in particular, Blue Moon of Kentucky, and ... read more
Lounge with peacock windows
Fireplace in the lounge

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 6th 2019

We'd been waking up at 5am Central each morning (6am local Eastern time). We assumed we'd get up at the same hour today, and our plan was to head to Gatlinburg to do some laundry and get breakfast. We thought we'd swing by and do the SkyLift Park there and be back before lunch. Instead, we slept in. It was 8am Eastern when I woke up. I gathered up clothes for everyone to change into, gathered up the dirty laundry, and then we set out for a laundromat. We used Super Suds because it was the closest, and that worked out fine. From there, we drove back into town to get breakfast at Crockett's. We drove by there yesterday, and I wanted to check it out. We thought it was named after Davy Crockett. Once we ... read more
SkyLift up to SkyBridge
Crossing the SkyBridge

LeConte Lodge sits atop Mount LeConte. The only way in and out is by using the trails. To get supplies to the lodge, and to get trash out of the lodge, they used to use horses. Eventually, they switched to llamas. Three times a week, a llama train makes its way up Trillium Gap Trail in the morning to LeConte Lodge. After eating lunch, the llama train is led back down the same trail. The Trillium Gap Trail is a popular one for hikers staying at the lodge. It's longer than the Alum Cave Trail, but it's not as steep. The trail has needed updating, so the National Park Service announced that they would be doing repairs on the trails for two years: 2019 and 2020. From mid-May through mid-November, this trail would be closed Mondays, ... read more
LeConte Llamas
Llamas on the Trail!
Bye, Llamas!

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