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North America » United States » Tennessee July 26th 2020

18 July, 2020 We left the campground fairly early and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We were not surprised that we had to wait for a table, but we were surprised we were seated outside on the front porch to eat. Timmy was thrilled with his big stack of pancakes and we were happy to get coffee at last. After breakfast we stopped by Walmart to pick up a prescription we had dropped off the night before. The drive across New Mexico was fairly uneventful until we got about 10 to 15 miles west of Santa Rosa, when Kerry pulled over to the shoulder of the interstate. The truck had suddenly overheated and, upon opening the hood, was dumping water. We knew we couldn't drive on so I Googled towing companies in Santa Rosa and ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 21st 2020

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato Our latest adventure takes us to a very special place if you're a fan of certain genres of music. We were safely "isolating" on the beach in Florida when the call came in ... would Dave like to work at a pediatric hospital ..... in Memphis? This was too much to pass up, both professionally and because of the special types of music in this city. Memphis is a very special place and is aptly titled the “Home of the Blues” is located in the southwest corner of Tennessee and sits on the mighty Mississippi River. Deep in the heartland of America, rich in history, Memphis is a stone’s throw to both the Arkansas and ... read more
Elvis's Pink Cadillac
Issac Hayes
Sun Records

North America » United States » Tennessee July 16th 2020

Tennessee 6-19-2020 Tennesse, Kentucky: Elvis Presley birthplace Sang nay toi len duong di den Kentucky va tieu bang toi di qua truoc khi den day la tieu bang Tennessee. Cung tinh co toi thay bang tren freeway huong dan den noi sanh cua nguoi ca sy noi tieng nuoc My vao nhung thap noen truoc la Elvis Presley. Nha cua Elvis Presley o Graceland va noi day cung la vien bao tang noi ve cuoc doi cua ca si nay. De vao day xem moi nguoi phai tra $69 de xem noi sanh cua Elvis, may bay cua Elvis di va nhieu thu khac. Xang o day toi thay re nhat trong tat ca cac noi voi gia la $1.44 mot gallon. Sau do toi di den Elvis Presley Plaza. Toi tiep tuc len duong va ... read more

OLD HICKORY Andy, By God, Jackson was our fine country’s seventh President. He was a war hero too by virtue of defeating the Creeks at Horseshoe Bend and stealing their land and then by defeating the pesky Redcoats at the Battle of New Orleans. That battle was fought after the Redcoats had already surrendered. The pirate, Jean Lafitte, commanded the artillery for us during that battle. He made every shot count because the Redcoats would have hung him for piracy if they could have. By the time he was President, Old Hickory, as he had come to be fondly known, had a thriving cotton plantation called the Hermitage outside of Nashville. He owned several hundred industrious slaves that he seldom had flogged if they didn’t run off or get lazy. If they did he was fond ... read more

KNOXVILLE The Department of Energy got underway as a branch of the Tennessee Valley Authority beginning in about 1940. The Manhattan Project, in which we developed the atomic bomb, originated at the Oak Ridge Laboratory outside of Knoxville. Science and Energy have always been a big deal around those parts, and the locals quietly take a good deal of pride in it. The engineers at Oak Ridge started out using carbon as the primary source of energy to drive the burgeoning nuclear program. In due course of scientific trial and error they deduced that carbon, as coal, did not produce the rapid release of energy needed for the nuclear trigger to detonate an atomic bomb. Carbon did, however, perform admirably enough as a source of power in dry cell batteries. It has provided a cheap, reliable ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg January 1st 2020

Oh the Bunion!!! To be honest I wasn’t too thrilled about my husband’s excitement to hike the New Found Gap up to Charlies Bunion. Let’s face it I’m not exactly fit to be doing that sort of thing. We wasn’t but about a quarter of the way in and I had to lose the Jacket. Maybe about a mile in, the gloves had to go. I remember my husband telling me it’s ok if you want to turn around and go back. I think those words helped me go further. I remember having a meltdown not to long after that thinking who am I kidding, I can’t do this. My body was feeling every bit of the pain you feel when you don’t exercise. Burn baby burn!!! Josh said Toni, we are turning back you are ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville September 29th 2019

My son shares my wanderlust, always asking to travel to new places and see new things. Living in Knoxville, TN, we are right on I-40, one of the interstates that cuts across the entire country, east to west. We've always talked about getting on I-40 and "just driving 'til it ends." We're finally doing it! Due to limited time, we're only driving one way. On Oct 8, we fly from Knoxville to L.A. where I've booked the Treehouse Airbnb for 2 nights. From there, it's on to Flagstaff, AZ; Albuquerque, NM; Amarillo, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Memphis, TN back home to Knoxville! We'll be regularly updating this page with photos and stories to share with friends and family interested in our journey. Can't wait to see new sites and build new memories!... read more

Today, I dragged the family to Cade’s Cove which is an area in the park that used to be a town. It is a 11-mile one-way loop with several historic homes, churches, etc.. It wasn’t that great and I'm sorry we went. It was crowded and required stopping and walking to many of the locations. We stopped at Cable Mill Historic Area and got some souvenirs and saw some historic buildings that had been moved to the site (two barns, a home and a mill). Drove out of Cade's Cove on Rich Mountain Road (dirt) and around back to Elkmont. This took way longer than expected. Then we picked up the trailer and left via Pigeon Forge which was Gatlinburg on steroids and the location of Dollywood and headed toward Shenandoah a day ahead of schedule. ... read more

We drove around historic Elkmont which is where we camped. When the park was established there were already people living there, so the land had to be purchased and the people had to move. The Cherokee Indians were forcibly moved (Trail of Tears). Historic Elkmont was unremarkable. We got lost on our way to rafting. They told us to use their printed directions, but in our wisdom we decided to use GPS until it differed from the printed directions. GPS told us to turn right on Rt. 32 and the printed directions told us to turn left and I didn't notice the difference, so we turned right. Rt. 32 wove up and down a mountain for miles then turned into gravel. I called the raft company and they said to turn around and I finally figured ... read more

It rained all night. In the morning we drove to Visitor Center and asked for Junior Ranger books which once again weren't sent with the materials I requested. Due to being over 13, we got a “not so junior ranger” flyer which requires attending three ranger events. It turns out we couldn't make three events, so this is another park that we didn’t get badges for. Junior Ranger requires participants (usually kids, but sometimes adults) to do activities to get familiar with a park. They usually require attending one ranger activity. When you are done you get sworn in as a Junior Ranger by a park ranger and get a plastic or wooden ranger pin. I have all of the pins from the other parks we've visited through the years in frames for the kids. We ... read more
Great Smoky Mountains
Appalachian Trail
Clingman's Dome

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