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North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 23rd 2018

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant was great but pretty expensive for what we had. Kerry & I had a granola yoghurt and Elise had a lovely omelette. We all had really good sleeps here, the beds were huge and you almost needed a ladder to climb up into bed ! Antique and period fittings made it cool and the room had the most comfortable sittings chairs I have ever seen. Anyway we hit the road for what was always going to be the longest day of our road trip. I decided against backtracking on Interstate 64 and instead decided to drive down Highway 219 and this route would take us past some countryside and small towns. We came across this town called Union which had some amazing old homes. It has a population of about 500 ... read more
Old House in Union, West Virginia # 1
Heading into the East River Mountain tunnel from West Virginia side.
Welcome to Tennessee

Well, here we are on the road again! As tends to be usual with us, we have only a vague notion as to where we might end up. I wasn’t sure (and still am not) certain if this will be a full blown blog. Having said that, I have been accosted by several of you (and you KNOW who you are) with questions, complaints, and some pressure about the possibility of a blog this summer. I thought I would at the very least start out with a few days and see how it goes. I might not publish every day depending on availability of WIFI and availability of interesting or funny news. We will all just have to see how it goes so stay tuned! We do know that the first part of our trip will ... read more

48 hours. That’s all it took, 48 hrs, before I had been asked “do you know my relatives in Wales?” informed “your credit card doesn't work”, Reply “No because I need to put the PIN in not you!” and told off for walking on the verge alongside the queue of cars at the State Park entrance. The last one is great having just returned from Mexico where all the world and his wife, as well as children / dogs/ acrobats/ jugglers/ sellers/ legless men collecting money etc roam about in between the traffic without any apparent trauma occurring. OK maybe the legless man might have had some at the beginning of the day, who knows. On the other hand, we had driven along smooth roads, stopped in a camp site that had an easy access entrance ... read more
Up through the Sierra Madre
Across the bridges
Overnight at the natural hot springs

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville May 24th 2018

Right now, we have so many plans that our plans have plans. We have packing lists, checklists, and to do lists. (And you already know that we’re pathologically organized.) But having a plan – or plans – when you’re going away for five months is critical. So – how do you go about planning a trip like this – and why? Here are some considerations. · The basics. What do you really want to see or do? Question 1: what do you want to do? Question 2: where will you do it? Question 3: when? And Question 4: what do you need to do to make it happen? For example, the salmon spawning (i.e. fishing) season is short and changes with the type of salmon, the tide, the moon, and the year. If you want to ... read more
Compact Living
Maggie's House
Alternate Transportation

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis May 21st 2018

Monday morning, May 20th, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. When we checked in last night at the hotel, I asked the check-in clerk what things we might see or do here before driving to Memphis. She confirmed that the movie "Gone Girl" was filmed here and that there was a route to see some of the filming sites. I also asked about Rush Limbaugh, since I knew this was his hometown. She quickly asked, "Are you a big conservative?" A little surprised, I answered yes. Then she told me that she attended Hillsdale College, a private university in Michigan. I told her that I had completed many of the Hillsdale College on-line classes. It is a small college but one of the best schools in the USA for study of the Constitution and American history. The hotel ... read more
Cape Giradeau, Missouri
Cape Giradeau, Missouri
Cape Giradeau, Missouri

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville May 10th 2018

On the second leg of our Nashville trip, we decided to get out of the city proper and explore the scenic towns that surrounded it. Before we headed out toward the country, though, we did make it a point to stop at the Ryman Auditorium. We opted to see this over the Country Music Hall of Fame primarily because ticket prices were a little lower and the tour was shorter. As we had a toddler in tow, we didn't know how she'd do or how long she would last, and we didn't want to spend a ton of money only to have to leave 15 minutes into the tour. The Ryman still had plenty of historic displays for us to take in, though! It's in a gorgeous old church with incredible acoustics. Just walking in there, ... read more
Parthenon Replica
Parthenon Replica
Loveless Cafe Biscuits and Jam

A few months ago, my husband was traveling to Nashville, TN for work. We had the opportunity and the privilege to tag along, and as a lifelong country music fan, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. We'd wanted to wait until our kids were a little older to take any major trips out of the state, but decided we could make an exception for Nashville, especially since it was a manageable driving distance away. We arrived late in the evening and set up shop at a local Airbnb that we'd booked online. We knew with our loud crew we'd need a place to ourselves that wasn't so close to any neighbors. Luckily, the founder of the Nashville Entrepreneurship Club rented out his condo, so we snagged that at a great deal. It was a single unit ... read more
Outside at The Pharmacy
Burgers at The Pharmacy
Mas Tacos Por Favor

Tom and I are now about 70 years old, and this summer are heading north for our second trip to Canada, Alaska, and the western “lower 48”. We’ve recently traded our trusty 2004 Lance truck camper and Dodge truck for a 28 foot Phoenix Cruiser motorhome, so prep work this time involves getting a new recreational vehicle (RV) set up and equipped. Tom does the techy stuff; I do the kitchen, bath and décor stuff. Maggie is purely decorative. It’s worked pretty well so far. Current plans call for us to drive to Canada through Michigan and travel west on the Trans-Canada Highway. We’ll be able to explore the northern coast of Lake Superior and visit Manitoba and Saskatchewan, which we haven’t visited yet, as well as Alberta. We’ll catch the Alaska Highway at its Dawson ... read more

Hi guys: We have finally kicked off our 2018 Great America Road Trip. We conceived this idea back in January when I closed the purchased of a new Acura RDX. We have a tradition of breaking in our new vehicles with a fun and exciting road trip. The first two were in Europe followed by trip to Massachusetts in 2016 in my new Nissan Rogue. I had many ideas for this trip including a drive all the way to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. Finally we decided that if we drove too far the return trip would be difficult. So, we decided on a North-South drive estimated to be approximately 2800 miles with visits to cities which we have yet to visit together in the past. Plus, our next door neighbors in Atlanta, Charlie and Sharon Trense, ... read more
Knoxville-First Stop
Knoxville-First Stop
Knoxville-First Stop

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville April 8th 2018

We road around in Nashville for a quick tour. We didn't get to stop but that's ok. We have traveled 2,261 miles in only 5 days, we are on our way home. It has been fun and exciting! More road trips will follow........ read more

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