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North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 17th 2019

WOW! For those of you who have an upcoming trip to Quebec City...listen to the advice you hear and read to bring good walking (hill climbing) shoes! You will need them. We had a great day but we can attest to the fact that there are LOTS of steps and steep grades here. Add the funicular to your “cheat sheet” for when you go all the way down the bluff to the oldest part of the city. Be thrilled to pay the $3.50 per person to ride it back up to the level where the Frontenac Hotel lies. Your feet will be thankful. I promise. Mark it down. Really. Quebec City has a very European feel to it to us and French is certainly the first language here, but everyone we met today was more than ... read more
Street view
Window Box
Statue in alley next to Price Edifice

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 16th 2019

UBERDavid and his faithful side kick Lora picked us up at 6:45 and we had an uneventful trip to BNA. We felt as if we had a cheering section from DWLP sending us off! After checking in, we had a very good breakfast at “Noshville” before heading to our terminal to await our flight to Chicago, and then on to Quebec, Canada. Had to do a quick (!!!) several terminal run to be on time for our connecting flight from Chicago to Quebec City. I think I personally set a Senior (possibly Junior!) record getting from the far end of C terminal to the Gate 5 of F, but we made it. All John had to do was draft on my tail wind...I managed to not run over anybody, so it was all good. would ... read more
View from room
View from room
Government Building...may be Parliament building but I am not sure

This is a definitive “Heck, yeah!” to those of you who asked if there are to be anymore trip blogs after our sale of Mufasa, I hope this alleviates your worries! Since we sold our motorhome after 45+ years of RVing, most questions have been the same one...can you still do a blog?? The answer to that is definitely “Yes”! We have just given up RVing, not traveling. This is our first blog (but not first trip) post Mufasa. You will have to be the judge of whether or not the blogs are still fun! Stay tuned. Mufasa is safe in his new home in East Tennessee (thanks Kip!) and has already been to Oklahoma. His new owner is going to be following John and me on this journey. To those who were not aware that ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Mount Juliet October 10th 2018

Note from yesterday: after going out for supper yesterday evening, my step total was 14,925...and that was with riding the Tube as much as we did. Of course, we have discovered to our horror that riding the Tube, by definition, means walking up and down TONS of steps! Well, it all had to end after all. We had a trip of a lifetime for sure. Our planned and scheduled trip with CIE was more than we had hoped for. The trip was well planned, and all the folks that we traveled with on the tour were very congenial, and very punctual which is always a plus. Our extra days on our own were very special too. I think we have gotten a good feel for England—it’s ancient sites right up to its newest architecture. We have ... read more
John waiting for our meal
Building we saw on our walk last night
Victoria Station after dark

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Victoria October 9th 2018

We did sleep in a little this morning...and really needed it! We woke to a gorgeous, clear, cool, blue skied morning. How blessed we have been on the weather here. A little rain the first half day of our tour in Windsor and a rainy afternoon last Saturday here in London...perfect all the rest of the time. If my new English friend Mike Fossey provided that great weather, I wish him a great big Thank You! We were on a mission today to clock off the rest of our “want to do” list. We had a good breakfast here at the hotel and were then off to the races. Today was the day for our great adventure of navigating the perils of the Underground so off we went to the Victoria Underground Station. We bought a ... read more
St. Paul’s Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Gate at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Victoria October 8th 2018

NOTES FROM YESTERDAY: My final step count was 15,865. Yay me...blessings on my feet! Also there was a comment made on the blog yesterday that I thought more of you might be interested in concerning bathroom facilities when you are out and about: Every bathroom here, in the older buildings especially, are ALWAYS upstairs or downstairs using winding steps like they have in the turrets of castles. Maybe because you can fight those trying to jump the line with your nonexistent sword? THEN the stall is so small you have to be a contortionist to navigate the process! It’s all fun! We are always thankful just to have found one however. As a side note to a couple of my dear sisters in law (and you know who you are!) the toilet paper here for the ... read more
View from our new room
Long distance information please...
Church along our walk today

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Victoria October 7th 2018

This was a VERY busy day involving LOTS of walking (14,656 steps so far!) so I will show the day more with pictures than with words. Suffice it to say that we saw new buildings, old buildings, ancient buildings, The Tower of London again, the Thames via boat, statues, palaces, bridges, monuments, The Eye (and no, Kim, we did not ride it today), the outside of Winchester Abbey (not open for tours on Sunday...may go tomorrow), Pubs which we discovered make good potty breaks here like McDonald’s at home, fancy gates, Buckingham Palace, Cleopatra’s obelisk, a HUGE protest in front of the Brazilian Embass (several hundreds at least), views across bodies of water, and two police who (at two separate times) helped us find our way back to our hotel! WHEW! It exhausts me just writing ... read more
Church we saw on our walk last night
Baby Ben—Big Ben is under repair for the next few years
Lion monument along our bus ride today

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Victoria October 6th 2018

Note from last night: After we got our luggage delivered and got our room organized we realized that we needed to get a little something to eat, but didn’t want very much. (We are going to have to have a “come to Jesus” meeting about food when we get home. Just Saying...) Now for a heartfelt Mea Culpa and apology to my dear brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Frank and Zola. I gave them all kinds of heck last year because they ate at a Burger King a time or two on our trip to Ireland. (This is so hard to say...) it was recommended that we walk directly across the street from our hotel into Victoria Station for several choices for a quick meal. Yes I did say DIRECTLY across the street and how cool is that? ... read more
Victoria Station view
From yesterday’s rest stop
I was holding BOTH of them. I promise.

Europe » United Kingdom October 5th 2018

Heading out on coach at 8:01 towards the M1, which we will be on most of the day. The M1 is the longest motorway in England.This will be a long driving day. Had a great visit to Stratford-on-Avon. Saw Shakespeare’s birth house, many black and white half timbered houses, a darling town, and Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried with his family. Below is info from internet on Stratford-upon-Avon: “Stratford-upon-Avon, a medieval market town in England’s West Midlands, is the 16th-century birthplace of William Shakespeare. Possibly the most famous writer in the English language, Shakespeare is known for his sonnets and plays such as 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Hamlet'. The Royal Shakespeare Company performs his plays in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and adjacent Swan Theatre on the banks of the River Avon.” Drove through The Cotswalds ... read more
Shakespeare’s birth home
Pat at Shakespeare’s birth home
Shakespeare’s birth home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York October 4th 2018

I have an observation from a comment from yesterday that I thought some more of you might be interested in: “I suspect we will see several Cathedrals in London and I am looking forward to it. So far, they have all been spectacular in their own ways. York Minster is different from any of the others we have seen because of the stone it is built in. I think our bus guide said it was Yorkshire stone but wouldn’t swear to that. At any rate, the color of the stones is a light, creamy color—not stained at all which, to me, makes it look like that huge edifice could almost float up into the air. It really is an amazing building.” Goathland train station, where Harry Potter was filmed, was our first stop today. We rode ... read more
Swalford Sheep
Info on Goathland Station
Goathland Station

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