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July 18th 2019
Published: July 19th 2019
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DISCLAIMER: I have finished working on this post this morning and am having trouble with a few of the pictures. At the beginning there may be two pictures which are mislabeled. I corrected further down in the post but it looks like they won’t stay corrected. There are a couple more errors in the pictures, but again it looks like I can’t “force” a correction. Having said that, it may come through to you perfectly fine. Those of you who are familiar with the area please cut me some slack...those of you who are not...just continue to assume I am awesome!

This has been a long day so I may cut some corners, but bear with me...also, I don’t think I can get this ready to send out until morning.

We had another wonderful breakfast at the Hilton Quebec which worked out to last us until we finally had supper around 6:00ish. After breakfast we talked to the concierge and he arranged a bus trip out into the countryside for us, but the trip wasn’t until 1:00. Since it was then just a little after 10:30, we decided to walk up the street and tour their Parliament Building. It is a gorgeous building and the folks we talked to there were very friendly and helpful. This is the Quebec Parliament building—each Province has its own Parliament/Assembly building and this is the only totally French speaking one in Canada.

After our tour we walked back to the Hilton where we were picked up around 12:45 by a shuttle and taken down the bluff near The Frontenac where we caught our bus. We had close to a 5 hour trip into the country. We saw Montmorency Falls, Island of Orleans (this stop involved chocolate!), Albert Gilles’ copper art studio, and our final stop of the day which was world famous shrine, Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre’. This is a Basilica.

Rather than being taken back to our hotel after we got back to town, we opted to walk back up Rue St. Louis. That was both a good and bad idea. Two good is that we had a wonderful supper of mushroom, ham and cream sauce crepes and a bowl of French Onion soup. The second is that we discovered that Rue St. Louis is MUCH easier to come back up the hill on! The third good/bad thing is that we stopped at another quaint place to have dessert...don’t ask. Just look at the pictures...

We are now back at the hotel thankful for our good day. The weather was perfect and the humidity was much lower. We met a lot of nice folks, and life is good!

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Montmorency FallsMontmorency Falls
Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls isn’t as wide as our Niagara Falls, but is one and a half times as tall.
Gilles’ Copper StudioGilles’ Copper Studio
Gilles’ Copper Studio

You might be interested in looking up more information on this family’s history. They are famous in copper work and we only got a taste of the beauty.

19th July 2019

Finally some dessert I like
Well this post was very very good. Loved all the stained glass dome like arch and the windows fabulous. The sunshine and cool temps I am sure was wonderful up there. Terrible hot here you picked the best time to go 95 feels like 105 today. Now to the dessert would have loved that bakery shop you went to after dinner the chocolate shop was fabulous too. I am glad you were able to easily get the tour outside the city and see all those wonderful waterfalls and are having such a fabulous trip. This definitely was a great idea to visit this city. You both are very savvy when it comes to travel and doing different city centers. I am looking forward to more adventures on this blog. Hugs, Lora (dessert queen).
19th July 2019

Wish I was there!
It looks like you two have done so much in a short time! It brings back memories reading what you are doing. I feel it in my feet just at the thought! Ha ha Try to go for a walk on top of the Wall around the City, or even just part of it, it’s a nice view from there. The soft vanilla ice cream is very good there if you need a sweet treat. Trevor would have liked to be with you having some of that Black Cherry Cheesecake!!! Did you know that the little White House with the Red roof in your photo is the oldest house in Canada, I think. It’s over 400 years old. Looks like you are having great weather! We are having so much rain in British Columbia. Have another great day. I looking forward to reading about it and seeing the photos!
19th July 2019

Thanks Debbie!
No, we did not know the history of the house you mentioned. We have noticed it several times but had yet to walk across the street and read the information. We do plan to do a wall walk one day. LOVE this city!
19th July 2019

The falls are beautiful. Did you hike up those steep stairs? Glad you are having a great trip!
19th July 2019

We didn’t climb those but did quite a few on our side. Steps everywhere here.
19th July 2019

Messed up breakfast
Now I know why I did not have my morning blog, you ate too much. Try better Patsy!!!!!! Love the pictures & have you found me a clock yet? Favorite B I L

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