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North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City October 1st 2018

2 sea days make it necessary to work at having fun, without overeating and drinking. The weather was cool and rainy so everyone was inside clogging up all the venues. Dinner at one of the Specialty Restaurants, now that was a nice experience! Kate had her first ever crab cake sans onions, it was tres bien , we are in Quebec ,or Keebeck as some are referring to it , so I am practicing. Our friends were having a burger with us on the pool deck , Richard came up with a piece of steel from a grille cleaning brush in his burg. That resulted in the 4 of us being treated to 2 nights in the Specialty Restaurants of our choice. About $800 worth of ooops. Looking forward to the gastronom. Mostly just visiting with ... read more
Quebec City Finicula
Queen Mary 2

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City May 19th 2018

Just like yesterday, it was off to a boulangerie for breakfast! Since this was the day of Harry and Meghan's wedding, I ran out to pick up coffee and croissants, and got back just in time for the vows. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have bothered, but my roommate was watching, so I did, too. Right after, we headed down to the lobby to start the day's activities. We took cabs to the Residence of the Governor General of Canada within the walls of the Citadel. This walled fortress on the St. Lawrence River changed hands between the British and French over the years. It was interesting to hear about the relationship and "pecking order" among the British Queen, the Governor General, the Canadian Prime Minister, and the Senate. It seems a kind of confusing ... read more
Oldest house
Meat Pies and Sugar Pie

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City May 18th 2018

Sadly, our QC hotel does not include breakfast as our hotel in Montreal did. That forced us to forage down the street cafes, for edibles. I managed to get by each day with coffee and a chocolate croissant. As you can see, I suffered miserably. Our guide was Marie, a retired teacher. She said that 96% of the population speaks French as the mother tongue, 1.6% claim English as their mother tongue (though nearly everyone is at least bi-lingual), with the rest divided among other languages. The French/English "social divide" seems pronounced in QC than it was in Montreal; though much of what we saw in our few days in Quebec was good-natured ribbing between Francophones and Anglophones, it seems likely that the teasing may also disguise a deeper chasm. Here are some highlights of Marie's ... read more
Street Performer in the Lower Town
Old foundations

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City May 17th 2018

After starting with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we headed off to The Notre-Dame Basilica, where we learned a bit of history and were treated to a private organ concert. The Basilica was originally built in the 1670s, of wood instead of stone, since they were pressed for time and funds, and also because wood insulates better than stone! In the early 19th century, after the church was deemed to be too small, the current Basilica was designed by (of all people!) an Irish Anglican named James O'Donnell; the sanctuary can hold about 10,000 people. On his deathbed, O'Donnell converted to Catholicism, though some say it was so he could be buried in the crypt of the church he designed and built! The Catholic Church was the center of life in early Montreal, attracting all ... read more
Looking forward from balcony
View of pipe organ from the loft

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City September 21st 2017

After posting the last blog I discovered that I had totally forgot to address our time in Quebec. Talk about brain dead. So this is my supplemental to rectify that oversight. We were in Quebec for 2 days, 3 nights. We enjoyed the city immensely, smaller and more quaint than Montreal. But we were still frustrated by the whole shroud of French that existed, especially in the signage, both public and private. But fortunately language didn't end up being an issue at all. On our first day (Saturday) we toured around the city, visited the few antique shops we could find (didn't find many and NO train shops!) and had lunch at a pretty good restaurant. On Sunday we thought we'd take advantage of what we hoped would be an off day to take one of ... read more
Alternate transportation in historic old town
The town square in old town
A great example of Copper Roofing

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 30th 2017

Our private walking tour of Quebec City wasn't until 2p so we agreed to all sleep in. Left hotel around 10a. Previous night we had discovered a breakfast restaurant, L’Omelette, so headed there for a leisurely breakfast. Robb asked server for their biggest breakfast. It came with two eggs, two sausage and a Quebec pie. Having never had Quebec pie, Robb was willing to give it a try. He loved it! It’s a steak pie (steak in dark gravy, baked in pie shell). Yummy! We finished breakfast and with time still before our tour, we decided to go to Visitor Centre, get some maps and take some photos. Enroute, we discovered a little alley where local artists had their paintings on display for sale. Sophie really like one in particular. It was of the “Break Neck ... read more
Dad and Bonhomme at Tourist Centre
Robb and Bonhomme at Tourist Centre
Sophie and Artist

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 29th 2017

Our Maritime Road Trip is at last here! We left home at 9a to pick up Halahbujee (Korean word for grand-dad). First stop Quebec City. Eight hour drive went pretty quickly. Checked in at Hotel Clarendon (which is centrally located right next to the Chateau Frontenac) at 6p. Freshened up and headed out for a look around city and place to eat. Robb was in Quebec City on a high school field trip, and Halahbujee was in Quebec City 25+ years ago so for all of us it was either a first time or a long time visit to the city. The City is beautiful. We all likedSo European in feel, the buildings, the people. Packed with tourists, we chose a restaurant, Parmesean, with a line up (of course). It was quaint. Tables close together. Food ... read more
A Toast
Hotel Lobby

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 15th 2017

Na een wat woelige nacht in het topbed in de hostel breekt een nieuwe dag aan. Op de wind na is het mooi. Die ochtend organiseert de hostel een begeleide stadswandeling. Hoewel groepsactiviteiten niet mij ding zijn, vergezel ik de gids doorheen de stad. Dit is ideaal om een eerste indruk van de stad op te doen. We komen op verschillende plekjes en ik krijg inspiratie om zelf verder op verkenning te gaan. Quebec voelt heel Europees aan. Het werd gesticht door de Fransen, veroverd door de Engelsen om later terug Frans te worden in nieuwe land Canada. In de namiddag doel ik wat rond en bezoek uiteindelijk het Morrin huis. Een oude gevangenis en later het centrum van de Engelssprekende gemeenschap. In de avond verhuis in naar men warmshowershost Patrick, deze kookt een pittige rijstschotel ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 14th 2017

Today was Connie's choice day, we take turns in being the person who makes the days choices, saves lots of wasted time "where shall we go ????" .... "I don't mind" ...... "well I don't mind either" result is 20 mins later no decision has been made 😫 So her choice was to go to Citadelle, which is a huge area of gardens and relaxation area overlooking the river. So we catch the bus as directed by the person who sells us the tickets, after 10 mins it feels like we should be there by now, so I ask the person next to me if we are near the stop ..... but it seems we are travelling in the direction ! So we get off and cros the road to get the correct bus ...... afenabout ... read more
Possibly the only Mountie I'll get to see
I do like a good ghost tour
Gorg cafe

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 13th 2017

So Connie and myself caught the train to Quebec City, to be greeted by the worst taxi driver in the world. He clicked open the boot and just sat in the taxi, when we didn't open it he got out and just stood there, not offering to lift our cases in, so we asked him if he would put them in, which he did. Silence in the taxi for the 5 minute ride, he stops outside the hotel and asks for his money, which I give him ....... and take my change, he clicks his boot open. And just sits there 😡 So we get out of the taxi leave the door open, take out cases out and leave the boot open and walk away .........what a ****** liberty 😤😤😤😤😤😤 We were greeted by the loveliest ... read more
Poutine and whisky and orange chaiser !!!
Part of living art !!!
Water driven elevator

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