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North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 20th 2016

Quebec City 18 to 20 August 2016 We think that Quebec City is one of the loveliest old town in North America. Despite the summer holidays in Canada, the streets weren’t over-crowded and the roads were pretty good. Our hotel was about 15kms out from the walled Old Town but parking was excellent, thanks to the advice of the receptionist at our hotel. Both days we parked in a multi-story park in Place DÝouville, just outside Porte (meaning ‘gate’) St-Jean. Arriving in the city later in the afternoon, we went into the Old Town to see the lights. On the way we drove through Parc des Champs-de-Bataille where a lot of military memorabilia was used for hard-scaping. As soon as we parked and walked through the old gate we were amongst the restaurant set. Down the ... read more
Sheryl enjoying a red in Quebec City
Waterside at night Quebec City
Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Old Town Quebec City (23)

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 27th 2016

Being in Europe sure does wear you out. I’ve been in Québec City for a couple of days now, and I’ll be leaving in the morning. I was definitely not ready for all the walking that it would require. I mean, I’ve been to Europe several times and gotten used to the walking (everywhere), but when you don’t build your way up to it, your body says no. While I’ve been out of the USA since Friday, I still hadn’t walked a lot. The Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick involved a good bit, but it wasn’t the same. That’s all for pleasure. Halifax had such awful parking that I just ended up driving most places. But here in Québec, I had to leave my car in the parking deck unless I wanted to pay much more. ... read more
Edmundston is so close to America...
First view of Parliament from my walk around Quebec City
One of the gates in the fortified walls of Quebec City

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City May 28th 2016

Bonjour à tous, J'ai encore la chance de vous retrouver cette année, et pour ceux qui le veulent de partager ce périple d'environ 90 jours sur une distance de plus de 25000 km, que je pourrais titrer " A la conquête de l' Ouest américain". Je vais de suite implorer, votre indulgence pour les fautes de frappe, et surtout d'orthographe, qui pourraient insidieusement ce glisser dans mes textes. Il m'arrive, moi même, d'être horrifié par celles que je découvre après avoir publié. Un mot sur ces derniers mois. Sans surprise, quelques milliers de km de motoneige l'hiver dernier, puis une escapade, dans l'hémisphère sud, pour un excellent séjour, chez mon frère à Madagascar, puis une semaine de tourisme sur l'ile de la Réunion. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, plus d'hésitations pour votre prochaine destination voyage: ... read more
les routes de Mada
frère et bells soeur
plage à Mada

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City May 10th 2016

Day 4 - Sunday, May 8, 2016 - Quebec City - Weather forecast: cloudy - temperature: 6°C/43°F - actual: light rain/drizzle all day with a torrential downpour between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm - wind 16 knots - 5 Beaufort As promised the captain had the ship docked early Sunday morning at a berth right next to the lower district of the Old City of Quebec. Our Location Guide Jeremy in his presentation yesterday had predicted that it would rain during our visit and he was right. It had rained all night and it stayed with us all day, at times being a heavy mist/drizzle, then becoming torrential in nature. This was certainly a day when coats and umbrellas were in order. As we have visited the city on several occasions before we opted not to ... read more
Church in Lower City
Narrow street - yellow door

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City January 3rd 2016

Salut à tous, C'est la publication test pour apprendre à publier sur ce site, alors on parle de nos mascottes Lama qui vont nous accompagner dans nos voyages. Pour l'instant elles nous ont suivi depuis le Manitoba et ont trouvé leurs places dans les maisons de nos hôtes en wwoofing. Devant une fenêtre à observer les chickee Dee dee dee dans une maison écologique à la Northern Sun Farm, sur une table de chevet dans une chambre bien chaude au Piano qui jardine, à la surveillance de la cabane à sucre au Siffle-Orange, dans les bras d'Elouan pour aider à sa sieste à la ferme Morgan, sur le lave vaisselle au Bois chantant (ou dans la gueule de la chatte Lola), et pour finir en grande pompe sur le luminaire du salon près de notre sapin ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City December 27th 2015

Walking Tour #3 That is the opening line from a song in “White Christmas” when they are all on the train headed for Vermont. I title my blog that for today because we woke up to a few inches of snow and a continuing snow storm. We are headed to the lower town today at the base of the old city. The Funicular will save us the walk down and up the hill. I am especially appreciative of the funicular today because of the snow and brutal winds. It was 25 degrees at 11 and not sing of getting any warmer any time soon. We thought we were prepared for the cold, but we were wrong. The winds off the river made it seem even colder, much colder than the winds off the Hudson back home. ... read more
Petit Champlain
So you like my hat

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City December 26th 2015

I have never really known what Boxing Day is except it is celebrated in England and other Common Wealth countries. According to Wikipedia it was originally day servants and tradesmen received gifts from their maters, known as the Christmas Box, hence Boxing Day. In reality it now seems to be similar to Black Friday in the U.S., a day to go shopping for great deals. In the Catholic church it is known as St. Stephens day, you know Good King Wenceslaus looked over the feast of Stephens (of course he was in Prague). In any event it is Boxing Day here in Canada. Today we will be touring the old city inside the walls, specifically upper town. It will be a church day, no not going to church but touring the main cathedral, you know the ... read more
Crepe Quebecoise
St. Lawrence River
Chateau Frontenac

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City December 25th 2015

The long days of train rides had caught up to us and today we slept in until noon. We had very little on our agenda today, in fact the only thing was an early dinner on the waterfront. After we got out of bed, I finished my blog entry for the day before and we showered and got ready to walk to dinner. The original plan was to take the funicular to lower down then walk through the small streets and on to Café du Monde. Since it was Christmas Day the funicular was closed so instead we walked down a few flights of stairs. We passed a very cute street in lower town fully decorated for Noel. As we walked down the narrow hillside it reminded me of a street in Lyon. When I went ... read more
Saumon Tartar
Steak Frites
Souris D'Agneau

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City December 24th 2015

Via Rail Canada The day started early, the alarm went off at 6 am with 20 minutes of snoozing. The bed last night was very comfortable and felt good on my back. I made coffee in the room and we showered and left for the train station. I splurged on business class for our trip to Quebec City so we got to go in the Via Rail lounge. This is similar to an airline lounge like the Red Carpet Club. There was complimentary coffee, juices, etc. The train was of course on schedule and we had plenty of room for our luggage, in fact there were only about 10 people in business class and maybe 100 on the train. Train travel in Canada or Europe is far better than Amtrak could ever hope to ... read more
Hotel du Parlement
Maison J.A. Moisan
Avenue Cartier

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City November 16th 2015

Flights were dirt cheap from Pittsburgh. This was a pretty low season - the miserable weather had begun but was no different than Pittsburgh, really; however, the wintery landscape, with the toboggan slide near the Chateau and thigh deep snow on the wonderful Plains of Abraham, nor the views of the wide, frozen St. Lawrence River, nor the comparative coziness of the charming restaurants that look perfect for wool sweaters and brandy by the fire, had not yet begun. Still, we strolled around town leisurely (it's the perfect walking city), without worrying about the cold, and didn't have to share the streets with many tourists. It's also pretty good place to run, and the impressive staircases from the river to the park are a nice challenge. In the end, I'll always feel pain for the bearded ... read more
Rainy Day

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