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North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City October 11th 2012

We spent nearly three weeks in Quebec in the end while we were trying to sell the Westfalia. This was one of the longer stretches we had stayed in one province and despite the language barrier we loved it. We came into Quebec this time from the east coast and headed for a provincial park called Parc du Bic on the arm of Quebec that reaches up between the St Lawerence river and New Brunswick. It was a lovely spot on the coast and we just enjoyed pottering along the coastal and forest trails. From here we decided to head further up the coast to Firillion National Park near Gaspe on the Gulf of St Lawerence. It was a very beautiful drive up the coast with lots of little towns scattered along the way. The day ... read more
Whale Spout
Park du Bic

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City October 6th 2012

Well, we spent another day walking all over old Quebec City but today we gave up an hour earlier! C'est la fatigue accumulée! We ache all over! But we’ve had a marvelous time. Easier to reflect on that from the relative comfort of our room, however. We started out our morning with a caleche ride. It seemed like a pretty good thing to do, given that it was pouring rain this morning. This would have been even more fun on a dry day, with the roof down, but it was pleasant to ride at a slow pace and our driver was extremely knowledgeable about the history of this city, so we learned a lot. We paid another visit to Le Cochon Dingue for café au lait (Roberta) and chocolat chaud à l'ancien (me). Then we visited ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City October 5th 2012

Oh. My. Gosh. (OK, I censored that for Mal....) This city is SO amazing! Roberta and I got up early and were out the door by 7:30 this morning. We didn't get home until 4 pm. In the interim we ate two meals, had chocolat chaud à l'ancienne at a bistro down by the port, took a cruise on the St. Lawrence, and walked, walked, walked all over the old city. Our hostel is located on rue Ste. Ursule, right in the heart of the old city. Like most of the buildings in this area it's old. Not sure of the date. I'd have to get up and go outside to look and I'm too tired to move. We have one more day here, and before we go we are hoping to take a caleche ride ... read more
Fall colors
Harbour view

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 31st 2012

Thursday started early, but I almost missed it. When setting an alarm on my phone, it defaults to the current day so I had two 4:00am alarms set for the wrong day. Fortunately, I had a dream where I missed an alarm for something because I had decided to sleep outside for some reason. This started me awake at 4:15am, which was really lucky! I was able to get ready in time, even considering that the airport shuttle arrived early. There’s not a lot to say about the flight to Toronto. It was on time and good enough. Once we landed, I had about an hour’s wait until the flight to Quebec city boarded. This flight was on a small turbo-prop plane which made sense when we landed at Quebec city airport – it was like ... read more
Chateau de Frontenac
The St. Lawrence River
Guard at the citadel

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 31st 2012

Sometimes when things don’t go exactly according to plan it actually works out for the best. We had planned to leave during the week, but didn’t get away until late on Friday. That meant we passed through both Toronto and Montreal on the weekend. Traffic was heavy and there was assorted construction, but it was better than during the week. We arrived Sunday night and are camped in St Vallier at Camping le Domaine Champetre. We are southeast of Quebec City. This is a campground that gives Escapees a discount, which is always welcomed. We were able to stay here for $20.12 per night but it had to be paid in cash. There is less of a discount on the weekends, so again our delayed departure from home worked to our advantage. George is doing much ... read more
Harbor View and Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac
Street scene

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 4th 2012

Canada to me is best represented by this curiosity - 1 July is Canada Day. Born in 1867, Canada's now 10 provinces celebrate the birth of a largely peaceful and well functioning democracy. Quebec, which is part of Canada, celebrates its own day, St. Jean-Baptiste, a week earlier. No one in the rest of Canada appears put out by this - they cheerfully point out that for me, being in Quebec, I would be able to shop on the Monday public holiday. Interestingly, not on the actual day - being a Sunday & a public holiday was a double whammy for the cashed-up and planless - it had the shopaholics keening wistfully at the well-lit, but locked glass doors of the shiny stores all along St. Catherine in Montreal! I cruelly enjoyed watching them walk into ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 1st 2012

Lévis, 1er juillet Le départ est prévu pour mardi et nous trépignons d'impatience... Ce périple dans l'ouest canadien sera aussi une sorte de retour aux sources pour moi, ayant travaillé un été à Jasper en 1981 et visité Vancouver en 1990. Depuis Calgary où nous atterirons, nous explorerons les rocheuses (Banff et Jasper, entre autres), la vallée du Fraser, l'île de Vancouver, Victoria et Vancouver, le nord-ouest de l'État de Washington, Seattle, la vallée de l'Okanagan et les badlands albertains. Bel été en vue... Tourlou!... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 11th 2012

With an 8 AM assembly time on the pier for our first tour of this cruise, we had little choice but to grab a quick breakfast in the Lido… A mozzarella omelet for me with a glass of HAL’s fresh squeezed orange juice, and pancakes for Sharon with country potatoes and of course her chocolate croissant (which one of the waiters went to the other section of the line to get for her). Surprisingly there was not a crowd at the Lido as we expected so we were done and off the ship in plenty of time. We grabbed one of HAL’s hand bags and camera, bought a Coke and large bottle of water, and were directed to bus number three. Evidently there were two busses covering our tour today, as some who had boarded our ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City June 11th 2012

Thought I'd post a few photos from yesterday. This is a new camera so still trying to figure it out... read more
Old Town
St.Anne de Beaupre

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City May 8th 2012

Had a 2 hour morning bus tour of Quebec City and then had the whole day and evening to ourselves...bliss. Spent about 4 hours walking around the Old city and just soaking it in. Lunch in a pub and had a cider (although had trouble ordering it as waiter thought I was asking for a Bought myself a cape thingy, a scarf and a necklace. Aching feet and calf muscles now all up and down hills has taken its toll. Out for dinner with a bunch of women on the tour - nice evening. Anyway, tomorrow afternoon leaving very early for Boston - will spend most of the day on the bus I think. Oh well ...its called travelling isn't it. Cheers.... read more

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