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North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 27th 2014

My last stop on the Canadian tour before flying back from Montréal was also the most picturesque. Québec City is famously one of the oldest European settlements in North America and is inevitably one of the most touristic, as demonstrated here with the horse and carriage photos - herds of Canadians and Americans flock here with their cameras to get a flavour of 17th-century Europe without leaving their own continent. The city is surprisingly full of tourists even from the region of Québec itself - its old town seems to attract the same kind of intensely touristic crowd as certain parts of Bath and York in the UK. Despite the tourists, it's a beautiful and very photogenic city. My friend Joanie, who I met in Strasbourg, took the time to show me around the city a ... read more
2014-08-11 18.05.15
2014-08-11 18.48.40
2014-08-11 19.10.48

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 25th 2014

Un petit mot sur les 2 jours passés a ST Félicien. Déjà le temps température de 32* hier apres midi, 30 ce jour a Québec, exactement comme au jour 1. superbes journées en bonne compagnie Janick, Marie Josée, Jérôme. David et le jeune Antoine. De supers soupers, comme il va de soit bien arrosés. Merci a eux tous.Samedi et dimanche matin nous sommes allés voir des lancement de fusées, certaine pesent jusqu' 37 kg, 2, 40m de haut, et peuvent atteindre 12000 pieds d' altitude, (4000m).Aujourd' hui descente sur Québec, chez Suzanne et Pier, avant d' aller demain dans les Laurentides préparé l' hiver. MES CONCLUSIONS DE CE PÉRIPLE. Je pensais que ca allais beaucoup plus simple. Mais en préparant mentalement ce blog, je m' aperçois que la quantité de choses emmagasinées, vues, faites, est assez ... read more
départ de fusée
la  taille
mise a feu

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 12th 2014

Today was spent shopping so it's not going to be a very interesting entry so far as a travel blog is concerned. Shopping is a serious business, so my daughter needed several hours to get ready, so I went for a walk into the Quebec City's lower town area (lower in respect to its hight relative to the walled city, not how classy it isn't). First thing in the morning is a great time to walk round as it is still relatively cool and there are not too many people about. Place Royal is a nice little square, which has been recently renovated according to my guidebook. Following the bizarre soup and pigeon sculpture (and I use that word as I am not sure what else to call it), which I saw a couple of days ... read more
Parlement du Quebec
Toys Sculpture

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 11th 2014

We've spent the last few days feeling that we were in France rather than North America. For part of today it felt very much like we were in London. Yesterday, we had just walked past Le Citadelle, but today I wanted to go in and have a look around. It is actually a fully active army barracks and is home to the 22nd regiment, so tourists are not just allowed in to wander around; you have to be on a guided tour. Tours are either in English and French and cover a lot of detail on the history of the barracks and their current operations. Building started by the French, but Quebec was then taken over by the British, who continued the building, before it then all became Canadian. A French engineer designed the star shape, ... read more
Je me souviens
The Montmorency Falls

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 11th 2014

Well it only took us 4 years to make a decision to go to QUEBEC CITY. A little further of a drive than Montreal which we love . Seems like there is this contest between Quebec City and Montreal to be the more "European city". We've now actually made a couple trips up that direction so will try to keep this as brief as possible. First time up we went through New Hampshire (see previous blog) and spend the night in MAGOG. A quaint little town where we stayed at Au Coeur De Magog ( a little B&B that was clean, updated, affordable and had a good breakfast). Why Magog? Well per the books and as part of the list was the NORTH HATLEY ANTIQUE SHOW in NORTH HATLEY (a couple towns over). Yeah us young ... read more
North Hatley
Cariefiesta in Montreal

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 10th 2014

We headed out for a walk around old Quebec and we were firstly surprised by how hot it was. Having gone a lot further north, we were expecting it to have cooled down slightly, however it was definitely hotter than Bar Harbor and Boston. We also can't quite come to terms with this being North America rather than Europe. It's not just the language or the architecture, but the whole feel of the place, with street artists, buskers, and the whole café culture all combining. We started with a walk around the battlements. Quebec is the only remaining walled city north of Mexico. They are still littered with canons, all put in place to fend off an attack from the USA, which never came. I'm not quite sure why they were so convinced there would be ... read more
Walled City
Soup and Pigeon

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City August 9th 2014

I decided to get up for the sunrise again this morning to see if it was any better than yesterday. It wasn't. Furthermore, it was even more crowded so there was no chance of getting any decent photographs. I then thought I would head to Eagle Lake to run around the perimeter. After all the bustle of Cadillac Mountain, it was completely peaceful. There was no wind so the lake was completely still, so that more than made up for the sunrise. The route round the lake was on gravel roads, which made it very easy going, but sadly they were not very close to the lake so I didn't see much of the lake. We then packed and set-off for our six hour drive to Quebec. There is not a lot to report from the ... read more
Welcome to Quebec

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 23rd 2014

Geo: 46.8266, -71.3024We began the day at 8:40 with 72 degrees. And although the temps seem on the low side, we have not given up our shorts and short-sleeved shirts. 72 in Maine feels a lot warmer than 72 in Florida. It warmed up a bit, but we got into a lot of rain today, so the temps varied over the afternoon.Our first hurdle was getting the Quebec address into our Toyota GPS. For some reason, it just didn't like the address we were given, so over the day, we decided to put in just the city of Levis and go with that until we arrived…in the wrong part of town, of course. But it gave me a chance to exercise my rusty French, by asking for directions from someone who did not speak any English. ... read more
Kennebec River
Kennebec River
Kennebec River

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 14th 2014

Du mardi 8 au jeudi 10 juillet Hi everybody! Je vous propose un léger flashback sur une info importante que j ai oublié de mentionner : Partir en road trip alors qu on vient de prendre un appart lol ça peut couter cher... Donc depuis que j avais cette idée en tête, j ai cherché un sous loc. Or, il se trouve que j ai dépanné Alain, un pote de l auberge de jeunesse la semaine dernière 2 nuits. Il avait un plan à Toronto qui n a pas marché. Bref, je lui ai proposé de lui sous louer mon appartement. Alain a tout de suite accepté, c est lui qui gardera mon Imac! ;) Nous avons donc quitté Montréal mardi matin, traversé le Saint Laurent via le pont Jacques Cartier, impressionnant! Leurs autoroutes sont bien ... read more
Chez Dany, notre hôte de dernière minute à Québec!
Soirée animée avec 2 autres couchsurfeuses : Marine et Pamela
Les filles avaient cuisiné, j'étais donc de vaiselle

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 11th 2014

We awoke around 6:00 AM this morning, early enough for a workout in the gym; but, I decided to skip my exercising this morning. Little did I know the aerobic workout in store for me today! I had just the Scottish Stone Ground Oatmeal with bananas and some brown sugar, and some potato cakes, and a croissant, and some of Sharon’s crisp Turkey Bacon which she says that I need to find back home. Okay, so maybe I got carried away with my eating healthy, and what good that might have done was probably cancelled out by those tempting add-ons! Sharon started to order the All American Breakfast, but then switched to French Toast, and doesn’t even try to order it with just one slice because they always bring it with two anyway! We did our ... read more
St. Anne Canyon
St. Anne Canyon
St. Anne Canyon

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