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North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 30th 2019

A cloudless day in the high 80's with gentle breezes - - great hiking weather. I headed out from the "turning basin" (the circular pond that barges used to turn around) on the towpath along Carnegie Lake in Princeton. There's a nice, flat hike we used to do as kids, from Princeton up to Kingston (4.3 miles north), where you can find a good lunch at PJ's before turning around and retracing your steps. The towpath runs between Carnegie Lake and the Delaware/Raritan canal, so it tends to be a bit cooler on warm days. Today I had the path to myself, with just a few random academics in black street shoes and white socks. My regular hiking music includes lots of bluegrass, Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones. All good for keeping up the pace. Headphones ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 4th 2018

Saturday August 4,2018 & Sunday August 5,2018 Most of the day at home, I cleaned up my apt and hung out with my cat Sophie until 4:50 pm. I took a quick shower and got dressed in my travel clothes. I was all set,my bags packed and ready to go before the taxi arrived at my apt . The taxi dropped me off at Princeton Junction Train Station around 5:35/5:45 pm. I didn’t have to wait for long before the next train to Newark International Airport arrived. I got to the airport around 7:20 pm and checked my bag through and hung out until it was time to go through security and the gate. Finally after sitting for awhile, I boarded the plane and sat next to some nice folks and then eventually we moved to ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton July 4th 2016

Wednesday August 3,2016 Hello Again! How are you today? Starting my adventure and journey to England! Just finishing up on packing and getting my apt all cleaned up and ready . Sophie-my calico cat knows something is happening with the luggage all over. Are you ready yet? I will wait for a few minutes- ok - all set! Great! Let's go!! Just sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy visualizing you with me on this summer vacation. Waving bye to Sophie and closing&locking the doors as I head towards the taxi. Arrived at Newark International Airport and checked my luggage in and had dinner. Waited in the lounge for the flight and then left earlier than expected. Slept most of the flight and only saw one film which was great. Plane was ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton March 25th 2016

Thursday March 24,2016 ================= After a long day at work- a friend dropped me off to begin my journey down South for Spring Break. Driving all night stopping two times and passing by NJ,NY,Delaware and Maryland before heading into Virginia. Arrived at the first destination around 12:35 am-Friday morning and I unpacked&then went to bed- feeling exhausted. Good Night! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday March 25,2016 =============== Awoke up around 8:15 and had breakfast and then relaxed for awhile. Around 11:30 am- I went out and helped with the grocery shopping and then we had a lunch out at a Noodle restaurant nearby. It was very good but the weather was hot and muggy. Came home and took a nap for a few hours befor... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 6th 2014

Wednesday August 6 and Thursday August 7,2014 My goal before traveling to England this summer was to clean and organize my apt in New Jersey. I have included a few pictures of my apt and others to begin my new summer adventure. Five minutes before 3:00 pm,a taxi arrived and I said my "goodbyes" to my beloved Calico cat: Sophie and got into the taxi with my luggage towards Princeton Junction Train Station. I bumped into a parent from the CP community and we rode the train to the Airport stop and caught up with each other news and she took a picture of the both of us as well. I arrived early at Newark Airport around 4:45 pm and I dropped my one piece of checked luggage at Virgin Atlantic Desk and confirmed the boarding ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 27th 2013

Tuesday August 27,2013 (Ipswich-United Kingdom Morning/ Princeton,NJ U.S.A. Evening) I awoke in the YURT for my last night at Poplar Farm House...and it was quite an adventure. A YURT is a white out door tent that one can assemble and take down easily. A nice place to lay one's head but here is the tragedy internet and so you have to read via your flashlight. Think of it of being outdoors but yet have the comfort of home close by. Don't worry about the voices of the wild animals you might or not hear in the darkness. Maybe one will just knock on the door and ask "may I have a cup of sugar?". It was fun! Sally and I left for Heathrow Airport around 10:20 am and then stopped by a friend's house in ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 5th 2013

Monday August 5,2013 Princeton New Jersey I left Princeton NJ around 3:35 pm and headed off to Newark International Airport via NJ Transit train. The journey took me about an hour and fifteen minutes...........and I arrived at the airport before 6pm. The whole process of checking in took me about 20 minutes because I had checked in online the night before. For the next hour and half......I ate something and just chilled before heading to gate#55. At around 7:30...went through security and showed my boarding pass. I arrived at the waiting area around 7:50 and just sat.....charging my I-Phone. We were suppose to board around 8:30 but was delayed and we didn't board until an hour later. Then we got on board the airbus and I walked upstairs and sat in a window seat. We were ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton December 25th 2011

Dear All First of all, a very Merry Christmas to one and all! Hope all who are reading this, if it happens to be on Christmas Day, are having a happy and holy holiday season – if not, hope you had a good one! I must admit, contrary to what the title of this blog says, I’m not actually writing this one from New York, but nearby – in a small town called Washington Crossing, just over the border from New Jersey into Pennsylvania state, about an hour by train from the Big Apple. Here is where my “tocaya” lives- tocayo/a is a Spanish word you use to refer to someone with the same name as you, and here lives a distant cousin of mine amazingly called “Alex Waring”, and staying with her here for a ... read more
Times Square
Manhattan Skyline
The Empire State Building

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 15th 2011

Another lazy day with not much getting done! In the morning, Judith and I walked into town to retrieve the bike which we had abandoned in favour of a taxi last night. I also really wanted to see the Princeton Art Gallery, but after a while hunting around campus to find it we read that is is closed on Mondays, so that was that. We then spent the rest of the day watching American films and generally mooching about. I also tried to pack up all my stuff ready for the early start tomorrow, but no all of it fitted in so I had to donate an old t-shirt and a fleece to Judith.... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 14th 2011

After another lazy morning we all went into town for brunch at PJ's Pancake House. We had to queue for quite a while in the rain which was a chore, but the pancakes definitely made up for it. I had crepes with strawberries and cream :) Afterwards I headed off by bike to the house of the head coach of Princeton's men's crew. By the time we arrived I was soaked to the skin and must have looked like a tramp. Despite this we had a really good chat about his take on Title IX and the future of US rowing. Given he coaches men, who haven't done so well out of Title IX, I expected him to be a little bitter like the boatman at Cal. On the contrary, he spoke about Title IX as ... read more
Om nom nom
The flower we made out of paper cups in the coffee shop

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